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Day five...


My six places

My home. I feel at ease here, it’s the first place where I haven’t felt restless. Just driving down our driveway brings peace to mind. It’s ours, we have spent the last 13 years on restorations and it’s very close to perfect now. But most of all it’s where my husband and decided to have our family…..and my family is my home.

Paris. I love Paris! If I ever wanted to live in a city I would move to Paris. I love my country very much and Denmark will always be my country but Paris is my city. I love everything about it. The people, the pulse and I especially love the history and architecture!

The Danish Varmblood stallion Show. Once a year Danish Varmblood host the biggest horse event in Europe, it’s five days of finding the next generation stallions and competitions in dressage and show jumping. It’s pretty damn close to heaven. I’m meeting all my old friends and colleagues and I get to be a part of something I love with passion. I love the atmosphere and the hectic pulse and the shopping…I always spend way too much money those days. I love going through the stables…there is something unique about the smell of 500 horses, leather, coffee, hay and hoofbalm. Yeah a piece of heaven.

Being in a fandom. That is one the most delightful places to be. I’ve met some pretty amazing people since I joined the fandom of Adam Lambert. I really don’t think I need to explain that further….

My sofa! Haha, when it's quiet and I get to lose myself in a book or a good fic. Love that place pretty damn much ;-)

The forest. Everything makes sense to me when I’m in the forest and I love the smell and sounds so much.


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