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day four...



My seven wants….

I want to keep feeling blessed. I don’t ever want to lose that feeling. I have everything worth having in life. Love and freedom to be me! Freedom to believe what I want and to speak my mind. So many people don’t…..

I want to see my kids become parents and I want to be around to spoil my grandchildren rotten.

I want to be a professional equestrian again. But I’ve already talked way too much about that!

I want to sit down with a bottle of booze and have a deep and meaningful conversation with Tommy Joe. Really talk to him! About all the things that matter. His way of seeing life and love and everything in between. I think that man is way more intelligent than he gets credit for and the fangirl in me want to know everything that matters to him. Yeah well since that’s never going to happen….can I please get the Tumblr back?!? ;-)

I want to see Adam lambert and Sixx a.m. In concert and preferably more than once ;-) and Guns N’ Roses and Metallica again!! And lots and lots of other bands but those four are my biggest passions….

I want to start a diet…but I need someone to tell my ups and downs to. I’m a gourmet person. I love cooking something new and special…I love food. Especially sushi! My husband does too (not the cooking part, god his soooo spoiled) and therefor he’s the worst person ever to back me up. I’ve done it before…lost weight….between my kids. I can do it again…but it would be nice with a support person!

I want to be able to say no. I really need to learn to say no to people.


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