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day two...


My family and my friends. They are my everything! I don’t even have the word to express just how much they mean to me. Without you guys I would be nothing.

My horses or should I say animals? But my horses are my life-line to sanity. When I am with them I always feel whole and content. I also get challenged by them all the time. Educating a horse is probably one of the biggest and most rewarding things I can think off. The excitement we both feel when we get a really difficult exercise right is like a high! And the bond between me and my horses are…well laugh all you want but they are family too.

Sex! What can I say… I’m a Scorpio. My dear husband says I’m a slut in bed and an angel everywhere else. He might be right.

Reading! Oh I love reading. I love when a talented author makes me want to be there for a character, when I feel the pain or love the character goes through. I’m a very empathic person so I guess I’m easily affected like that, but I love how it moves me and sometimes force me to realize something about myself. I also have very strong mental pictures. I’m a visual person and whole worlds unfold for me when I read. I love that.

Music!! I love music with my whole being. I can’t play any instrument or sing for that matter. But I love listening to it and feeling it. I think music is meant to be felt in the heart, it’s supposed to make you recognize a feeling within yourself. I listen to all kinds of music, the only real criteria I have is that the lyrics makes me feel. Which is probably also why I don’t listen to popular pop much. I’m mostly a rock n’ roll girl. If I look at my CD rack ¾ of my CD’s are of rock bands. But I suspect that Adam is going to be filling up a lot of space there too as time goes by.

Cuddles and kisses. Oh my dear god. My friends are all very affectionate and we kiss and cuddle a lot. I love the closeness and trust that lies within that. Actually I just love when someone touches me. You know when someone goes by me and let a hand brush over my shoulder or arm. It’s a way of acknowledge the other one.

Nature. I’m an outdoorsy type. I love the beach (when I have it to myself) and the forest too. I love long walks with quiet conversations. I love riding my horse in nature because I can get so much closer to the wildlife, like seals and deer’s. It blows my mind. The nature is also where I get a lot of my alone time. The wind in my face clears my mind.

I love the feeling of a clean home. I love when things are in their right place. I’m far from obsessive about it but I love it then I can sit down in my sofa put my feet up and look around and every surface it clean. It brings me great satisfaction.

I love my coke Zero. It’s my biggest sin. I love it, I love it, I love it.




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