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Just an update!

Hey girls!

So I haven’t been writing a whole lot lately and this is why…..



I got attacked by my painting muse instead of the writing muse. But now that the painting is done I am back writing just not as fast as I would like to be, but sometimes life is a bitch. ;-D

Have patience with me…..good things come to those who waits, right?!

And what distracts me from writing…..besides painting??? Hmm, Adam and that otherworldly voice!! Tommy and his sexiness….well that goes without saying.

But these days I get distracted a lot by Sixx a.m…..James Michaels voice *drools* and the even more amazing sound of my guitarhero DJ Ashba working his magic just mesmerize me. I got no words for that…..

I am an old Guns N’ Roses fan and I always will be, and for obvious reasons I’ve always adored Slash! And still do!

But I have to say nobody and I mean NOBODY could fill out his shoes or should I say boots? In GN’R like DJ Ashba.

Ashba is playful and he always seems to be so, so happy on stage and he make it look easy. If you don’t know Sixx a.m. look them up!! The music is amazing and the lyrics are wonderful. And the new single Lies of the beautiful people is………..well check them out and judge for yourself, they are worth your time!

Hugs, Kia







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