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Just Say Yes.

Just Say Yes GRBB

Title: Just Say Yes.

Author: lovenhardt1
Type: Romance.

Wordcount: 22.241

Rating: R
Characters/Pairings: Adam Lambert/Tommy Joe Ratliff, Band members, OMC, TJ’s family, Neil.
Disclaimer: I own nothing but the plot and this obviously never happened.
Warnings: A bit angsty?
Summary: He was sure he'd know love when it came across his path and what he’d go through for it and when to call it quits. He’d had his share of unrequited crushes or been the one who couldn’t give what someone else wanted. He’d always believed in the pure power of setting your mind to something, in moving on when whatever the fuck you were doing wasn’t good for you.

Authors notes: This is what happens when qafmaniac makes a playlist and I get my grabby hands on it. The story is finished but I’m never quite able to walk away so there might be a bit more to tell about these two /o\. I owe my pre-readers everything, thank you for your honesty and opinions!

Art Link: qafmaniac is made of awesome and so is her mix/art. You can find it on DW or LJ Go praise the woman!!!

Fic Link: Read it on

Tags: adam lambert, adam/tommy, grbb, just say yes, tommy joe ratliff
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