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Healing his heart.

TITLE: Healing his heart. 3/4
AUTHOR: [info]lovenhardt1 
PAIRING: Adam Lambert/Tommy Joe Ratliff.
WORDS: 1592
WARNINGS: Male on male
RATING: PG-17 (this chapter)
DISCLAIMER: I don't own the boys, this is fiction and I only created this for fun. So have fun.
SUMMARY: “Your turn babe, go wash up, I will crawl under the covers, the bed will be all warm and comfy when you get back” he beaconed at Tommy. Tommy returned the gesture and got of the bed and padded to the bathroom.
Beta: I_glitterz. Thank you so much sweetheart.



Tommy was on the bed, his elbows on his knees, head in his hands. He was waiting for Adam to return from the bathroom. God, I’m tired.

When Adam came into the room, he sat down next to Tommy. 

“Your turn babe, go wash up, I will crawl under the covers, the bed will be all warm and comfy when you get back,” he beaconed at Tommy. Tommy returned the gesture and got off the bed and padded to the bathroom.

When he returned, Adam was in bed and holding up the duvet, Tommy flopped down on the bed and snuggled into Adam, putting his head on his chest and an arm over his shoulder. Adam tugged him in. Tommy fell asleep almost immediately; the turmoil in his head had drained his energy, and here in Adam’s arms, he felt safe. Adam was lying still, listening to the calming sound of Tommy’s breath. I’ve missed this sooo much. Tommy being this close, in my arms. But I wish it wasn’t because of grief. I wish it was because he wants me too. He kissed Tommy on the hair. Tommy moved a little closer, nuzzling his nose against Adam’s collarbone.

“Hmm, Adam,” he mumbled. Adam’s heart stopped, and then it started beating violently in his chest. Did he just….. no he didn’t, stop it Adam. This isn’t good for you. Let it go, it will never happen. He’s into girls, you’ve seen him with girls. GO TO SLEEP.

But Adam was wide awake, his pulse beating strong and heavy. He tried to move a little, getting more comfortable but as he moved so did Tommy, his hands glided along Adam’s torso and around his waist, his breath tickled Adam’s chest. Adam’s breath hitched. Oh god, you’re killing me Tommy. Okay, calm down; think of something really gross or ugly or boring….

Tommy’s lips touched Adam chest, so lightly, that Adam questioned it ever happened. He looked at Tommy, he was clearly asleep and didn’t realize what he was doing. Adam tried to remove Tommy’s arms, thinking that if they were on their sides, they wouldn’t get in any embarrassing positions. It would be easier to hide his “Tommy problem” if they were face to face. As he tried to move Tommy, a little sound of protest was coming from his lips. Damn it Tommy, a little help would be appreciated.

Tommy rolled over as if he read Adam’s thoughts. But then he moved his back into Adam, by pure instinct Adam wrapped his arms around Tommy. So now they were spooning. Shit, this isn’t better AT ALL. He tried to get a little space between them, but every time he moved, so did Tommy. FINE, HAVE IT YOUR WAY, JUST STAY STILL DAMN IT.

An hour later, Adam finally found sleep even though he was aching with want. It was a sleep filled with images of Tommy.

In the middle of the night Tommy woke up, he felt hot and sticky, like he had a fever. He was on his back and the warmth of Adam’s breath was touching in his ear. One of Adam’s long legs were lying across Tommy’s, and Adam had a hand on his stomach. Fuck, how did we end up like this! Shit, he is like a fucking heater! I’m melting here! Tommy gently tried to push Adam away but he couldn’t. Okay, so I guess that I will just get the duvet of then, and enjoy this for as long as it lasts……. Hmmm….He is beautiful like this, all relaxed and care free. I wonder if he will wake up if I just….. don’t even go there…..shit this is just what I needed, a fucking hard on with Adam in my bed, all sprawled out on me, in my mother’s house for crying out loud! …………. Stop it damn it…… you will end up ruining the one fucking great thing in your life, you have hinted the guy all year and it is pretty obvious that he doesn’t feel the same way…………oh fuck it.

Tommy let his long fingers follow the line of Adam’s toned arm, touching so lightly that it made goose bumps there. They left, and as they reached Adam’s elbow. He stopped, looking at Adam, reassuring himself that Adam still was asleep. Then he moved his hand to the hipbone, holding his breath. Time stood still, Adam moved just an inch, but enough for Tommy to feel the semi hard erection against his thigh. Fuck, fuck, FUCK.

He bites his lip, hard, trying to get his brain to function again. It doesn’t work, so he let his fingers follow Adam’s thigh to the hollow of the knee, then he curved his fingers and pulled Adam closer. He held back a moan. Feels soo good.

Adam moaned as Tommy pulled him in, Tommy stopped breathing, stopped moving, and looked at Adam. Still sleeping, but there is no doubt what so ever that his body was awake, because Tommy felt how Adam was getting harder against his hip. Tommy turns a little; his lips are aching to touch Adam’s. Tommy’s lips suddenly feel very dry, so he licks them. What to do?…..SHIT….. okay here goes nothing.

Tommy reaches for Adam’s face, caresses his cheekbone and lets his fingers stroke his lips.

“Adam, wake up,” he shook Adam’s shoulder gently. Adam snuggled a bit closer, whispering Tommy’s name. Tommy smiled, well at least Adam wasn’t dreaming about another guy, which would have been devastating. Tommy kissed the corner of Adam lips, ever so lightly.

“Adam, baby?” Adam moved, now thrusting slowly against Tommy, a soft moan leaving his lips.

Tommy bites his lips, trying to decide what to do next. His body is burning with lust and need, so he kisses Adam, letting his tongue trail the curve of the lips.

“Hmm, Tommy,” he smiles against Adam’s lips and with that encouragement, he grows bolder.

He lets his fingers draw slow caresses on Adam’s body. Slowly Adam awakens, his body aching for Tommy. His eyes flutter open and he looks into Tommy’s dark pools of melted chocolate. Tommy kisses him softly and Adam just embraces the feeling of him, opening up to the sensation of Tommy. Tommy darted his tongue out and poured all of his feeling into the kiss. Adam wasn’t sure if he was still dreaming, but Tommy tasted way too good to even rethink a second, so he moved until he was on top of him. Tommy spread his legs, inviting Adam to come closer. He needed to be close, needed to feel Adam. Adam pulled back as he felt Tommy’s erection against his own, locking his eyes in Tommy’s with a questioning look in the eyes. He just realized that they both were fully awake and turned on as hell.

“Tommy?” Tommy didn’t voice an answer; he just trusted his hips against Adam’s as he pulled Adam down to meet his lips in a hard kiss. Adam followed Tommy’s lead and their tongue fought for dominance. They were both panting hard. Adam let his palms follow the contours of Tommy’s slim body. Tommy’s hands explored the secrets of Adam’s back and slowly walking further down to Adam’s ass. He let his fingers dig in as he pulled Adam closer, seeking any kind of release, Adam moaned loudly as he tried to indulge Tommy’s wishes.

Adam let a hand wander along Tommy’s inner thigh, from the knee and up, his hand stops just before it reaches Tommy’s dick.

“Fuck, Adam don’t tease me like that……. just,” Adam smirks as he asks Tommy, 

“Are you sure………. I can still stop.” Tommy doesn’t answer, he lifted up to remove his briefs and Adam rolled over to do the same. When they are naked, Adam returns to the place he was before.

Tommy just grips Adam’s hand and leads him to his aching member. When Adam lets his hand curl around Tommy’s dick, they both moan in relief. Adam starts stroking Tommy and Tommy moves his hips, finding the rhythm that Adam sets, meeting every stroke with a thrust, his head turning from side to side. His eyes closed and his lips slightly parted. His hands are gripping the sheets tight. Adam can feel Tommy is getting close and he is torn between wanting to see this beautiful man come undone right now beneath him or wanting them to come together. The need for Tommy’s hands on him wins.

He stops stroking and kisses Tommy. Tommy’s eyes flutter open and meets Adam’s eyes, their color has changed from oceanic blue to a shade even darker and they are filled with suppressed want and need. Tommy gets up on his elbows, drowning in Adam’s gaze. He pushes himself further up so that he is sitting, Adam repositions too, so that he is on his knees between Tommy’s thighs. Tommy snakes his arms around Adam’s neck and they devour each other in a kiss. Their hands firmly curled around each other’s dicks, the pace fast and almost furious. They break the kiss, grasping for air. The room was filled with the sound of their moans, heavy breathing and hands on each other. As they reach their peak, Adam pulls Tommy’s lips into his own, swallowing Tommy’s cry.

Tommy closes the gap between them, and they just sit there for a while, clinging on to each other as they return from their orgasms. The embrace it sticky and wet, but it doesn’t bother them. They are in no hurry to leave this magical moment.



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