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Wicked Game. Part 7

Wicked Game.
Author: lovenhardt1
Banner: qafmaniac Who is made of awesome!!!! OMG girl I love you so hard”
Wordcount: 23.341 This part: 3173.
Pairing: Adam/Tommy. High school AU/Teen!fic
Rating: Up to NC-17 Depending on chapter.
Disclaimers: Lies, all lies. Also, the people you might recognize in here are not mine. I’m not making any profit, I’m only doing this for fun.
Beta: thrace_adamsWho I love so fucking much! She makes my writing shine and she makes me laugh so hard when I go through her comments. Especially this time because she knows what happens in the next one and she has opinions! LOL *hugs her hard*
Summary: Spinning his water bottle enough to make bubbles in the water, Adam says, “I wanna ask Tommy to go to the prom with me.”

Danielle’s expression softens and she takes his hand to squeeze it. “Aww Adam that’s awesome.”

“Yeah. The thing is," Adam paused, "I’m kinda worried he’ll say no.”

“But why? He’d walk barefoot on burning coals for you if you asked him to.”

Adam laughs because, yes, she’s right but it’s still like the dumbest question ever. “Because it’s a school event and he thinks the whole concept is ridiculous.”

Nodding in agreement but with a teasing smile plastered all over her face Danielle says. “You’re looking at this the wrong way baby.”

“Oh. Why?”

“You need to tell him you want to do this for all the romantic reasons that are important to you, because he knows you and he'll understand immediately. If that doesn’t convince him; you also tell him you think it’s important to show up at those things, especially if he really means the things he said a thousand years ago about wanting to be kissed by his boyfriend at the prom. Tell him there’s a statement in it too and then you won’t be able to keep him away. But, if that doesn’t work you can always tempt him with a hotel night and a husky ‘I wanna fuck you senseless’. That's guaranteed to work!”

“Good point.” Adam muses, lost in his thoughts. “Though we aren’t actually doing that yet.”

A/N: This is the second fic in this verse and if you haven’t read the first one you should probably do that. I never intended to continue it in the first place. LOL But the boys stuck with me and there will be a fic more after this one. It’s mostly written already.

First fic: He's just a little bit dangerous.

When they finally, and after what isn’t an eternity but only twenty minutes, arrive at the hotel Mia does the whole chauffeur thing again and wishes them a good night.

Tommy grabs Adam’s hand leading Adam through the front door toward reception as if he was the one getting the room.

Adam laughs. “I got the keycard in my pocket baby; we just need to find the room.”  Adam takes the lead, crosses the lobby and presses the button to the elevator.



“Oh, that was sneaky.”

The door to the elevator slides open and once inside, Adam presses the button for the third floor. The second the elevator door closes he pushes Tommy against the mirrored wall and kisses him, hard and demanding. Tommy kisses him back with the same fervor, clearly on the same page as Adam.  Too soon or not soon enough , the doors open and they tumble out to find the room.

Once they do Adam pins Tommy against the door kissing him again like there’s no tomorrow. The kiss is rough and needy and urged on by the noises Tommy's making deep in his throat. He feels Tommy’s hand in his pocket frantically searching for the keycard.

“Better find it quick,” Adam groans out when Tommy’s hand brushes against something that most definitely isn’t a keycard. “Or I’m gonna blow it right here in the hallway.” The last part is mumbled against Tommy’s neck before Adam scrapes his teeth along the taut skin and ruts his erection against Tommy's hip. Tommy makes a soft keening sound and puts a firm hand just above Adam’s hipbone and even though Adam knows Tommy's trying to keep him from moving he can’t help but squirm.

“Trying to. Keep still for a sec, will you?”

“Can’t.” Adam breathes out and moves his hips restlessly. Tommy’s giddy laughter makes his chest rub against Adam’s in the most delicious way and the need to get even closer is making Adam slightly insane. He’s so fucking turned on and he needs to get off, soon.

Thank fuck Tommy makes a sound of triumph.  The quiet sound of the keycard sliding into the lock is the only reason Adam doesn’t shove his hand into Tommy’s pants right there in the hallway.

Tommy presses the door handle down and they stumble backwards into the semi darkened room. The only source of light is a sliver coming from the bathroom, where the door is ajar.  Mia must have left it on.

Adam briefly thinks about letting go of Tommy to find the switch so he can actually see their room and get to the bed.  But instead he just growls softly and pushes Tommy against the closed door, slotting their bodies together again and kissing him breathless.

Tommy’s fingers slip into Adam’s hair and pull him closer.  Adam hears himself moan brokenly when Tommy’s tongue slides wet, hot and wild against his.  Adam kisses back even harder in response and brings his hand up to tilt Tommy’s chin for a better angle, drowning in the sweet intoxicating taste of him.

Adam wraps an arm Tommy’s waist to pull him closer and whimpering softly against Adam's lips, Tommy follows easily, spreading his legs willingly when Adam pushes a thigh between them.

Adam’s kiss turns sloppy when Tommy lets go of his hair and his hands fall to Adam’s shoulders, clutching as he rides Adam’s thigh, grinding his hard cock into the muscle there. Adam urges him on with a trail of kisses along his neck, biting, licking, and sucking hard enough to leave bruises. With a noise that sounds fucking desperate Tommy hauls Adam even closer and Adam watches with fascination when Tommy’s head falls back against the door with an audible thud. Adam manages to get a jerky rhythm going, rolling his hips against Tommy, writhing against him when Tommy’s eyes fly open and his hands move to Adam’s chest, pushing him back. “Wait. Stop.”

Adam stills, his heart beating wildly in his chest and watches the way Tommy sucks in his lip and bites it a second before speaking again. “Fuck me? Please Adam, I need you to.” Tommy begs, his voice hoarse and wrecked. “Please.”

Adam steps back with a frustrated groan and disentangles his limbs from Tommy’s, nervous anticipation strumming in his veins along with the burning arousal.

Instantly Adam realizes that Tommy read him wrong because he grabs Adam’s tie, tug Adam closer again and whispers with regret, “No, no, don’t stop. I’m sorry I didn’t mean to pressure you. I just…”

Adam cradles Tommy’s jaw lightly and kisses him firmly. “I’m not stopping, I want to make love to you; we just need to take this to the bed.”

The smile he feels against his mouth is equally encouraging and terrifying. Tommy seems so sure they’ll be good at this. But then Tommy makes a wrecked and happy noise and it makes some of the nervousness dissipate.

Adam flicks on the light and they both take a second to adjust to the sharp light filling the room.

Tommy looks at him and Adam sees that his hands are trembling a little when he reaches out to work Adam’s shirt open.

“Wait.” Adam says softly and takes a hold of Tommy’s hands. Tommy’s eyes dart up and his busy fingers stop moving, resting motionless against Adam’s chest. “How about we slow down a sec and catch our breath.” Adam looks briefly at the king sized bed that dominates the room. “Take your clothes off and get under the covers baby, and I’ll get the stuff we need, okay?”

“Yeah. If that’s what you want.”

“I want to take my time to really look at you, you're so beautiful. I want to finger you until you’re open and wet and I want to push into you slow and sweet.”

“God.” Tommy says and swallows audibly. His eyes are almost black with desire and when Adam turns away from him to get the lube and condoms in the travel bag Mia left by the door he can hear Tommy discarding his clothes quickly.

Adam closes his eyes for a quick second, thinking, this is it. He has no idea what Tommy wants or how to make it good, either Tommy’s right and they’ll figure it out or this is where they fuck it up.

“I can hear you overthinking this all the way over here. I’d rather you got naked and joined me.”

Adam turns around, still nervous and looks at his boyfriend. Tommy has pulled the covers aside and is sitting on the edge of the bed, stunningly beautiful in his nakedness. He’s looking at Adam with nothing but love and patience and that jolts Adam into motion. He pulls his clothes off fast and bends to grab the lube and condoms. Once he’s by the bed he carelessly throws the items on the bed and reaches out to push a lock of hair off Tommy’s forehead. “You’re beautiful.”

“So are you.” Tommy’s fingers ghost over Adam’s freckled skin and Adam fights a ridiculous urge to hide from Tommy, suddenly feeling shy. But Tommy’s eyes rake over him in a mix of love and lust and pure male appreciation and not even wild horses could keep him from leaning down and kissing Tommy’s yielding lips. Tommy opens right up to him, invites him to deepen the kiss with a wet stroke of his tongue, teasing Adam.

Adam presses against Tommy’s shoulders and Tommy willingly falls back onto the mattress, squirming a little until he’s in the middle of the bed. He spreads his arms invitingly and Adam is more than happy to oblige. He presses a series of kisses along Tommy’s warm skin, licks the hollow of his throat and sucks the skin under his ear. They share a deep kiss before he moves lower nipping at the stubble roughened skin under Tommy’s jaw. Kissing a trail down across Tommy's chest, Adam sucks on a nipple, flicking his tongue over the hard nub. Tommy’s hands move restlessly up and down Adam’s shoulders and back.  The sounds Adam is coaxing from Tommy and the way he's squirming has Adam enjoying this even more. Tommy never can lie still when he’s turned on. He moves constantly. Adam switches to the other nipple, gives it the same attention with his lips, teeth and tongue as the other making Tommy buck up into him in response, groaning so sweetly.

He looks down into Tommy's eyes and Tommy’s lips are parted, his tongue wetting them in anticipation of what’s to come.

Desire punches Adam in the gut.   “Can I suck you?”

Tommy nods, biting down on his lip, hands carding through Adam’s air and softly guiding Adam down to where he wants him. “Anything Adam, whatever you want. It’s yours.”

They share a smile and Adam goes back to kissing the soft skin of Tommy’s abdomen, dragging his lips downward until he finally reaches Tommy’s hard cock, long, thick, leaking, and lying flat against his pale skin. Adam looks up again, keeps Tommy’s gaze captured when he slowly reaches out and curls his fingers around it. He presses his thumb gently against the slit and smears a bead of precome around the head. Tommy closes his eyes and presses his head back against the pillow moaning loudly, his hands clutching for purpose on the sheets. 

All Adam can think about is how much he wants to taste Tommy, to feel the weight of him in his mouth, on his tongue. He licks the thickly veined shaft and the soft pebbled skin of Tommy’s balls, long slow wet licks until Tommy’s gleaming wet from Adam’s mouth.  Adam darts his tongue out to taste the moisture leaking from Tommy and nuzzle the soft curly hair before sucking him into his mouth. Adam closes his eyes and moans, savoring the feeling of Tommy buried deep in his mouth. It’s like a fucking addiction.

“Adam.” Tommy whimpers, his eyes are staring at Adam when he looks up. Tommy is blushing but the intensity of his gaze is overwhelming and makes Adam ache to be inside him. He scrambles for the lube blindly and laughs softly when Tommy gets to it first and hands it over clumsily.

Adam slicks his fingers and runs them along the crease of Tommy’s ass teasing the rim of his hole, getting him wet. “Touch yourself baby.” Adam murmurs encouragingly and Tommy does so willingly, his back arching slightly as he closes his eyes and sucks in a slow shaky breath.

Adam's gaze slips from Tommy’s face to where his fingers are slowly rubbing and stroking himself. Tommy shifts his body restlessly towards Adam’s hand and Adam pushes a finger into him.  The fervent moan coming from Tommy makes Adam shiver. “You look so hot.” Adam presses a kiss to the inner side of Tommy’s thigh.

“More.” Tommy pleads with flushed cheeks and a heavy gaze. Adam slides in deeper before adding another, fucking Tommy slowly with his fingers. Soon two becomes three and Adam is twisting his fingers opening Tommy up and getting him ready for him and Tommy whimpers needily, writhing uncontrollably and begging for more.

“You look so fucking hot like this, such a gorgeous mess.” Adam tells him in a husky voice. “So wet and tight and warm. So fucking perfect.”

“Adam now, please I need... fuck me.” Tommy grabs the lube and with an uncertain but hopeful smile he pushes it into Adam’s hand. “It’s okay I’m ready. I want you to.”

“Condom.” Adam says, but Tommy shakes his head.

“I’m your first, right?”

“You know you are.”

“And I’m your first. We’re safe. I want to know what it’s like… to feel you inside.”

Adam clears his throat, swallowing a couple of times. “Are you sure?”

Tommy nods, his fingers reaching out to caress Adam’s face gently. “I love you, I trust you.” he breathes out.

Adam nods, draws in a long shaky breath, and shifts closer. He tries to calm down a bit when he wraps his hand around his cock and makes sure he’s lubed with a couple of firm strokes.

“Come on honey.” Tommy’s says softly and curls his hands around Adam’s neck and Adam follows his lead down to kiss him lovingly.

When he finally pushes into him; Tommy’s body goes taut and he makes a vague sound of discomfort and squeezes his eyes shut.  Adam stills and tries to breathe. The urge to sink even deeper into Tommy's tight hole is overwhelming, it feels so good. Nothing could ever have prepared Adam for this. It’s nothing like a hand or blowjob.

But Adam can tell from Tommy's rigid body and the tightness of his hands on Adam's arms that he's not riding the same kind of ecstasy.  He watches Tommy carefully and just when he decides to pull out Tommy opens his eyes and whispers, “Don’t. Just give me a sec.”

“Tommy if I’m hurting you-”

Tommy shakes his head weakly. “Kiss me again.”

Adam dips down for another kiss; Tommy’s lips are pliant against Adam’s but his hands aren't, gripping tightly onto his shoulders. Keeping him close. Slowly Adam can feel Tommy start breathing again, relaxing a little.

“Move honey.” Tommy pleads.

With tiny little fucks, Adam sinks deeper into Tommy’s ass until he’s buried balls deep inside him. Tommy’s kisses grow more responsive again but he still looks a bit uncomfortable. Adam reaches up to take one of Tommy’s hands and guides it down again. “Touch yourself baby.”

The small pleasurable moan Tommy makes when he wraps his hand around his cock makes Adam thrust a bit harder and Adam can feel how Tommy reacts, arching up to meet Adam's thrusts. Small soft sounds of pleasure start to pour from Tommy as his discomfort gives way to pleasure and he throws his head back baring his neck to Adam. Adam rains kisses along the line of Tommy’s jaw and sucks an earlobe into his mouth.

“Good?” Adam asks when Tommy moans sharply as Adam’s rocks into him with a bit more force behind each thrust. God, he hopes so, because he isn’t going to last long. Tommy feels too fucking good, so unbelievable warm and tight and soft.

“Yes! Fuck yes.”

A mixture of love, lust, pride and raw power rushes through Adam. “God, Tommy you look so good on my cock.”

“Adam, please. Faster.” Tommy begs and all of Adam's carefully laid plans of taking it slow and making it sweet go out the window. Adam quickens his pace, hard and deep fucks into the slick, tight heat of Tommy. Tommy is trashing beneath him, whining desperately and gasping for air.

Adam tears his eyes from Tommy’s face and looks down to where their bodies are joined, feeling his orgasm uncoiling at the base of his spine.  His balls draw up and release his come into Tommy’s body right at the same second Tommy pants out “Adam, Adam, Adam.” and spills his own come warm and wet between them.  The sounds of their pleasure mingle in the air between them and Adam can’t tell his from Tommy’s but it doesn’t matter because he fucking just came inside Tommy.  It was beyond anything Adam could ever have dreamed or fantasized about.

Adam holds himself up on shaking arms, gazing down at Tommy who looks completely blissed out with a dreamy, content smile gracing his face.

When Adam’s arms are too weak to hold him up he pulls out of Tommy, making him hiss softly in protest. Adam rolls over, exhausted in the best possible way. A soft chuckle makes him turn his head and look at Tommy. “What?”

“I can feel you.” Tommy has a look of pure wonder when his reaches down and pushes his fingers inside himself.

“Fuck.” Adam groans and moves so he can get a better view of what Tommy’s doing. Tommy’s fingers are circling the outer edge of his hole, pushing in a bit, making Adam’s come leak out.

“That’s so fucking hot.” Adam mutters and his cock makes a half-hearted attempt to agree but he needs more than three minutes to recover, though.

“Right?” Tommy says with a huge smirk plastered on his face and wipes his fingers on the sheet. “That was fucking amazing. We’re doing that all the fucking time from now on.”

Adam laughs fondly and pulls Tommy closer. “Or at least the next three weeks before you have to go.”

Tommy snuggles in closer to Adam’s side and sighs. “Hawaii is gonna suck without you.”

Adam thinks Tommy might be right only he’s pretty sure Hawaii is going to be great and that staying behind is what’s gonna suck. He isn’t going to say that, though, there’s no point really. “No it won’t, the time apart will. But you’ll be with family, jamming with your cousin and going to the beach.”

“There’s that, but you’ll be doing your theater and meeting new and exciting people and forgetting all about your boyfriend who’s wasting away on the Hawaiian beach.”

Tommy’s hair is tickling Adam’s nose so he runs his fingers through it in long soft strokes. “Six weeks is not enough to forget about you. I’ll be a total pain in the ass and call you all the time. You’re gonna wish I’d just leave you alone.”

“Never ever gonna happen.”

“You say that now. But when you’re sipping cool smoothies and hitting on some Hawaiian beauty in a tiny bikini my phone calls are going to be mighty frustrating.”

Tommy laughs softly and stretches up to press a kiss to Adam’s jaw. “I love you.”

Adam squeezes Tommy tightly. “Please never stop doing that.”

“I won’t. Promise.” Tommy whispers, kissing Adam softly on the lips.

Adam sighs happily. “We should get you cleaned up.”

Tommy’s hand cradles Adam’s face and Adam moans when Tommy bites down on his lip. “No. I really like the feeling of you in my ass. And I’m not letting you leave this bed. I need cuddles.”

“Kinky. But what about this?" Adam runs a finger through the cooling come clinging to Tommy’s belly and shows him his sticky finger.

Tommy laughs. “You could lick it off me.”

“Ew, it’s cold.”

“Wuss.” Tommy says daringly and takes Adam’s hand seductively wrapping his tongue around Adam's finger before sucking it into his mouth licking it clean. Adam doesn’t even try to hold back the whimper when it breaks free. Instead he moves down and drags his tongue through the come on Tommy’s skin, cleans him up before moving up again to kiss Tommy lazily. They make out for a while, just kisses that lead nowhere but feel so damn good.

“Sleep.” Adam says eventually.

“A nap, yeah, but I’m so waking you up for round two later. I promised you something when we were dancing.” Tommy purrs. “Gonna make it worth your money.”

“Already did that, but you’ve got a deal.”


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