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Wicked Game. Part 6

Wicked Game.
Author: lovenhardt1
Banner: qafmaniac Who is made of awesome!!!! OMG girl I love you so hard”
Wordcount: 23.341 This part: 3392.
Pairing: Adam/Tommy. High school AU/Teen!fic
Rating: Up to NC-17 Depending on chapter.
Disclaimers: Lies, all lies. Also, the people you might recognize in here are not mine. I’m not making any profit, I’m only doing this for fun.
Beta: thrace_adamsWho I love so fucking much! She makes my writing shine and she makes me laugh so hard when I go through her comments. Especially this time because she knows what happens in the next one and she has opinions! LOL *hugs her hard*
Summary: Spinning his water bottle enough to make bubbles in the water, Adam says, “I wanna ask Tommy to go to the prom with me.”

Danielle’s expression softens and she takes his hand to squeeze it. “Aww Adam that’s awesome.”

“Yeah. The thing is," Adam paused, "I’m kinda worried he’ll say no.”

“But why? He’d walk barefoot on burning coals for you if you asked him to.”

Adam laughs because, yes, she’s right but it’s still like the dumbest question ever. “Because it’s a school event and he thinks the whole concept is ridiculous.”

Nodding in agreement but with a teasing smile plastered all over her face Danielle says. “You’re looking at this the wrong way baby.”

“Oh. Why?”

“You need to tell him you want to do this for all the romantic reasons that are important to you, because he knows you and he'll understand immediately. If that doesn’t convince him; you also tell him you think it’s important to show up at those things, especially if he really means the things he said a thousand years ago about wanting to be kissed by his boyfriend at the prom. Tell him there’s a statement in it too and then you won’t be able to keep him away. But, if that doesn’t work you can always tempt him with a hotel night and a husky ‘I wanna fuck you senseless’. That's guaranteed to work!”

“Good point.” Adam muses, lost in his thoughts. “Though we aren’t actually doing that yet.”

A/N: This is the second fic in this verse and if you haven’t read the first one you should probably do that. I never intended to continue it in the first place. LOL But the boys stuck with me and there will be a fic more after this one. It’s mostly written already.

First fic: He's just a little bit dangerous.

“You’re nervous.” Leila states softly and runs her hands over Adam’s shoulders before fixing his tie a little. They’re in the hallway, waiting for Tommy to arrive with Mia as chauffeur, taking them to the prom. Leila has the camera lined up on the mantle, ready to immortalize her son’s big night. Eber is lingering nearby, obviously trying not to stress Adam even more.

Adam fights the urge to run his hands through his hair. It’s such a stupid nervous habit and he just spent forever getting it just right. “Do I look okay?”

“Yes. You’re beautiful. Tommy is gonna love it.”

“You really think so? Or is this the Mom answer?”

“I know so. You’ll have a wonderful night.”

Adam still can’t quite comprehend that their parents agreed to let them do this. They’re not eighteen yet, close, but not actually there. Eber had followed Adam to the hotel and made sure the reservation was made without any problems.  And Adam had only been embarrassed out of his mind that one time when Eber had told him the reasons they were okay with it. It wasn’t like he hadn’t heard it before but it still didn’t make the sex talks with his parents easier.

“He’s here.” Eber says glancing out one of the windows in the living room from where he's leaning against the doorframe. “Got everything you need?” Eber asks quietly, with a pointed look.

Adam’s cheeks heat uncontrollably. “Yes, Dad. God, I can’t believe you asked me that.”

There’s a single knock at the door and Leila opens it for Tommy, who steps inside and presses a kiss to her cheek.  Right behind him is Mia, but Adam doesn’t even notice her. He’s too busy staring at his boyfriend.  “Wow. Look at you. Can you…” Adam makes a twirling motion with his hands when his mouth gets too dry to form words.

Tommy grins. “Twirl? I’m not a princess.” He spins around slowly anyway.

Tommy looks hot and innocent in his formal wear. The suit fits him perfectly and the white shirt looks pristine and he’s wearing a fucking tie. Adam really didn’t expect that. He figured Tommy would at least rebel against the tie. The only trace of Tommy’s everyday look is the eyeliner and mascara and the bottle blonde hair. “You’re far prettier than any princess I’ve ever met.”

Tommy practically beams but his eyes sparkle teasingly. “Yeah? You’ve met princesses? I’m jealous.”

Adam smirks and pulls Tommy into his arms and pecks his lips. He hears his mom's camera click but ignores it in favor of a sassy come back. “No, but I’ve met quite a few drama queens, present company included.”

Tommy pokes him with a finger. “Once! I lost my temper once, how long are you gonna hold that against me?”

“Oh I dunno, how about forever?” they both laugh and Leila snaps more pictures.

“Guys! Your chariot awaits.” Mia makes an exaggerated bow and gestures towards the dark elegant car in the driveway.

Leila makes them pose properly for one more picture.

“Behave boys and don’t do anything I wouldn’t.” Eber says on their way out the door. “Oh and Tommy?”

“Yes.” Tommy stops and turns around.

Eber holds out his hand towards Tommy, obviously expecting Tommy to take whatever Eber is holding. “Since you’re the one sweeping Prince Charming here away, “ Eber places four small foil packages in Tommy’s palm and closes it with a wink. “Have fun.”

“Oh thank you.” Tommy says dumbfounded, only to blush when he opens his palm and sees what’s there. “I think.”

Tommy’s blush makes Adam curious and he gazes over Tommy’s shoulder and discovers the condoms and lube and groans in embarrassment. “Dad.”

Eber snickers and turns to Mia. “Drive safely.”

“Always!” she replies with a huge smile and a mock salute but Adam hardly notices because Tommy is looking up at him with soft brown eyes and appreciation and tells him that he looks hot as hell.


Mia parks the car and makes a total show out of opening the door for them. Adam climbs out first and extends a hand to Tommy. His act of chivalry earns him a headshake and a small but adorable smile from Tommy.  Adam’s pleased when Tommy still takes his hand and lets Adam do this. Mia grins delighted and smacks a loud kiss to both of their cheeks. “Just call me when you want to…” she winks wickedly. “You know, get horizontal.”

Tommy flips her off but smiles when he retorts, “Fuck you.”

Mia laughs brightly. She leans in to whisper something to Tommy and Adam can barely hear her low sugary voice. “Aww baby I thought you were the one wanting to get fucked?!”

Tommy’s cheeks turn an appealing pinkish color and his eyes flicker from Mia’s to Adam’s and Adam has to swallow because the look he’s on the receiving end of makes it perfectly clear how much Tommy really does want that.

“Now kids,” Mia says in her normal tone of voice and wiggles her finger pointedly at them both. “Don’t do the whole cliché thing where you get drunk on booze shared out here in the parking lot. Puking your guts up is NOT sexy and-”

“Mia, weren’t you leaving?” Tommy says and looks at the car.

She nods and without making it obvious she slides the keycard to the hotel room Adam booked into his hands and says. “Alright, call me!”

“We will, thanks Mia.” Adam hugs her briefly, whispering into her ear. “For everything.”

Mia winks and nods. Adam is profoundly happy to have her on his side. She totally spent her afternoon checking Adam and Tommy in, dropping off a bag with clothes and other necessaries in their room and it wouldn’t surprise Adam in the least if she made the room look a bit romantic too. Mia’s the best.

“So?” Adam asks Tommy when Mia is pulling out of the parking lot. 

Pretty girls in fancy dresses and handsome looking boys are milling around them, all moving toward the entrance to the party of the year. Spirits are obviously running high. Adam feels it too, that and the soft burn of constant simmering arousal.


“You wanna grab my hand and go in there? I kinda want to show you off.” Adam holds out his hand and Tommy smiles warmly up at him when he twines their fingers together.

“I’m not a thing.” Tommy sticks his tongue out at Adam which just makes Adam pull him in for a quick kiss before they start walking up to the open door.

“No, you are however, fucking gorgeous and I want the world to see that you belong to me.”

That makes Tommy laugh. “I hate to be the one to disappoint you but the world doesn’t fit in there. It’s just a decorated banquet hall. And they all know I’m yours.”

Once Adam has handed over their tickets and the obligatory Prom pictures have been taken they make their way to the hall. Loud music is pulsing through the beautiful decorated room. No doubt about the Prom committee has been busy and creative.  The room is looking warm and inviting with tables set with tablecloths and candlelight.  They're arranged so there’s an area for talking and snacking along with an improvised non liquor bar managed by a couple of teachers, too.  The rest of the room is laid out for dancing. Adam thinks it all looks awesome and he can’t wait to drag Tommy out on the dance floor to join the others already having fun there.

Hours later though and Adam still hasn’t managed to get Tommy out to dance, but it doesn’t matter. They’re having a great time joking and chatting with their friends. Adam is just about to ask Tommy if he wants a drink when Frank crashes into them from behind, clapping his hands down hard on their shoulders. “Hey, you two.”

He’s grinning at them and Adam thinks he’s sounding a bit like a hyena with a cold. Frank gives Tommy a quick once over. “I sorta expected you to go pink today” he tugs on a lock of Tommy’s hair, “or something like that.”

“Why?” Tommy his Frank’s hand away and fixes his hair again.

“Because that’s who you are. You provoke.”

Tommy laughs loudly. “Maybe I don’t want that tonight. Maybe I just wanted my boyfriend to have his romantic fantasies fulfilled.”

“Too much information dude!” Frank laughs and skips off to bump into somebody else. He looks like he has the attention span of a gnat tonight and Adam can’t help but shake his head a little. His mind wanders back to when he used to be uncomfortable around Frank. Tommy changed that, not just Adam’s feelings but Frank’s attitude too. Adam looks at Tommy, his heart swelling with pride and love. He lucked out, he knows he did. “I’ll get you something to drink.” He says to Tommy.

Tommy nods and looks up but his eyes clearly catch something else because they go wide and shine brightly. “Oh my God Dani! You look…” he stops speaking in favor of gesturing and tosses a careless, “Hey man,” at Isaac.

Adam furrows his brows, he didn’t know Isaac would be Dani’s date but judging on the look on Tommy’s face he knew. He knows he’s been sulking and not much of a friend lately but that’s not right. He needs to make more of an effort, but since he and Tommy are back on track he figures it won’t be a problem.

“You can say it.” Danielle beams at Tommy and throws her arms around him in what looks like a bone crushing hug.

“Yeah, yeah” Tommy laughs. “I just don’t want to put my foot in my mouth when I tell you how fucking beautiful you look.”

“You think I’m beautiful tonight?”

Tommy looks at Adam for help but Adam shakes his head, fighting the smirk he knows Tommy sees on his face.  He's not getting involved. Danielle is a master at twisting words and Adam's not taking a chance this time.

With a small shrug Tommy returns his gaze to Danielle. “Hell yeah. But you always are it’s just-”

“I tried harder tonight?”

“No, see? I can’t win, can I?” Tommy looks at Adam who nods his head in agreement. “But you look beautiful in a dress like that.” Tommy tries a final time.

Danielle laughs but doesn’t answer Tommy before she hugs Adam hello and goes back to stand next to her date again. “You look good too.”


Danielle looks at Isaac, drawing him into the conversation. “Doesn’t he?”

Isaac smiles his big friendly dorky smile. “Yeah, though I miss the My Little Pony look.”

Tommy sighs dramatically. “You’re like the second person to say that. I might have to dye it pink again sometime.”

Adam is suddenly overwhelmed with the memories of the day Tommy’s hair turned pink. The thought of their first kiss is a powerful reminder of just how they're planning to spend their night after prom and oh my God that is mindblowing. He wants it so fucking desperately, to finally get to fuck Tommy for real.  He’s spent months imagining it and tonight is the night. He made a promise to Tommy, but he wants it to be perfect, to be good for Tommy.  Too much time spent on the internet reading stuff he probably shouldn't have pretty much makes him think he hasn’t got a clue as to how to make that happen and then there’s the size difference. Adam knows he's sorta big and Tommy’s ass is sorta tiny. What if they just don’t fit? Adam needs a second to learn how to breathe again so he makes excuses to get drinks.

The two minutes away thinking about other stuff does the trick. “Here baby.” Adam offers Tommy a red cup with Coke.

“Thanks,” Tommy sips the Coke and gives Adam a thoughtful look.  "You think I should go pink again?”

“I think you’d look pretty no matter what color it is.”

Tommy lights up like a Christmas tree and kisses Adam lightly. It’s so easy to make these small compliments that Adam can't imagine why he hasn't done it before. He takes the cup out of Tommy’s hand and puts it on the table. “Dance with me?”

Tommy groans. “Do I have to? I mean-”


“Your toes honey, not mine.”

“I’ll live, besides it’s a slow song and you could get away with just leaning in and swaying to the music with me.

“Sold.” Tommy offers Adam his hand and Adam pulls him close. But before Adam can get a real hug Tommy tugs him towards the dance floor.

The DJ is playing one of those cheesy rock ballads, and Adam thinks it’s perfect because it makes Tommy lean in, arms around Adam's shoulders, finger playing softly with the hair at the nape of his neck.  Adam puts his hands on the small of Tommy's back, pulling him even closer as they slowly move to the music. It also makes Tommy rest his head in the crook of Adam’s neck and Adam draws in a deep breath, filling his lungs with the scent of Tommy.” God, you smell good. I want to bottle that scent.”

“Pretty sure it already is though.” Tommy mumbles against Adam’s skin.

“I don’t think so. You smell like berries-”

Tommy looks up, mischief playing in his eyes. “Bottled.” Adam raises an eyebrow and Tommy nods. “It is.  It’s the shampoo Mom always buys.”

“Hmm.  And then there’s this fresh combination of something like the sea and the forest.”  Adam supplies.

“Bottled, too. It’s my shower gel.”

“Yeah, I know. But beneath those scents there’s the warm smell of you. It’s something that I can’t even put into words. All I know is that it’s always there and it’s a bit stronger when we’re making out or getting off. Somehow it’s etched into my brain and stays with me. It’s unique and it’s you.”

For a moment Tommy looks like he doesn’t know what to say but then it comes. “It’s probably just fresh sweat…  mixed with come, please don’t try to bottle that.”

“It’s hot though. I love it, love you.” Adam kisses Tommy, a deep wet kiss that easily could have led to more if they weren’t on the dance floor.

“I love you too and if you want to stay here, you’ve got to stop doing that. Now you've got me hot and bothered.”

“I know.”

“Shit.” Tommy presses his hard cock against Adam thigh. “This is what you do to me.”

Adam is stupidly torn between wanting to stay for just a bit longer and enjoy this or throwing Tommy over his shoulder while he calls Mia to pick them up. The choice is made for him when Abigail’s voice followed by a light tap on his shoulder makes him turn around.

“Can I borrow your boyfriend? For just one dance?”

Adam sighs. Damn, he never ever intended to be one of those guys that made decisions for his boyfriend but Abigail makes him want to be.  But no, he doesn't want that kind of power and to be fair Tommy wouldn’t let him. “I’m not the one you should ask, he doesn’t need my approval.”

Abigail holds his gaze. “I don’t want to cause-”

“You won’t. We figured things out. I still can’t answer for him, though.”

With hopeful eyes her gaze flickers to Tommy. “Tommy?”

Tommy looks at Adam, searches his face for whatever he needs to find before answering her.  He bites his lip, holds it captive between his teeth for a little while, then he shrugs. “Yeah, okay.”

And Adam watches Abigail lead Tommy to the dance floor.  His attention is pulled away from them when Danielle puts her head on his shoulder. “You okay with that?”

Adam nods and watches Tommy dance. The beat is sexy but Abigail isn’t using it the way she would have a few days earlier and Tommy doesn’t look guilty. He looks happy and playful. “He doesn’t want her; he wants me, believe it or not.”

“He really does. Are you nervous?”

Adam clears his throat, he should have seen that question coming from a mile away but didn’t. “Yeah. I just want it to be perfect.”

Danielle giggles. “Sex is never perfect. Humans aren’t how’s sex supposed to be then?”

“What?” Adam asks high pitched. He’s pretty damn sure that what Tommy and he do when they’re alone is perfect.

“I’m just saying that perfect isn’t what you should be aiming for. Fun, romantic and silly is more like it. Perfect ruins the mood because it’s so fucking serious. So reset your mind to having fun, laugh at weird noises and noses bumping and teeth clicking and awkward not comfy positions and it’ll be pretty close to perfect.”

Adam eyes her suspiciously. “And you know this because…?”

“I’m smart.” She says innocently.

Adam cracks up but sobers quickly. “Yeah you’re right but I still want our first time to be good. I want him to want to do it again, yanno?”

“Look at him, looking at you.” Adam follows Danielle’s gaze to Tommy, who blows Adam a kiss when their eyes meet. “Do you really think he’s gonna throw in the towel if you two mess up your first try?”


Danielle pats Adam’s shoulder.” Exactly. Now that my job is done here I’m gonna go find me some Isaac.”

Adam waves her off and when the song comes to and end he pushes through the crowd until he's tapping Abigail on the shoulder. “Can I have him back?”

She smiles. “All yours.”

“I know.” Adam says without looking at her because Tommy is looking at him with that crazy flirty look in his eyes. Adam wraps his arms around him a starts to move them to the music.

“No more dancing, please. I suck.” Tommy complains.

“No you don’t, well, not yet.” Adam points out, because Tommy isn’t the only one that can twist words. It’s not without payoff that Adam has known Danielle most of his life. He learned from the best.

Tommy surges up and kisses Adam dirtily, pressing his groin to Adam’s. “I want to though, soon.” he says huskily and kisses Adam again, sucking lightly on his tongue when Adam pushes it into his mouth. Adam gets the message, loud and clear. It’s time to leave.

“Get a room.” Frank grins when he moves past them with a girl in tow.

“Already got one and planning to make the best of it.” Tommy throws back.

“Too. Much. Information. Dude.” Frank faux whines and covers his ears.

Adam can't help the bubbly laughter in his chest. “You asked for that one.”

The entire exchange with Frank apparently forgotten, Tommy pulls Adam down for another way too wet and dirty for public consumption kiss. 

“Call Mia, okay?” Adam asks breathless.


Neither of them moves, though, frozen in their own little bubble of time, hands cupping each other's jaws, foreheads resting together. Finally Adam breaks the spell. “I’ll find Dani, let her know we’re leaving.”

Tommy nods and Adam asks, “Meet you outside in a minute?”

“Yeah, hurry up.”

Adam does hurry up; he quickly lets Danielle know they’re leaving so she doesn't worry later on and rushes outside. He finds Tommy leaning against the brick wall, talking quietly with Abigail. She smiles widely at Adam and elbows Tommy in the side. “Here’s you BF. Have fun Tommy.”

“Thanks girl. You too.”

“You ready?” Adam asks and takes Tommy’s hand, entwining their fingers.

“As ready as I’ll ever be.” There’s a timbre in his voice that make Adam slow down on their way to meet Mia.

“Tommy, we don’t have-”

Tommy doesn’t answer that instead he points to a dark car pulling up to the curve. “Mia’s here.”

The ride feels like it lasts forever. Tommy is chatting with Mia, one of his hands on Adam’s thigh, warm and heavy and driving Adam insane with the way his fingers stroke the fabric of Adam’s trousers. Every caress moving just a tiny bit higher on his leg until Adam is having trouble breathing he's so turned on.

read on.

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