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Wicked Game. Part 3

Wicked Game.
Author: lovenhardt1
Banner: qafmaniac Who is made of awesome!!!! OMG girl I love you so hard”
Wordcount: 23.341 This part: 3529.
Pairing: Adam/Tommy. High school AU/Teen!fic
Rating: Up to NC-17 Depending on chapter.
Disclaimers: Lies, all lies. Also, the people you might recognize in here are not mine. I’m not making any profit, I’m only doing this for fun.
Beta: thrace_adamsWho I love so fucking much! She makes my writing shine and she makes me laugh so hard when I go through her comments. Especially this time because she knows what happens in the next one and she has opinions! LOL *hugs her hard*
Summary: Spinning his water bottle enough to make bubbles in the water, Adam says, “I wanna ask Tommy to go to the prom with me.”

Danielle’s expression softens and she takes his hand to squeeze it. “Aww Adam that’s awesome.”

“Yeah. The thing is," Adam paused, "I’m kinda worried he’ll say no.”

“But why? He’d walk barefoot on burning coals for you if you asked him to.”

Adam laughs because, yes, she’s right but it’s still like the dumbest question ever. “Because it’s a school event and he thinks the whole concept is ridiculous.”

Nodding in agreement but with a teasing smile plastered all over her face Danielle says. “You’re looking at this the wrong way baby.”

“Oh. Why?”

“You need to tell him you want to do this for all the romantic reasons that are important to you, because he knows you and he'll understand immediately. If that doesn’t convince him; you also tell him you think it’s important to show up at those things, especially if he really means the things he said a thousand years ago about wanting to be kissed by his boyfriend at the prom. Tell him there’s a statement in it too and then you won’t be able to keep him away. But, if that doesn’t work you can always tempt him with a hotel night and a husky ‘I wanna fuck you senseless’. That's guaranteed to work!”

“Good point.” Adam muses, lost in his thoughts. “Though we aren’t actually doing that yet.”

A/N: This is the second fic in this verse and if you haven’t read the first one you should probably do that. I never intended to continue it in the first place. LOL But the boys stuck with me and there will be a fic more after this one. It’s mostly written already.

First fic: He's just a little bit dangerous.

Adam tosses and turns for what feels like forever. He can’t sleep. He knows he’s probably being stupid but his mind keeps coming up with all these different scenarios of what Abigail might have done and why Tommy won't just tell him. He beats himself up over being so jealous. He knows Tommy loves him. Really, he knows, but every single time he closes his eyes, his imagination runs wild. And as if that’s not enough, he feels horribly guilty about that hurt look in Tommy’s eyes when Adam pushed him off or when he left, looking like a kicked puppy.

At one a.m. Adam’s phone buzzes with a text from Tommy.

You sleeping?

Adam stares at the phone; he is far from sleeping and apparently so is Tommy. At first he doesn’t want to answer it, for two very different reasons. First one is his pride; he doesn’t want to admit that all of this is messing with him as much as it is. The second one is that clearly Tommy is just as messed up and that can’t be good, can it?

After a violent talk between the angel and devil on his shoulders, Adam types a quick, No.

In less than a minute Adam’s phone buzzes again.

Can I call you?

Adam can almost hear Tommy pleading so instead of texting he just dials Tommy’s number. “Hi.” He says quietly when Tommy answers in a heartbeat.

“Are you breaking up with me? Is that what you were trying to say

Adam literally stares at his phone for a second before answering Tommy. “No of course not. I just,” he takes in a deep breath and exhales slowly, steadying himself because there’s no way the next part isn't going to sound like he's accusing Tommy. “I know you weren’t telling me the truth, Tommy.”

Tommy’s hurt response proves him right. “I never lie to you.”

Adam pinches his nose and rolls so he is lying on his back staring up at the ceiling. “You’re leaving stuff out and that’s just as bad. I know something happened, I overheard a conversation at school and I know, okay?”

“What exactly did you hear?” the careful tone of voice Tommy uses makes Adam sit straight up.

“Nu huh. I need you to tell me, in your words.”

Tommy sighs softly and in the most obnoxious ‘fine have it your way’ voice he starts telling Adam what happened. “We went down to Joe’s, we got an ice cream. She chose a chocolate one, I got a vanilla. I told her that I was going to prom with you. She said she had already figured that out but was happy I told her. We talked some more, mostly school and music stuff and that was it.”

They’re both quiet for some time before Adam asks with suspicion soaking his voice, “She made a move didn’t she? ‘coz that’s what the gossip says at school.”

 “A move?”

Adam thinks that Tommy sounds like he’s tasting the word, or maybe he's trying to worm his way out of the mess he’s in.

“Promise not to freak?” Tommy continues after a second.

“Yeah.”  Adam hopes he can make good on it but Tommy knows him to well.

“Adam, promise me.”

There’s this weird creepy feeling crawling under his skin. This terrible feeling that his demand to know what happened just might blow up in his face. “Sounds like you do have something to hide.”

“No I don’t. I just," Tommy sighed.  "If you want to know everything you better be ready to handle it. And the way you’ve been acting doesn’t exactly give me the warm and fuzzy about that.”

“I promise not to freak out.”

He must have sounded sincere because Tommy starts talking. “She didn’t do anything bad. Just at some point she asked me if the girls I had been dating before you had been about hiding who I was and I said no. When she asked if that meant I was bi I answered that yeah that probably was what it meant but that I thought about it more as being yours.”

“And that was it?” Adam could have kicked his own ass for the skepticism in his voice but it doesn’t ring true to what he overheard in the hall.

“No.” Adam can hear how Tommy sucks in his lower lip to chew on it and he knows that Tommy really doesn’t want to hurt Adam’s feelings and is fighting to find the right words. And now Adam just wants the damn truth. He gets out of bed and paces the floor, waiting for Tommy to find his words.

“She asked if I could ever fall in love with a girl and I said to her that no one knows the future but I felt very certain that you were it. So she--without really trying to wrap it in neatly, which is probably my own fault since I really did ignore all the signs -- she told me that she hoped that I wasn’t done with girls and she’d be waiting for me if I wasn’t.”

“Oh wow,” Adam says because really? That’s not exactly subtle by any stretch of the imagination. “And you don’t think she made a move?”

Tommy sighs. “I swear Adam, I told her it would be a waste of time and she laughed and agreed with me and that was it. We finished our ice creams and walked home talking about everything else. She knows I’m nuts about you.”

Adam sinks down on his mattress again. She might have been pretty blunt and all but the truth was so much easier to deal with than the fucked up scenarios he'd been thinking up. “I needed to hear that from you. You have no idea of what kind of ugly scenarios my head came up with. You two kissing… or worse.”

“I don’t understand that.” Tommy says, voice tired and strained. “I honestly don’t. I didn’t know she felt that way. Okay, so now I do but, please trust that it’s you I want.”

“Stay away from her? Please.”

Adam knows the answer to that question before Tommy even says it.

“I can’t be rude to her, but I’m not going to go hang with her either. I did what I felt like I had to do and that’s it.”

“She’ll find you if you don’t find her.”

“I’m not going to fall in love with her. I already have that. With you.”

“I hope you’re right. I wouldn’t know what to do without you.”

Tommy snorts softly. “You’ll never have to be unless you kick me out of your life

 “We’re seventeen you can’t make those kind of promises,” Adam says, partly because that’s the truth, partly because he wants Tommy to flat out tell him that he loves him.

It doesn’t work, though because Tommy sounds deflated. Tired to the bone. “What do you want me to say Adam?”

“I don’t know. That, I’m wrong and of course you can make that kind of promise?”

Another soft snort. “Seriously Adam, don’t push me away just because shit happens.”

“Promise not to keep things from me either?” he knows he didn’t answer Tommy but he can’t right now.

“I promise.” Tommy whispers.


“You’re being an ass.” Danielle hisses to Adam at the lunch table in school two weeks later. Two weeks where Adam and Tommy have been trying to get back to that place where their relationship was carefree, where they'd been before prom was on the table.

They’re not, though. Because Adam was right when he told Tommy that Abigail would find reasons to spend time with him and she flirts shamelessly. Small touches when they pass each other in the halls. Asking for help in history class, one of the classes Adam and Tommy don't share. Tommy said he couldn’t help her out, but still.  She wears miniskirts and cute tops and that fucking long brown hair looks like a hairdresser has her hands in it every morning. It’s sickening, really. And the more she flirts the more insecure Adam feels and the harder it is to be around Tommy.

“What? Why would you say that?” Adam asks, his eyes glued to Tommy who's standing in line to pay for his food. Abigail magically appeared right behind him the second Adam sat down next to Danielle. Every fucking time! Her hand is on Tommy's upper arm and she's beaming up at him, saying something that makes Tommy grin. Adam knows he should probably pay more attention to how Tommy removes her hand instead of how he’s laughing. Except that's just not how his mind works, so he scowls instead. His mood hitting just another low.

“Well because you are!” Danielle says in a hard voice and the look on her face tells Adam just how much she disapproves of his behavior.

Adam raises an eyebrow, daring her to go on. That turns out to be his mistake because Danielle looks at Tommy and points out, “He isn’t doing anything wrong. He isn’t even flirting back. Not even a little bit and my god I could understand if he did.”

Adam is hurt that Danielle, of all people, takes Tommy’s side in all this. She’s supposed to be his friend. “He isn’t telling her to back off either and he won’t.” Adam spits out through clenched teeth. He pauses and then he makes his most mocking Tommy imitation, “‘I can’t be rude to her.’”

“Why would he?” she asks eyebrow raised and obviously not letting this go.

“Because he’s with me.”

She snorts. “You’re being so damn cold around him that no one can blame him for not knowing if that’s actually the truth. What the hell Adam?”

“She’s practically throwing herself at him and he doesn’t tell her to back off! How’s that supposed to make me feel like the happy cuddly boyfriend?”

Danielle shakes her head and Adam can’t really tell if she wants to hit him with something hard or if she pities him. “He doesn’t encourage her either. And if you could just let go of your insecurity you’d actually see that. He dodges her half the time! I’m just saying that if it was me who had a boyfriend that was pouting and petulant all the fucking time and I had someone else trying to get my attention, someone who had no problem with flaunting just how much he wanted me then I’m pretty sure I’d be enjoying that attention. Yet, he doesn’t, at least not the way you’re scared of. I know because unlike you, idiot, I’ve actually been talking to him.”

“Why can’t he just tell her to fuck off?”

“That’s not who he is, and maybe you should think more about what you could do instead of what you think he should do and then be happy he isn’t fucking her already instead.”

Adam feels mortified at that last remark and awful pictures explode in his head. “Dani!”

“If you don’t want that to happen then maybe you should drop the attitude and make an effort. He told me you two still aren’t touching much when you’re alone. Stop punishing him for something he has no control over and show him why he should stick around instead.” She keeps her voice low because his outburst made half the cafeteria look at them, not that Adam can find it in him to care about that. Danielle looks past Adam, offering Tommy a smile as he puts his tray on the table. “Just saying,” She says to Adam without taking her eyes of Tommy.

Tommy sends her a wary look and then his eyes land on Adam. Carefully he searches Adam’s face, “Hey what’s up?” Tommy asks.

Adam notices the tension in Tommy’s body.  He looks like he’s getting ready to flee within seconds and he makes no effort to sit down, though his chair has already been pulled out.

Adam’s pissed. Pissed that Tommy is so fucking stubborn, pissed that Danielle just scolded him, pissed that his boyfriend hasn’t even reached out to caress his neck like he used to. Pissed that Abigail thinks it's okay to touch said boyfriend every chance she gets. It’s heartbreaking really. “Danielle is telling me she thinks I’m an idiot and that I should be grateful you’re not cheating on me, yet.”

Tommy frowns and sends Danielle a quizzically look. “Uhm…” he says when his gaze meets Adam’s, his discomfort evident in his eyes and his posture.

“Nothing??” Adam asks, deliberately trying to push Tommy far enough so that he’ll fucking react. Do something. “Really, you got nothing?”

Tommy swallows. “What do you want me to say to that?” he asks in a timid voice.

When Adam just holds his gaze with a hard stare something changes in Tommy. Adam can see it happen right before his eyes. Tommy’s hands curl up on the back of the chair and he straightens up a bit. He widens his stance a little bit as if he’s getting ready to fight, but more importantly something in his eyes spark, makes them burn. Adam hasn’t seen that fire in Tommy’s eyes since that day in Biology. Adam knows, can see how Tommy fights to control the emotions threatening to take over his temper. Adam knows he pushed him over the edge. Fucking finally.

Tommy takes a deep breath and closes his eyes a second. When he opens them again it’s oh so clear that he lost the fight to control his temper. Tommy is far from shouting but his voice is hard as steel and cuts right through the chatter in the cafeteria. Making heads turn and pay attention to them. “Okay then, maybe she’s right. Maybe the right way to react when someone is hitting on your boyfriend isn’t to stop talking to him or cut him off from all physical contact?! It certainly doesn’t make me feel very loved when you won’t touch me aside from a peck on the lips when I come around in the mornings. I don’t know what to do but I fucking need to be reassured that you still want me. Otherwise what the hell are we even doing?”

Out of the corner of his eye Adam can see Abigail and her friends listening at their table and he hisses, “It hurts Tommy, okay? It fucking hurts to know that you won’t just tell her to fuck off.”

Adam realizes that was the wrong thing to say a split second later when Tommy shoves the chair in under the table with a screeching noise and raises his voice. “Yeah? Well it hurts when your boyfriend doesn’t really want the person that you are. It fucking hurts as much as when same boyfriend doesn’t want to mess around. Forget fucking. I just need to feel close to you again, but whatever.”

“Tommy.” Adam says, trying to be calm because they might have arguments every once in a while but never in public and the worst thing right now is how Tommy looks like he doesn’t want this anymore, like he doesn’t know if Adam is really worth all the trouble.

Shaking his head violently and eyes that are way too shiny, Tommy pleads.  “Forget about your goddamn pride for once and fight for me and if you can’t do that, then please have the decency to end it. Because this -- This is breaking me.” he turns his back on Adam and walks out with long and fast steps, leaving Adam staring after him. 

Adam blinks once, then twice. This was not what he expected to happen. None of it is. Danielle puts a warm hand on his shoulder and squeezes it a bit and he puts his head in his palms, mind fighting to catch up with what just happened when he hears Abigail’s voice. “Tommy. Wait up.”

“Oh for fuck's sake!” Adam says into his palms.

Danielle moves her hand away and speaks quietly. “Now would be the perfect time to show him you still want him.”

Adam looks up at her and he knows he’s an open book to her. “Yeah.” He says, but he can’t get his body to cooperate so he stays put, just looking into Danielle’s soft eyes.

“What are you waiting for? Go.” She says and smiles to him, and Adam does.

When he gets out to the hall there’s no sign of Tommy or Abigail. Knowing Tommy; he’s not gonna want to spend the last three school hours actually being in school so he decides to search for Tommy by the lockers. Of course Abigail had the same idea because Adam hears her call out “Tommy wait!” Right before he turns the corner that would put them in his sight.  Suddenly he doesn’t know what the fuck to do but Tommy’s answer gets him to slow down.

“Not now Abby. Just, not now.”

“Hey, I just wanted to see if you were okay.”  She sounds sincere enough but Adam can’t help the sad frown that turns his lips down. He waits at the edge of the corner for Tommy’s reply.  He’s back to eavesdropping, even though he knows it’s the wrong thing to do.

Tommy sounds dead tired. “No, you don't. I mean I’m sure you do but you also want to know if what just happened makes a difference between you and me and it doesn’t. I love Adam, even if he can’t see that right now.”

Adam’s heart speeds up and the doubt and all that damn insecurity that’s been constricting him in the worst way loosens up, makes it easier for him to breathe again. But now he can hear the sadness in Tommy’s voice and that hurts like a bitch because he's the one that put it there.

“I … yeah, you’re right I did want that, but seriously, are you okay?”

“No, I’m not.” Tommy says and that draws Adam out into the open, slowly making his way closer to Abigail and Tommy. They both have their backs to him and Adam watches as Tommy reaches for what he needs from his locker while Abigail has a comforting hand resting on his shoulder.

“Adam won’t touch me and thinks I’m a bad boyfriend for not asking you to stay away from me.” Tommy shoves something into his backpack with more force than necessary. “You keep flirting, and as much as I like you, it makes me uncomfortable. Abigail, I’m sorry I don’t feel that way about you and I’m sorry that it hurts you.  I’m sorry that Adam thinks that I do because that hurts him, too and I just don’t know how to make everybody happy.  And I miss my fucking boyfriend!” he slams his locker so hard it bounces back open.

Tommy tries to close it again with less violence and succeeds. 

Abigail trips over her words in an effort to comfort him.  “I’m sorry, I never meant to," she hangs her head before looking back up at Tommy.  "I didn’t realize, you really love him don’t you?”

Tommy turns around and Adam is sure that he’ll see him coming but he doesn’t.  Tommy's focus is completely on Abigail. “To the point of no return, yeah,” he says, running a hand through his hair.

“I made a mess. I’m sorry. I never really thought there would be consequences like this.  I guess I only thought about myself. That I wanted you.”

Tommy snorts. “Well at least someone does,” he says bitterly.

“Don’t say that, I’m sure--”

“I want you,” Adam says firmly, silencing Abigail in the process.

Tommy whips his head in Adam’s direction and Adam see those huge brown eyes filled with hope staring at him, giving Adam every reason to continue. Abigail steps back and Adam moves in between them. “Trust me baby, I want you. If you’ll forgive me for being an ass and let me take you home, I’ll show you just how much.”

“Done and with a proper kiss and hug, you’ll make me a very happy boy.”

Pulling Tommy into his arms he says huskily, “I think I can do better.”

Tommy’s arms sneak up and around Adam’s neck, thumbs caressing the skin just below the hairline.  Fuck, Adam has missed Tommy's touch so much.

“Yeah?” Tommy asks, looking up in Adam’s eyes.  “No more cockblocking?”

“No more cockblocking. I’m sorry baby. I’m so sorry.”

Tommy smiles and whispers, “Me too.”

Adam lowers his head and kisses him, the small whimper in the back of Tommy’s throat tells Adam just how much Tommy missed this too.

Adam knows they’re gonna be alright and for the first time since he asked Tommy to go to the prom, he’s getting really excited about that.

When the kiss breaks and they’re back to gazing longingly at each other Adam says softly, “It’s fine by me if Mia drives.”

Tommy lights up like a fucking Christmas tree and with a mischievous grin he replies, “I don’t need a fancy hotel as long as you make good on your promise.”

read on.

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