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Wicked Game. Part 2

Wicked Game.
Author: lovenhardt1
Banner: qafmaniac Who is made of awesome!!!! OMG girl I love you so hard”
Wordcount: 23.341 This part: 2972.
Pairing: Adam/Tommy. High school AU/Teen!fic
Rating: Up to NC-17 Depending on chapter.
Disclaimers: Lies, all lies. Also, the people you might recognize in here are not mine. I’m not making any profit, I’m only doing this for fun.
Beta: thrace_adamsWho I love so fucking much! She makes my writing shine and she makes me laugh so hard when I go through her comments. Especially this time because she knows what happens in the next one and she has opinions! LOL *hugs her hard*
Summary: Spinning his water bottle enough to make bubbles in the water, Adam says, “I wanna ask Tommy to go to the prom with me.”

Danielle’s expression softens and she takes his hand to squeeze it. “Aww Adam that’s awesome.”

“Yeah. The thing is," Adam paused, "I’m kinda worried he’ll say no.”

“But why? He’d walk barefoot on burning coals for you if you asked him to.”

Adam laughs because, yes, she’s right but it’s still like the dumbest question ever. “Because it’s a school event and he thinks the whole concept is ridiculous.”

Nodding in agreement but with a teasing smile plastered all over her face Danielle says. “You’re looking at this the wrong way baby.”

“Oh. Why?”

“You need to tell him you want to do this for all the romantic reasons that are important to you, because he knows you and he'll understand immediately. If that doesn’t convince him; you also tell him you think it’s important to show up at those things, especially if he really means the things he said a thousand years ago about wanting to be kissed by his boyfriend at the prom. Tell him there’s a statement in it too and then you won’t be able to keep him away. But, if that doesn’t work you can always tempt him with a hotel night and a husky ‘I wanna fuck you senseless’. That's guaranteed to work!”

“Good point.” Adam muses, lost in his thoughts. “Though we aren’t actually doing that yet.”

A/N: This is the second fic in this verse and if you haven’t read the first one you should probably do that. I never intended to continue it in the first place. LOL But the boys stuck with me and there will be a fic more after this one. It’s mostly written already.

First fic: He's just a little bit dangerous.

Next morning Tommy is waiting on the porch for Adam just like always. A big shiny smile beams up at Adam and with warmth in his eyes Tommy gives Adam the usual and appreciative once over. “Hi. You ready?” Tommy asks like everything is just peachy.

“Yeah. Are we good? I mean good, good?”

Tommy pushes up to kiss Adam and takes a hold of his hand. “Of course. I was done being moody before I got home. I’m gonna talk to her today, though.”

Adam nods, feeling a strange mixture of defeated and relieved and wishes he could let go of his own insecurities as effectively as Tommy let go of his moodiness.

Holding hands and on their way to class Adam had almost completely forgotten about the Abigail talk. That is until they collide with her, literally. Actually it’s Tommy who's too busy trying to persuade Adam to go see a new horror movie to keep his eyes on his surroundings that literally runs right into her.

Luckily none of them fall over because Tommy’s got some badass reflexes and grabs her arm the same second he tightens his grip on Adam.

Adam’s stomach turns when he sees the pleased smile on Tommy’s face the second he realizes who he ran into. “Abigail.”

A deep blush colors Abigail’s cheeks. “Hi Tommy. I’m so sorry. I didn’t see you.”

“I’m sure it was my fault, but hey, you got a minute?” Tommy gets this softness over him, much like when he’s trying to make Mia feel better about something and Adam has to bite down his jealousy.

“Um…” Abigail checks the time and it’s pretty clear that she is torn between the need to go to class and wanting to stay right where she is.

“It’s alright, I’ll find you later.”

Adam tugs Tommy’s hand and hopes Tommy takes it as a ‘we’ve got to get to class’ way, more than the ‘stop talking to that bitch in heat’ way that it totally is.

Tommy doesn’t budge though but keeps eye contact with Abigail who to Adam’s dismay looks utterly delighted and makes a goddamn suggestion for an afterschool date. “Ice cream at Joe’s after school, like old times?”

“Sure.” Tommy says smiling and offers her a little wave as all three of them start to move.

When they’re out of reach Adam doesn’t bother covering up his jealousy. Because really? “Ice cream? Old times? Something you forgot to mention? Tommy Joe!”

Tommy sighs and pleads. “Adam, please let it go.” And then he eyes the door leading to math and Adam pushes it open and hisses. “Whatever.”


Adam is so upset that he makes plans to spend his afternoon and evening with Danielle. Tommy looks at him for a long time before he shrugs and quietly says. “Okay.” And it’s not like Adam didn’t see the hurt look in his eyes but he really doesn’t think Tommy is the one entitled to feeling hurt.

Adam’s moodiness bites his own ass when he has to go to school alone for the first time since he and Tommy started dating. He knows it’s his own fault, if he hadn’t ignored Tommy’s text last night Tommy would have been on his doorstep as usual. When he decides to swallow his pride and stop by the Ratliff house, Dia is all smiles but tells him that Tommy stayed the night at Mia’s place and that she probably drove him to school.

Thankfully Tommy is waiting for him at his locker, the down side is that he seems to be caught up in a conversation with Abigail who is, in Adam’s humble opinion, shamelessly flirting and doing that ridiculous hair flip thing that only really works in shampoo commercials.

“Hi.” Adam mutters.

Tommy stops talking to Abigail immediately and looks at Adam. The wariness in his eyes makes Adam feel guilty as fuck. “Hi.”

Adam feels Abigail’s gaze and decides that this, whatever it might be is stupid and it might also just be handing his boyfriend over to the enemy. He’s not that dumb so he leans in and whispers into Tommy’s ear. “I missed you.”

The response is immediate. Tommy lights up like the sun and his arms lock around Adam's neck a second later, right about the same time as Tommy’s lips take his in a really fucking amazing kiss. Adam forgets everything around him and kisses back with everything he’s got and it feels like his world settles again. When the bell chimes and demands their attention Adam catches Abigail’s gaze over Tommy’s shoulder. She looks a bit uncomfortable but she keeps looking back, and Adam gets it, loud and clear. She’s calling game on.

Adam has three classes with Tommy that day, two in the morning and one after lunch.  He's dying to know about what happened yesterday but he never really gets a chance to ask, there are too many people around them and Tommy doesn’t answer the question mark written on a note and shoved across the desk.  He just pushes it back with a little head shake.

On his way to lunch he ends up walking five steps behind the girl Tommy called Jen and another girl Adam never has paid any attention to before. He does now however, when he hears Abigail’s name come up. “What’s up with Abigail and that silly smile she keeps flashing?”

Jen grins. “Oh you didn’t hear they went out for ice cream yesterday?”

Adam takes two long steps closer, not wanting to miss out on this.

“Really?” the girl says. “But I thought he was with Adam.”

Jen nods. “He is and he’s going to the prom with him. That’s why he wanted to talk to her in the first place.”

Yes! Adam heart sings and he feels a lot better than he did the minute he knew what the girls were talking about.

“Oh but why the big smile? I thought that would have made her sad.” Yeah good question Adam thinks.

“Yeah,” Jen bumps her shoulder against the girl’s. “But she had him all to herself for an hour or so and now she’s beyond heart-eyed again.”

“You don’t think she’s gonna do something, like make a move? Do you?” that question almost stops Adam in his tracks. He feels like he's walked right into a brick wall, but that’s nothing on what the answer does to him.

“From what I heard she sorta already did so yeah but why wouldn’t she? I mean she’s been in love with him forever.”

“What? She did?? What move?” the girl’s question matches Adam’s thoughts perfectly.

“Let’s just say Tommy knows how she feels now.”

Adam feels sick, like he’s actually gonna puke his guts up right there in the hall. Tommy knows and he fucking knew this morning and yet he still stood there talking to her. Heart-stopping jealousy washes over him. He can’t fucking lose Tommy.

When Adam sits down next to Tommy in their last class of the day he doesn’t know if he wants to kiss him or strangle him. Tommy smiles the way he used to and twines their fingers together on his thigh and Adam should be capable of enjoying it the way he always does but he can’t. The way Abigail looked at him messes with him, why did she look so sure of herself? And why didn’t Tommy just answer that damn note? What the hell happened yesterday?

Tommy notices right away that he isn't himself but he doesn’t know how to be and he isn’t all that sure that Tommy doesn’t deserve the worried look on his face.  It’s not Adam that keeps secrets, damnit. The tension between them grows with every little worried glance they throw each other and it doesn’t help when Tommy writes a note and shoves it across the table ‘What did I do??’

Adam scribbles a ‘you tell me!!’ and pushes it back. Tommy looks at the paper for a long time before he sighs and folds it together and put it in his pocket. He doesn’t tell Adam one damn thing instead he starts to chew on his lip.

Adam is so frigging frustrated that he feels like screaming his lungs out and it doesn’t get one bit better when he asks if Tommy is going home with him and Tommy says no because he’s working this afternoon. Life fucking sucks!!


Adam is hiding in his room, shutting the world and his mom out when he hears his mom’s happy voice travel up the stairs, “Tommy.”

Tommy’s voice is much lower and there’s a careful edge to it. “Hi, Leila. Is he upstairs?”

His mother grins. “Yes, he is, but tread carefully he is in a terrible mood.”

“Probably my doing. Seems all I do these days is make him upset.”

Adam frowns and a pang of guilt runs through him at the sadness he hears.

“Are you two fighting?”

Adam briefly thinks about going down there and saving Tommy from Mom’s embarrassing poking around in their private life but his frigging pride stops him.

“Not fighting but we had a disagreement and…" Tommy’s voice fades and Adam knows that he followed his mom into the kitchen.

He should know better than to try and eavesdrop. Nothing good came out of it earlier that day. Still Adam tiptoes out of his room and down the hall, silently begging that Neil doesn’t show up and out him. He avoids the first step on the stairs, the squeaky one and sits down on the next.

“Disagreement about what?”

The sound of mugs getting pulled out of the cupboard and put on the kitchen counter makes it hard to hear Tommy’s answer. “It’s a long story.”

“I got time and tea. And Adam is hiding in his room. So?”

When Adam hears the tea getting poured and the familiar sounds of chairs moving around stops he dares to move two steps down.

“Adam asked me to go to the prom with him.”

“I know.”

“The thing is that before we got together I promised this girl I know that I’d ask her out if I went to any of the school thingy stuff…”

“Oh. And?”

“Adam got upset when I said that I needed to tell her face to face that I was going with him and that I had to break my promise to her. Anyway I made plans to get ice cream with Abigail, like we used to do in our junior year when we worked on a school project together and I told her of my plans. I think that’s why he’s pissy. He really didn’t want me to talk to her. He’s convinced she has a thing for me.”

“Does she?”

Adam holds his breath.

“Naw...” Tommy says and Adam imagines the tiny shrug he knows Tommy makes to that sound.

“Tommy?” Leila prompts, obviously not buying his answer any more than Adam.

“Yeah, she sorta does, but that really shouldn’t be an issue, should it? I mean this is basically a trust issue.”

He fucking knew it. She totally does have feelings for Tommy and Tommy fucking knows!!

“You don’t think he trusts you.” Leila states as a fact.

“Why would he get upset if he did? The thing is that I can’t figure out when I've ever given him any reason not to trust me. I’ve been going insane thinking about what I could have done to make him feel like that.”

Adam doesn’t know what to think of that. He feels like it’s pretty fucking obvious what Tommy did or rather didn’t do.  He didn’t tell Adam about what happened!

“Maybe it isn’t something you did. Maybe he’s just jealous.”

“Which comes back to trust, right?”

“Not necessarily lack of trust in you. But you should talk about it.”

“Yeah. Thanks Leila.” Tommy says and the sound of Tommy’s chair pushed back on the floor sends Adam fleeing back to his room as silent as possible. Gods, he’s so confused. He wants things to be back to normal. To where he didn’t think he’d ever lose Tommy, to when he knew how to act, to before this terrible insecurity took hold of him.

He spends perhaps half a minute sitting on the edge of his bed before Tommy stands in the doorway to his room. “Can I come in?”

It’s the first time Tommy has ever asked that and Adam wonders if it’s a sign of some sort.

“Yeah sure. So how did it go?” he knows he probably should have gotten off his ass and kissed Tommy hello before asking that, but it seems like he isn’t all that capable of controlling his ability to speak the proper words or do the right thing at all today.

Tommy avoids Adam’s gaze at first. “Fine.” He says and crosses the floor to sit down next to Adam. “I told her and that was it.”

Liar. Adam thinks and thanks the powers of the universe that he at least was able to keep that from coming out his mouth. “You don’t want to tell me about it?” he says instead.

Tommy gives him a funny look and shakes his head. “Not much to tell really, we went out for an ice cream and I told her about our plans.” Tommy puts his hand next to Adam’s on the mattress. They’re almost but not quite touching and Adam knows that Tommy wants him to take his hand. He wants to, he really does but for some reason he just stares at their hands, silently begging for Tommy to link their pinkies, to make the connection he can’t seem to make himself. He doesn’t look up when Tommy makes another peace offering. “Which reminds me… do you want the whole limo thingy? Or would it be okay if I get Mia to drive us?”

At this point Adam doubts there’ll even be a prom date. It feels like they’re both so busy fucking this up that it can’t end well and Adam has no clue how to stop it. “You decide that.”

“Oh.” says Tommy and for a while they’re both completely quiet. Waiting. Adam feels the change in the air, feels how the mood shifts in Tommy, from awaiting Adam’s next move to being a little pissed. “Listen, Adam. I get that you didn’t approve but why are you acting like this?”

Adam moves his hand away from Tommy’s and puts it on his lap. “I wish you’d tell me about it,” he says, voice trembling a bit because maybe, just maybe he really doesn’t want to know what exactly happened.

Tommy slinks off the bed, onto his knees and in between Adam’s legs. He puts his hands on Adam‘s knees and looks up at him quizzically. “Why? I mean if you hadn’t acted like a prissy little kid you could have tagged along.”

Oh, Adam hadn’t even considered that an option, like at all. That fact pisses him off a little, why didn’t Tommy just say so? “I’m sure she would have loved that.”

Tommy tilts his head and shrugs. “Well maybe she wouldn’t but-- Nevermind.” He takes Adam’s hands in his and asks, “Why is it such a problem? I’m not going anywhere. I love you; I want to be with you. Why is she even an issue?”

“I don’t know! Is she someone you could have fallen in love with? If I hadn’t kissed you that day in biology class?”

Tommy looks utterly confused. “Who knows? Maybe…”

“And you don’t understand why I’m concerned!”

Tommy shakes his head and reaches up to cup Adam’s face. “No. Adam, I'd been in love with you a long time before we got together. I - I can’t even imagine being with someone else.”

That right there should really make everything better but it doesn’t. He feels like something inside him is broken. But when Tommy kisses him softly he kisses back. When he crawls onto his lap, Adam holds him tight. When Tommy pushes at him to make him fall back onto the bed, he does, but all the time his head supplies him with images of Tommy doing the exact same thing with Abigail. And he can’t do this. “Stop. I can’t…” he says and pushes Tommy off.

Tommy gets off the bed so fast you’d think it was on fire and his eyes tell Adam just how much that rejection affected him. Last time Tommy had this look was when he broke up with Adam.

Adam tries to explain. “It’s just," he paused.  "I’m upset, all right?”

Tommy’s lower lip quivers a bit when he asks. “Are you, like, punishing me for not telling you word for word what happened? Because nothing happened!”

Thinking back on the conversation between the girls Adam says, “You’re sure about that?”

“Yes! What are you even implying? That I’m cheating on you?”

Fuck if Adam knows, he knows nothing and Tommy won’t tell him. “No, but I can’t do this right now. I need to think.”

“Think? About what?”

“Us! Goddamit.”

“Oh.” they watch each other for a while and Tommy breaks the silence first. “I - do you want me to go home?”

“Maybe.  Yeah?” Adam says because he really does need time to sort his head out.

“I see.” Tommy whispers with his eyes glued to the floor. “Adam?” he asks quietly and meets Adam’s gaze and if Adam wasn’t already feeling broken by this mess, that look would have done it. “Can I -- Is it alright if I come by tomorrow morning like always?”

“Yeah, yeah I’d like that.”

“Okay.” Tommy looks one last time at Adam before leaving but the 'okay' sounded a lot like goodbye in Adam’s ears.

read on.

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