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Only you

TITLE: Only you. 4/4
AUTHOR: [info]lovenhardt1 
PAIRING: Adam Lambert/Tommy Joe Ratliff.
WORDS: 1883
WARNINGS: Male on male loving!
BETA: The amazing i_glitterz. Thank you honey.
DISCLAIMER: I don't own the boys, this is fiction and I only created this for fun. So have fun.
SUMMARY: The minute they meet, they know! They have finally found eachother. Their missing piece. Every thing is easy form there on. Tommy doesn’t care that Adam is gay, and Adam doesn’t care that Tommy is not. Best friends by a blink of an eye. Some would call it love at first sight, they don’t. They don’t label it at all.


Next morning Adam wakes up with Tommy in his embrace.

He smiles; nothing new under the sun, but then last night invades his memory. Tommy kissing him as if his life depended on it, Tommy whispering sinful words in his ear while flicking his tongue at the shell of it.

Oh God, Tommy’s hands and mouth on his body claiming what always has been Tommy’s.

Adam swallows hard, trying to control the arousal that rushes through his body. But his mind has a life of its own and so seems his body to have. He moves a little, trying to get some kind of release without waking up Tommy. Because God knows he didn’t get much sleep last night.

Maybe this would be a good time to get a bath and to take care of this morning problem. As he tries to sneak out of bed, Tommy opens his eyes, as he looks at Adam a big tender smile glide over his face.

A hand reaches out and holds back Adam. “Where do you think you are going?”

“Bathroom” Adam says.

“Oh no, you are not” he pulls Adam into the bed again. “You are gonna stay right here! And you are gonna hold me tight and never let me go”

“Oh, my pretty kitty is bossy, but who died and made you king?” Adam asks with a ridiculous happy grin on his face. Tommy doesn’t answer, he just cuddle against Adam sighing in comfort.

Adam has an arm under Tommy’s head the other around his waist, they are spooning. Tommy giggles a little making his body shake. The movement makes the blood in Adam’s veins run south, he is now fully erect. Adam kisses Tommy’s earlobe  “What’s on your mind baby?”

Tommy snugs a little closer; he can feel Adam all over his backside. Enjoying the effect he has on Adam immensely. His heart is pounding in a hard rhythm in its cage. “Only you Adam could make me take this position while spooning. Only you! And the funny thing is I am enjoying it, A LOT” He pushes his ass against Adam’s erection. “And I am getting the impression that so do you” Adam moans.

He moves his lips from Tommy’s ear letting his tongue trail down his neck. It’s Tommy’s turn to moan in pleasure he thrusts his hips backwards to meet Adam’s. This morning is about slow sweet loving, not the wild needy animalistic sex they had last night.

Adam lets his fingers do the walking on Tommy’s body, finding all Tommy’s weaknesses, making him squirm and shiver for more. It becomes to much, Tommy needs to touch as well, he moves so that they are face to face.

He lets his hands cup Adam’s face. His fingers caress with feathery light touches. Adam closes his eyes in ecstasy. Tommy kisses Adam gently and with love, Adam deepens the kiss adding passion to it. Tommy’s fingers are in his hair tugging it lightly. Goose bumps crawl over Adam’s skin, and he shivers. Tommy moves slowly but in a steady rhythm. Thrusting his throbbing dick against Adam’s, releasing and building tension, all at the same time. They kiss, they lick, they bite and they touch eachother until there are no other thoughts in their minds but to be one. Connected body and soul.

As they both reach their peek Adam closes his eyes “No, babe. Open your eyes, I need you to see me, really see me” Tommy whispers, his voice breaks as his body trembles. Adam’s eyes flutter open, meets Tommy's. This is home. Tommy feels like he can see all the way into Adam’s soul. And vice versa. And maybe that is exactly what they do.

They are lying on the bed, the after glow illuminating the air. The love present in every slow caress they share. The slow soft kisses make promises of many to come. Adam is the first one to be semi coherent “Wow, Tommy that was….. like nothing else I have ever…..”

Tommy smiles softly as he moves so he can put his head on Adam’s chest. He snuggle until he can’t get any closer while he mumbles “I know Adam, I was there!” They both laugh softly. A couple of minutes later they both sleep again.

 Thank God for days off.

They spend all day together, in bed. Talking, laughing, kissing, and making love. They order room service, they bath together and no matter what they do they keep touching eachother. As the evening approaches they both get texts from the other band members. Texts like “where the fuck are you?” “are you dead?” And “do I need to worry?” they ignore all off them. They are in a world of their own.

Around 8 o’clock in the evening they hear a loud insistent knocking on the door. And Monte’s voice travels through the door. “Open up Adam if you don’t I will get the concierge to open the fucking door; you are scaring the shit out of us….”

“Shit!” Adam whispers but then he smiles at Tommy while he walks to the door. Tommy nods. They silently agree on the band is entitled to know how things are; they don’t need secrets, just eachother.

 Adam opens the door. Monte looks at him with a confused expression on his face, and he just blurts out “I didn’t think you actually were here, why are you dressed in your PJ pants? Have you seen Tommy, he’s been missing all day….”

Adam stops Monte’s worried outburst by shoving the door all open and reaching out to pull Monte in. As Monte realizes that Tommy is in the room, he feels his jaw fall down, he just stands there looking from guy to guy looking a little stressed and a bit embarrassed. “Oh” is all he says.

Tommy nods a huge smile plastered all over his face He winks at Monte and echoes “Oh” Monte still don’t quite know what to say but seeing the guys are both okay made him feel a lot better. He sits down on the couch. He clears his throat as he looks at Tommy, “So I guess you guys finally put a label on it, huh?”

Tommy stands up and walks over to Adam. He walks into a warm embrace.

Both guys looks at Monte as Tommy answers the question “Yes Monte we did, this is us being in a real relationship” He smiles as he repeats the words Adam said to him yesterday.

“And I guess you have been here the whole day?” Monte sounds a little angry, worrying about others safety will do that to you, and then you know it wasn’t necessary.

Adam gets that by a blink of an eye, he says to Monte, “I am sorry buddy, we didn’t mean to worry you, we were just in a private bubble here, I guess, we forgot about the world today. Besides I kinda thought you knew. Sutan saw us making out and actually told us to use one of our rooms”

Monte frowned a little. Mumbling something about gossip, and when to do so or not. “Alright guys, I will leave you, to do…… whatever. I will tell everybody you are okay, should I keep this to myself??” he asks as he gets up and walks towards the door. Adam shakes his head.

“You can tell them if you want, if not they will get the picture pretty fast I think” Monte nods, while he opens the door to leave “We have sound check tomorrow at noon, good night boys”

The next day they have to face the world, to get out of the hotel room. When they meet the rest of the band it becomes pretty clear that Monte hasn’t told anybody about the evolvement of their relationship.

They get to the venue, and life takes over. This is all routine; an hour later Tommy excuses himself to go to the bath room. Then he returns. Adam is warming up his voice. The others are playing `Whole Lotta Love´. He sings all kinds of silly things. Some times it isn’t even words that come out, just sounds. But no matter what comes out Adam’s mouth it mesmerises Tommy, he know he should move back into his position and pick up his bass and play. But he can’t move. He can only stare. Adam is beautiful as he gets lost in the music. Adam sees Tommy standing there, the love and need evident in his eyes.

Adam decides to sing a little for Tommy; the tones coming out of Adam’s mouth are beautiful at the least, but the words are setting Tommy’s body on fire. Adam moves slowly towards Tommy as he sings “I need to get laid, I need to get laid”

Tommy feels his knees go weak, and he swallows hard. One of the sound guys asks Adam to keep it cool, and the changes the words to the original lyrics. But suddenly Isaac stops drumming and shouts, “OH MY GOD, I don’t believe it. You guy’s finally got your head out of your asses. I am so happy. But why on earth did it take so long? I swear that must have been the longest fucking foreplay in the history of mankind!!”

Adam smiles at Isaac’s enthusiasm. “I guess you approve in my man of choice, then”

“I do. Hell yeah I do!!” He has left his drums to join the guys, he ruffles Tommy’s hair. Tommy pulls back hissing “Don’t touch the hair man, just spent forever on it, you are killing my look” but laughter is filling his eyes making them copper coloured.

“So that’s why we couldn’t find you guy’s yesterday?  We just thought you were getting sick of us!” He looks at Adam while laughing.

“No of course not, I just spend the day with Tommy” Adam answers as he lock eyes with Tommy, the gaze is filled with love, and the communication between them is heavy with desire.

The band members all have an opinion on the Adam/Tommy relationship. They all approve, they are all happy for them. And they all find it hilarious that it didn’t happen sooner.

Tommy is getting slightly embarrassed, he is not entirely sure he loves the way they all seem to put his life on display. But Adam seems to be joyful so Tommy decides to leave it with that.

When they are done with rehearsal, Adam captures Tommy, wrapping his arms around Tommy’s waist. Whispering in his ear “For the first time ever, I can’t wait for the concert to be over!”

Tommy blush, but kisses Adam cheek “Me too, babyboy”

They are on fire that night, the crowd is amazing and they feed on the energy in the room. Everybody leaves the stage with big grins on their face.

Tommy stretches his body; Adam smirks as he remembers something Tommy once said to him. “Take me to bed or loose me forever” Adam says to Tommy as he leans for a kiss.

Tommy’s raise an eyebrow and the colour of his eyes darkens as he answers. “I can do that Adam, but I kinda thought you wanted to party”

Adam smirks “I do, just want a private party tonight”



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