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The Silence of the Night.

Title: The Silence of the Night.
qafmaniac made this gorgeous banner. Girl is made of awesome!!

Word Count: ~20,000. This chapter: 2,694
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimers: The people you might recognize in here are NOT mine. I'm not making any profit, I'm only doing this for fun. There's no way this ever happened and so on.

Beta: aislinntlc Thank you for all your wonderful help.
Type: Romance with just enough angst to make it good.
A/N: I had some really incredible cheerleaders on this fic!!! I love you all dearly! And I couldn’t have done it without you! So THANK YOU!!!
A candle flickers softly and helps making the sound of the rain drumming against the window cozy. The light from it caresses Tommy’s face on the pillow; shadows and light move together and Adam follows their caress with one of his own. A content smile tugs at the curve of Tommy’s lips as he drifts off to sleep.

Getting up on an elbow with a hand under his cheek Adam gazes at him, and before he can even think about holding it back he whispers, “You’re so beautiful.” Somewhere in Tommy’s subconscious the words must reach him because his nose scrunches a little, like he’s denying Adam’s words just as he would be doing it if he were awake. Adam’s smiles lovingly and because he knows it’s safe, that Tommy is too far into dreamland to really notice he continues.....

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A candle flickers softly and helps making the sound of the rain drumming against the window cozy. The light from it caresses Tommy’s face on the pillow; shadows and light move together and Adam follows their caress with one of his own. A content smile tugs at the curve of Tommy’s lips as he drifts off to sleep.

Getting up on an elbow with a hand under his cheek Adam gazes at him, and before he can even think about holding it back he whispers, “You’re so beautiful.” Somewhere in Tommy’s subconscious the words must reach him because his nose scrunches a little, like he’s denying Adam’s words just as he would be doing it if he were awake. Adam’s smiles lovingly and because he knows it’s safe, that Tommy is too far into dreamland to really notice he continues. “I cannot believe this is real, I’m proud to be the one lying next to you. We fit, you and I… but I guess I knew that the moment our eyes met the first time.” Adam smiles to himself as the memory of the first time he ever met Tommy washes over him.

Tired as hell, Adam gets ready for the next person the label okay’ed to get a callback. A guitar player turned bass player. Huh.

He looks at the photo taken the day before and reads the notes about yesterday’s performance. Apparently this guy is more than good looks.

The door opens and the face matching the one on the photo looks around it. A shy nervous smile combined with a spark of recognition gets sent Monte’s way and Monte beckons him in. “Hi Tommy, welcome back.”

“Thanks for the callback.” Tommy walks over and offers Monte his hand. They shake and Monte turns towards Adam, introducing them.

For a brief moment Tommy looks up and into Adam’s eyes before he extends his hand to Adam. Something shifts in Adam when their eyes meet; a warm and happy feeling ignites in him and he smiles widely back at Tommy. The strength Tommy shows in the handshake surprises Adam, though he knows it shouldn’t, it’s just that Tommy looks kinda small and delicate. Pretty.

The way Tommy plays and the way he talks with Monte makes Adam curious enough to ignore the attraction stirring and focus on why Tommy would be a fit for his new band.

The moment Adam decides Tommy is perfect for this new adventure Adam is entering isn’t clear to him, but it definitely has something to do with the passion in his voice when he speaks of music in that obnoxious but cute valley accent, his two toned hair and the eyeliner, but also the way he animates with his hands whenever he isn’t holding on to his instrument. It’s kind of adorable as if he doesn’t know what to do with his hands when he isn’t strumming a chord. All Adam knows is that there isn’t a snowball’s chance in hell that he’ll ever get bored around Tommy Joe. He just needs to know one thing before offering him the spot as bassist. “Do you have any commitment that’ll keep you here?”

“Are you asking if I have a girlfriend?” Tommy asks, laughter in his eyes as if he sees right though Adam.

“I’m asking if you’ll be homesick and miserable halfway through a tour because someone wants you back home.”

“Oh.” Where there was humor playing in Tommy’s voice before there’s now a contemplating and wondering tone, like he doesn’t really understand Adam’s concern. “She’ll understand; she knows this is my dream. I wouldn’t be in the way of her dream, so why would she get in the way of mine?”

Tommy looks like giving space for one another like that is the most natural thing in the world and Adam knows he’s going to either love or hate him with fierce passion. He also takes notice of the ‘she’ which maybe should have left him with a ‘damnit straight guy,’ but instead made him feel like it is perfect. Getting a crush on an employee, no matter how innocent it would be, wouldn’t be a good idea, and knowing Tommy is straight made the possibility for that to happen so much smaller. Friends however, was perfect and it would explain the instant feeling clicking and knowing one another.

Adam couldn’t fucking wait to get to know Tommy better.

“I was so stupid wasn’t I?” Adam whispers to the sleeping Tommy. “Thinking I could get away with that. You give me the best of you; you have from the moment we met. You didn’t even blink when I asked you to go with me to an art gallery, so I wouldn’t have to face my ex alone, or to a Gaga concert with some of my friends. Actually I had a fight with Danielle that night, about you.”

“You’ve got to stop that Adam!”

Adam didn’t feel like he had to defend his wishes about bringing Tommy to the concert or why he felt like spending so much time around Tommy, so he tried to act like he didn’t have the slightest idea what Danielle was talking about. “Stop what?”

“Developing crushes on straight boys. You’ll end up sobbing on my couch if you keep spending so much time with him.”

Adam sighed, heartfelt and long. “He’s in my band. We’re going to spend an enormous amount of time together when we start touring; if we can’t hang out now what the hell do you think that’s going to be like? Besides, he’s a really cool guy and we’re friends Dani, friends. Just wait until you meet him.”

Shaking her head in a hopeless way she went on, “You’ve got stars in your eyes when you talk about him, Adam. That’s not friendship, that’s a crush.”

“Argh, I’m not going to justify this to you, you’ll see why. He’s not like anyone else, I swear.”

“The funny thing about that fight? She was right and I already knew it, I just didn’t want to admit it, but then Delmy dropped you off at my place and I recognized the jealousy when she kissed you goodbye and wished you a good night.” Adam brushes a thumb along the seam of Tommy’s lips lingering on the cupid’s bow. Dreamily whispering, he continues, “But that was also the first time you kissed me hello, like the most natural thing in the world.”

Tommy is leaning in for a goodbye kiss before getting out of the car. Adam can’t look away from that and even less from the hand that sneaks up into Tommy’s hair, keeping him close as the kiss deepens. The small possessive gesture isn’t meant for Adam. It isn’t meant for anyone but Tommy, but it still feels much like a ‘hands off my guy’ and as Adam feels the pang of jealousy, he knows he should take that to heart. But then Tommy glides out of the car, waving at Delmy as she drives off, and turns towards Adam.

With a big happy smile plastered all over his face he walks right up to Adam and presses a quick chaste kiss to his mouth. “Hi Adam, are you ready for Gaga?”

Before Adam has a chance to answer or even recover, Tommy reaches out his hand to greet Danielle. “Hi, I’m Tommy. It’s nice to finally meet you. Adam won’t shut up about how wonderful you are.”

Adam brings up his fingers to touch his lips. Tommy is the first straight boy to ever kiss him hello like that, it shouldn’t make him feel this shaken but it does. Just seconds ago he was being jealous he wasn’t the one kissing Tommy and now his lips are tingling because of a light brush of lips. The moment he realizes what he’s doing he drops his hand and tries to pay attention to Danielle. He’s actually a little scared she saw his reaction because he really doesn’t want another argument with her; thankfully Danielle is caught up in the conversation with Tommy.

 “Oh that goes both ways, I keep hearing about the wonders of Tommy Joe.”

“Well don’t believe a word of that. If you want the real deal you should have asked Delmy; if anyone knows my flaws it would be her.”

In a fake mocking tone Danielle asks wide eyed, “Are you telling me you’re not a straight boy that wears make up because he likes it or a self-taught gifted musician? Or the real shocker… not really a Libra and therefore no longer the perfect match for say an Aquarius?”

She covers her mouth playfully like she wasn’t supposed to say that and Tommy laughs. “I guess there was some truth in there, I’ll let you decide what you think is real.”

Tommy doesn’t move except for the rise and fall of his chest and Adam presses a soft kiss to his lips; they mold to the pressure of Adam’s and a small sound of pleasure pours from Tommy. Drawing back, Adam continues his whispering monologue. “The real wonder of you, Tommy Joe, is how you always make me want to give the best of me too. Not just to you, but you push me in ways no one ever has before. It’s like whenever I ask or sometimes even take something from you, it’s just fine with you, and somehow it makes me want to offer the same. The AMA’s was like that.”

Adam brushes a bit of hair away from Tommy’s face, letting it fan out on the pillow instead, as his mind wanders to that night.

They’re stomping down the stairs heading for the dressing room. Adam reaches out and gets a hold of Tommy’s shoulder. “Listen Tommy, I’m so sorry I-”

He gets a wide grin in return. “Don’t worry man, it was rad. Rock n’ roll is a prostitute and all that.”

Adam shakes his head. “But I should have-”

Tommy stops in his tracks, spins around and ends up with his palms on Adam’s chest, running them up and around the shoulders before surging up to smack a kiss on a cheek. “I gave you permission. Let it go.”

Adam wants to make sure he didn’t fuck things up for Tommy; he wouldn’t forgive himself for that. “But won’t Delmy-”

Tommy shrugs. “If that’s all it takes babyboy then she isn’t worth it, is she? But I doubt she’ll think it’s a problem. It’s cool.”

“And then shit hit the fan, I knew already after the first interview that I created a terrible mess. Gods I was so scared, but then you just kinda showed up at my doorstep demanding to be let in. I think that’s where I knew that you are the concept of loyalty.”

The insistent knocking on the door is followed by a, “Let me in Adam.”

Adam groans and buries his head further into the pillow; he doesn’t want company, not even Tommy’s or should he say especially not Tommy’s, since he’s the one who got Adam’s tongue shoved down his throat.

Another rapid knock on the door is a sign that Tommy isn’t leaving. “Open the fucking door before I make a goddamn scene big enough for them to forget about that kiss. Adam! I know you’re in there. I asked Lane.”

Hating Lane and embarrassed out of his mind, not to mention devastated by the thought of possibly ruining the opportunity he fought so hard to get, Adam gets off the bed to open the door.

The second the door is open Tommy is in the room. “About time! Come here!”

Tommy launches himself onto Adam, wraps him in a tight hug and doesn’t let go for a long time. They just stand there holding on to each other. Until Adam finally says in a tiny broken voice, “I fucked up, we’ve got cancelations, it was too much.”

Talking into Adam’s neck so his voice comes out all mumbled, Tommy tries to comfort him. “Yeah I heard. But fuck that Adam. You’ll show them later.”

“But what if I don’t get the chance? What if-”

Tommy snorts. “What if you suck it up right now? And face them with a proud attitude? Only one person gets to be pissed about this and since he’s pretty much clinging to you now, it’s obvious he isn’t. Tell them it’s double standards or some shit. Make Lane work for her money and then worry a bit more about getting that song to sound better.”

Adam pulls back, searching Tommy’s face. “What do you mean?”

Tommy releases his hold on Adam but takes his hand, leading him to the bed and pushes until Adam sits down on the edge of it. “That you were nervous, that is to be expected but…..  you can do so much better than you did tonight. I know, I’ve heard it hundreds of times. They already love you for that amazing voice; they’ll keep doing that if that’s where you keep your focus.”

“I really sucked all the way around, didn’t I?” Adam puts his face in his palms, hiding. The mattress dips when Tommy sits down beside him.

“No, but you can do better.”

“Right now I’m just terrified I threw it all away.”

Tommy bumps his shoulder against Adam’s, making him look up. “Hmpf,” Tommy says, and with pure conviction he continues, “Of course you didn’t. The music industry is about money and your voice? Your voice is the golden egg.”

“You have too much faith in me.”

Shaking his head violently Tommy says, “I have just enough. Come on, let’s get you into bed so you can face those ignorant fuckers well rested and ready tomorrow.” And then he reaches past Adam to get the bedspread off.

”I can’t. I can’t sleep.” Adam knows he sounds just as tired as he feels but his mind is spinning when he’s alone. Tommy seems to know that’s the case, though.

“I’ll stay until you sleep, be your teddy bear.”

“Tommy. It’s very sweet of you but I don’t think it’s a good idea.”

“I’ll sneak out later, don’t worry so much.”

Tommy gets off the bed to haul the bedspread all the way off, and when Adam realizes he’s in the way he does the same. Tommy flips the duvet aside right away and gestures for Adam to sit down again. Adam does as told without a thought to it, his mind elsewhere occupied. “If they find out-”

“Then what?” Tommy asks as he toes off his shoes and then moves on to removing his hoodie.

Adam follows his every movement without really seeing them at all. “You’ll be labeled as my fuck of the night.”

“I don’t care Adam.” Tommy crouches down in front of Adam and takes his hands. “I care about you.”

Adam’s mind is still stuck on worst case scenario, it’s like he can’t find one single positive thing to hold on to. “Hmm and what will your folks say? If it gets into the tabloids that you stayed the night?”

Tommy laughs softly, thinks for a second or two before answering. “They’ll ask me if it’s true. If I told them it was they’d deal. They’d have to wouldn’t they? But since this is all very hypothetical why are we even talking about it?”

“I don’t want you to get trapped in the middle of this.”

“Guess what? I already am, and I don’t give a flying fuck. I kinda love that I’m a part of it. Up!” Tommy pets Adam’s calves to make him hoist them up into bed. Once Adam is in bed Tommy crawls in there too, snuggling close with his head on Adam’s chest and an arm around his waist.

“You really are a good friend,” Adam sighs, feeling somewhat relaxed for the first time in hours and he brings his arm around Tommy’s small frame.

Tommy kisses him softly just under the line of his jaw. “Takes one to know one. Good night Adam.”

 Adam reaches out and turns off the lamp by the bed before whispering. “Night Tommy.”

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