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A Primal Right.

A Primal Right.
Author: lovenhardt1

Word Count: ~58.000. This chapter 2.103
Pairing: Adam/Tommy (Werewolf).
Warnings: Sexual content, minor character death.
Rating: NC17
Disclaimers: The people you might recognize in here are NOT mine. I'm not making any profit, I'm only doing this for fun. There is no way this ever happened and so on. Oh…. And werewolves don’t exist either…. Sowry.

Beta:thrace_adams. Thank you sweetie for all your help, I love you so much for it! All your hard work made mine shine.
Type: Werewolf AU. Romance with just enough angst to make it good.
A/N: This fic is written for my dear friend dkymekare because she loves wolves above.

I had some really incredible cheerleaders on this fic!!! I love you all dearly! And I couldn’t have done it without you! So THANK YOU!!!

Please do not link/copy/share/whatever this anywhere. Thank you.

Summary: You know that feeling of being in control? Of knowing what happens next? You’ve got it all worked out, knows it’ll be hard work but worth it. You’re so focused on carefully laid plans that you kinda forgot about you…. but then something or someone comes along and changes everything. Suddenly you’re not even in charge of your own heart anymore. Yeah. That’s what happened to me.

Sit down and let me tell you a story… you might want to put your legs up and get comfortable, we’ll be here for a while.

It all began a day I was letting my wolf have some fun in the woods…

Seven years later.

Rose was clutching the flowers in her hand staring at the headstone of her mother’s grave and I put an arm around her shoulder.  She leaned in and looked up at me briefly.  The first couple of years we did this at least once a month, sometimes once a day depending on Rose. But lately her need to be here had changed and we only came maybe three or four times a year now.

“Does it ever go away? This feeling of loss.” She whispered.

“No, it doesn’t and it shouldn’t. When we lose a loved one we lose a part of ourselves, our heart get a wound, time heals that wound but there will always be a scar. We go on and live our life, experience happiness, joy, as we should, but the scar remains reminding us of the love we shared with someone we lost and keeping them close in our memory.”

She nodded and the thoughtful look in her eyes said she understood. “It’s always worse when I visit her.”

“Yeah, I know pumpkin.”

“I think it’s because I don’t really remember her anymore.” 

My heart ached at her words and the sorrow-filled tone of her voice.

“You were two years old when she died, so that’s natural, but she’s still here.” I let my hand glide down her little chest and rested it above her heart. “Because she loved you, and you loved her. And whenever you want to know anything about her all you need to do ask us. We’ll answer you to the best of our knowledge.”

“I asked Adam how she died.” She looked up, testing if it was a safe topic. We never hid anything from her, we answered her questions as they came, figuring that when she was ready to ask, she was ready to know.  So her worrying was more about the sensitive soul she was. Just like Jillian she was amazing at reading emotions and situations and she knew this talk could make me sad. Seven years later and I still couldn’t let go of the guilt, no matter how hard I tried. Adam had, with the same insight as Rose, told me about their conversation a couple of days ago, so I was prepared for this.

“He told me she died defending you and Brad, that she gave her life so the wolves could live in freedom and democracy. That she was strong and fierce and loyal. That she did great things.”

“All true, but when has Adam ever lied to you? And telling you, you got a pony for your birthday wasn’t lying; it was keeping a stubborn kid from being too nosy.”

She laughed bubbly and joyful and it was one of the most perfect sounds ever created, but I was probably a bit biased.

“Yeah, I kept looking outside instead of searching the fucking house.”

“Language, young lady. Watch it.” I kissed her hair and cursed myself; her language was my fault, no doubt.

She rolled her eyes but nodded, too. She looked at the flowers and arranged them a little before laying them down. With a little sigh she straightened up and I couldn’t fight the urge to ruffle her hair.

“See you mom.” She whispered to the silent stone. I cleared my throat trying to get rid of the lump so I could speak. “But pumpkin, do you know what was her greatest achievement?”


“She did give her life fighting for mine and Brad’s lives. She was brave and loyal and fierce. And the day she died changed our history. I mean, Adam became the youngest member of the council, ever, after that day.  But the biggest and most precious thing she ever gave to the world was you. She was someone you could be proud of and you should be, but so are you. And we’re so proud of who you are and what you work on being every day. I love you so much.”

“I love you too.” She looked at me with so much love that it overwhelmed me. I got that look from her daily and from Adam too maybe even more so, but somehow it still took my breath away, every time.

She put her little hand in mine and we headed back toward home. For a while we walked in silence, I could feel she had something else on her mind and I waited patiently for her to spill it.



“Can you really die from a broken heart?”

Judging from her tone this was a dead serious question and it threw me completely off guard. “What?  Why do you ask that?”

“I heard Brad say it to Trent. I wasn’t eavesdropping I promise, but last night while I was trying to fall asleep, they were talking about it right under my window and I couldn’t help but hear.”

I wondered if Brad and Trent were having some kind of quarrel that I hadn’t noticed. “Were they arguing?”


She avoided looking at me and played with a lock of her hair, which was a sure way of knowing that something was really bothering her. I put a hand on her shoulder and made her stop walking, she was still avoiding my gaze and I frowned. “Rose, what is it that you’re really worried about?”

“Losing you and Adam.”

“Losing? But why? What the hell did Brad say?” I could feel anger pooling in my stomach, Brad was in trouble when I got back home, scaring my little girl like that.

“That when Adam has to go to England next week with the council, you’ll be so brokenhearted that it’ll kill you.”

“Oh.” Pure relief made me huff out a little laughter. “Pumpkin, what he meant was that I’ll miss Adam terribly much and be sad that he’s away. Not that I’ll actually die.”

She nodded. “But Trent said that Brad wasn’t allowed to make such jokes because he was sure there never was a stronger bond than yours. That Adam and you are really special and that he felt certain that when one of you did die the other would follow soon because of a broken heart.”

For a moment I didn’t know what to say to her. I already knew our pack and the rest of the Were-community thought Adam and I were more than the average mated pair. Maybe they were right, what did I know? I just loved him with my entire being. And to be honest we had talked about what would have happened if one of us had died that horrible day seven years ago and we both felt like there would have been nothing left to live for if the other one were gone. I swallowed. I wasn’t about to share that with her.


“I’m not- I don’t know what to say. Um, my mom and dad mated, like Adam and me. But she didn’t die from a broken heart, Rose.  She’s still here.  So-”

“But are you and Adam special? I know he has never left without you before.”

“I dunno honey. And you’re right, next week will be the first time he’ll leave without us. See? He never leaves without you either, he loves you too much.”

“I’m not worried that you and Adam don’t love me. I know you do. I’m scared to be left behind….again.”

There are days like this one, where my hatred against Darren flares in me. I love my little girl, but she should never have known this feeling, should never have to be scared of losing her loved ones. On days like these I question his right to live on and I hate him for making me feel that way. I shook it off and focused on Rose.

“I’m not dying, Adam’s not dying, but if we were, then you would never be left behind. You got a pack of seventy wolves loving you. You’ll never be alone.”

She looked up at me, still reading my every emotion and I began to think that maybe I wouldn’t appreciate the next question that came out of her mouth.

“I….. when Adam told me about that day,” she went quiet for a while obviously searching for her words while studying me, “he told me that you were worried and your wolf knew something was wrong. Almost but not really like a psychic.”

“Yeah?” I asked carefully.

I was surprised Adam had told her about that. We had never really talked about my wolf’s ability to sense danger. Not that Adam hadn’t tried to, but I kept shying away from the subject. I mean what’s the use of feeling or knowing something bad is gonna happen if it doesn’t mean you get to decide the outcome?  Jillian didn’t benefit from it did she?

“Do you feel-”

“No, I’m not worried pumpkin.” That wasn’t the actual truth; our council was meeting up with two European ones to discuss some renegade wolves, which could be really dangerous if they weren’t dealt with. But I didn’t feel an imminent threat to Adam’s life.

“But why can’t we go with him then?”

“Grown up reasons pumpkin. I assure you that I won’t die from a broken heart while he’s gone. I might sulk and be moody as hell, but then you probably will be too, just because we’ll miss him.”

“I already miss him.” She said with a smile.

“Me too, let’s go home and find him.”

Crossing the meadow to my childhood home, with my kid by my side and knowing it was her home as well always made me feel good and safe and loved. But walking straight into Adam’s arms, and being hugged like he doesn't know how to survive without me can't compare to anything else in this world.

“God she is growing up too fast.” I mumbled into his chest. “I can’t stand it; I want to keep her as a child forever.” I looked up at him and bright blue eyes gazed back at me. “Make that happen.” I demanded.

Adam laughed softly and pressed a kiss to my forehead. “I might make your world spin baby, but not even I can do that.”

“Then take us with you when you go.  Please?” 

I knew I was playing dirty pool, and it might not kill me to be alone for four days, but I sure didn’t want to spend them without him either. And you can’t blame a guy from trying right?

A smaller body pressed its way in between us, and Adam lifted Rose up, she was getting too big for that, she really was but I guess Adam wasn’t ready to let her grow up so fast either. She threw her arms around his neck and clung to him like a spider-monkey. “Yes Daddy, take us with you, we love you and need you and we’ll be moody and sulky if you go without us.”

Adam raised an eyebrow at me above her head and I shrugged.

Adam gulped down a heavy breath, getting ready to argue this with me once again. “But we agreed-”

Rose cut him off.  “But we always go with you and I know it isn’t like when Dad plays the guitar and you sing. But I can totally look after Dad while you’re working. Please, please, please.”

I could see Adam wavering and I gave him my best wounded puppy eyes. “Please?” I asked and wrapped my arms around both of them.

Adam’s face went soft and he kissed Rose on her cheek before I got a small peck too. “How am I supposed to-”

“YAY.”  Rose yelled in delight and victory.

“I didn’t say yes.” Adam began.

“But you’re gonna ‘cause you can’t say no to Dad. And then he won't die from a broken heart.” Her laughter filled the air and I knew she didn’t mean it the way she did earlier, but Adam sent me a look of confusion.

What was that about? He asked.

I smiled and ruffled Rose’s hair when Adam set her down on the floor. “I’ll tell you later, so can we come?”

“Yeah, we’ll make it happen somehow.”

Rose sent me a million dollar smile and winked. Her face scrunched up in the most adorable way.

“I’m gonna tell Dia and you can kiss Daddy silly like you always do.”

And with that she ran off, I looked up at Adam and a slow sexy smile spread across his face. “So about that kiss?”

I surged up and began my mission of kissing him silly.

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