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A Primal Right.

A Primal Right.
Author: lovenhardt1

Word Count: ~58.000. This chapter 3.406
Pairing: Adam/Tommy (Werewolf).
Warnings: Sexual content, minor character death.
Rating: NC17
Disclaimers: The people you might recognize in here are NOT mine. I'm not making any profit, I'm only doing this for fun. There is no way this ever happened and so on. Oh…. And werewolves don’t exist either…. Sowry.

Beta:thrace_adams. Thank you sweetie for all your help, I love you so much for it! All your hard work made mine shine.
Type: Werewolf AU. Romance with just enough angst to make it good.
A/N: This fic is written for my dear friend dkymekare because she loves wolves above.

I had some really incredible cheerleaders on this fic!!! I love you all dearly! And I couldn’t have done it without you! So THANK YOU!!!

Please do not link/copy/share/whatever this anywhere. Thank you.

Summary: You know that feeling of being in control? Of knowing what happens next? You’ve got it all worked out, knows it’ll be hard work but worth it. You’re so focused on carefully laid plans that you kinda forgot about you…. but then something or someone comes along and changes everything. Suddenly you’re not even in charge of your own heart anymore. Yeah. That’s what happened to me.

Sit down and let me tell you a story… you might want to put your legs up and get comfortable, we’ll be here for a while.

It all began a day I was letting my wolf have some fun in the woods…

Mom? Nothing. Snout to the ground I began methodically searching the area. After what was probably only a few minutes but felt more like hours, I found her in a badly disguised little cave, lying beaten and bloody.  She was very weak, but alive.

Mom? I licked her cheek and pushed hard at her mind. I got a fragile response.

Tommy, please get out of here.

What?  No, I’m gonna change and get you out of here, we need to get you to a hospital.

Darren, her voice faded and she drifted off to unconsciousness.

My tears fell silently as I changed to lift her broken body off the ground and made my way back to my clothes. I followed Jillian and Brad’s scents back to the road. Mom drifted in and out of consciousness and each time my heart broke into a million pieces.  Maybe that’s why I didn’t hear anything before it was too late. I felt a sharp pain crushing me before it all went black.

When I came too I could see Mom lying just out of reach. The blood I could see on her that had seemed sticky before had dried a bit and grown dark. I tried to move my hands to examine her wound but I couldn’t, they were bound behind my back.  I had no idea how long I had been unconscious but there was a horrific pain in the back of my head that kept sending flashes of light behind my eyelids with each beat of my heart. I desperately wanted to shift but with my hands tied behind my back I wasn’t able to.  It would dislocate my shoulders and leave me even more defenseless than I was now.

I heard someone cry in the distance and I tried to identify the voices, but it was hard with the throbbing pain in my head. I squirmed around enough to be able to look the other way and found Brad sitting in a kneeling position with his hands tied up like mine. Bruises were darkening his pretty face and his lower lip was bleeding. I groaned and looked for Jillian, but couldn’t see her anywhere. What I did see was lots and lots of wolves, most of them loved ones from my pack but many of them I had never seen before, and I knew that today was the day our pack would rise or fall.

Once again I searched the faces of the wolves around me for Jillian’s features. My eyes landed on Adam’s huge and gorgeous wolf, which was standing close to me but not close enough for me to feel safe. His eyes were nowhere near the kind ones that I'd seen the day before. A wrath was boiling in them and my stomach lurched when I asked him without really caring about who heard me, Jillian?

Darren’s hard and humorless laughter broke the air around me, his voice mocking and cruel when he answered. “Dead. Died defending you and your boyfriend's former boytoy.”

Rage, pure and dangerous flared in me and for the first time in my life I knew what it felt like to hate. And I couldn’t do a damn thing, bound and helpless on the ground.

Another wave of crying washed over me and I recognized the voices immediately this time, it was Rose and Sasha. My heart shattered knowing that I had been the one asking for Jillian’s help. I was responsible for giving Darren's pack the opportunity to take Rose's mother away from her. I didn’t even try to hold back the growl that rumbled out of my chest.

Baby, are you okay? Adam asked, voice filled with love and concern.


Darren sniffed my neck and a chill of disgust and fear ran through me. Adam’s sneer didn’t help me much when he wasn’t holding me safe.

You didn’t claim your mate. That was dumb. I could take him now, easily. I just need to sink my teeth into that fine neck of his and he’ll have to go with me. That would make it pretty hard to run a pack wouldn’t it?  Being worried about what I might do to your mate.

Adam growled low and deep and despite what he showed the rest of the world, I felt his terror in my core.

It’s okay Adam, it’s okay. I’ll be fine. He won’t really hurt me; he’s too scared of what the consequences would be if he did. The rest of the council would never approve of that.

Get your hands off him or- Adam did nothing to restrain his fury and I saw that most of the wolves ducked their heads and tucked their tails up to their bellies. Darren didn’t seem to notice though.

Or what? You’re not even Alpha yet, you have what three days of being a Beta and you think you can take me on? How stupid are you?

Stupid enough and you just made me an Alpha. The second you wounded Dia, you put it in play.

She’s not dead, he paused and looked indifferent at my Mother, yet.

I whimpered, my Mother was only a few feet from me and there was no way I could get to her. And if that wasn’t enough Darren ran his snout along my neck again.

No, but she’s not capable of speaking her will either and the wolves, my pack and Mia’s, will fight for Tommy any day. Adam deliberately looked away from me and let his eyes rake thought the count of wolves. Before glaring hotly at Darren.

And it seems you’re out numbered if we count heads

I really didn’t want Adam throwing himself into a fight with Darren. Adam was bigger, stronger and younger, but Darren was crafty and had experience on his side, forty years' worth, and on top of that he didn’t appear to feel threatened by Adam, at all.

I have no idea if that's why the thought popped into my head or not but I had to put it out there for Adam.  Ask them Adam. Ask all the wolves one by one if they want to follow your leadership. But save Mia for last.

Adam ignored me but Trent took a step forward. What are you talking about Tommy?

Adam! God damnit!  Ask them, remember when I said I had the feeling it could be epic? Ask them please and avoid all this. Don’t be the kind of Alpha that he is. Don’t make me regret turning you.

Adam shot me a glance and took one threatening step closer to Darren, who growled behind me. The tension in the air was so thick you could cut it with a knife. Suddenly Darren leapt over me and was almost muzzle to muzzle with Adam. Adam didn’t budge an inch though and they circled each other the exact same way Mia and I had circled the bear only two weeks ago.

Darren sneered and my heart sank when Adam surged forward to attack. Loud snaps of teeth clashing and deep growls filled the air as dust and fur flew around us. Each time I heard a low whimper my heart stopped until I knew Adam was okay. I closed my eyes tightly; I couldn’t watch, terrified of the outcome if Darren won. Not just for the safety for Adam, even though it was the first thing on my mind but for the future of my pack. Mia’s was safe so far because she had stayed out of this. I briefly wondered how the hell Adam had managed to make that happen.

Then I felt hands on my back and heard Trent’s low voice. “Let’s get these off you. Are you okay, Tommy?”

“Yeah, I’m fine.  I can’t believe he wouldn’t listen to me.” We both turned to Brad and worked together to release him from his ropes. He immediately fell into Trent’s arms and Trent wrapped him up in a grateful embrace. I ran over to my Mother and knelt beside her. I checked her pulse and it was weak but steady. I felt like a complete asshole for my happiness about it when I could hear Rose's grief-filled wails at the same time. Trent and Brad had followed me and I looked up at Trent. “Did I make a horrible mistake putting him in charge of this pack? Is he too much Alpha?”

Trent looked at the battle going on. “No, you didn’t. He’s magnificent, look at him, he’s a natural.” 

I shook my head; I wasn’t going to watch if I could avoid it. The angry and forceful sounds coming from the fight were cruel enough and my heart was overworking itself in my chest.

Without taking his eyes off Adam and Darren, Trent asked, “Why did you want him to ask-”

“You left, and you could have joined any other pack, right? An Alpha needs to win the pack if he wants to take it from someone else. Then the pack is a casualty of war. But we are always allowed to leave a pack and join another one by one. That law was made for wolves like you and me. You know with unrequited love.”

I felt like a bastard bringing it up but on the other hand Trent did find his mate today and I wasn’t really an issue any longer.  “And if all the wolves in Mom’s and Mia’s pack join Adam..”

“Then they won’t have one and is free to join one themselves!” 

I nodded slowly; the pain in my head was still pretty brutal and the movement made me wince.

A victorious howl ripped the air and I whipped my head around so fast I got dizzy with it. On the ground, underneath Adam with his throat bared in surrender, was Darren. Adam stood over him, wounded and bloody but nothing life threatening. His head was thrown back and he let out another howl. I let out a relieved breath I hadn't even realized I'd been holding. If I hadn't been kneeling already my knees would have buckled in relief.

Adam stayed right where he was and by doing that, he forced Darren to do the same. Darren's humiliation was complete and Adam could have ended it there, but he didn’t. I don’t know if he had been listening to the conversation between Trent and myself or if he just trusted my first words on the subject, I’ll probably never know, we never brought it up afterwards. But Adam asked each of the wolves in our pack one by one if they wanted to join him in a pack, ending it with Trent, who answered with a loud and clear, “It would be my honor, Adam.”

He stood in his human form and naked among three packs of wolves and in front of three other humans. It should perhaps have been a little mock worthy but instead it brought tears to my eyes. Adam’s gaze softened as well and I didn’t have to be bonded with him to know he was feeling equally as emotional.

Then Adam asked Mia’s pack-members the same question and one after the other they said yes. Finally only Rose and Sasha, the two Alpha’s and I remained. Once we gave our consent the pack would be formed and Darren would never be able to get the rest of the council go against it.

A little satisfied grunt came from Darren. You can’t get what you want, Adam. My pack is yours but Mia’s? No. You need the parent of Rose to speak for her. He paused, letting that sink in before he continued. You didn’t think I anticipated this scenario? Why do you think Jillian needed to die?

Adam’s strong jaws closed around Darren’s throat and put just enough pressure on it to make it difficult for Darren to breathe, not enough to kill him though.

We just need Rose out here. She‘ll pick her guardian, that’s what the old scriptures says. She’s a child of war and whoever she turns to is obligated to care for her wellbeing until she turns eighteen.  Just like a parent.  Mike’s voice echoed through the crowd of wolves, stern and loud and carrying all the weight in the world.

Sasha heard it from inside the house and came out with Rose on her hip, holding her close. Adam let go of Darren to ask Sasha if she wanted to join him. He got the answer we all knew he would and Sasha put Rose down and stepped back.

Time stopped as we all watched her look around the crowd for the face she would never find again. She started crying, the sound of it heartbreaking in its grief, until my own tears started slipping down my cheeks.

I wanted so badly to go to her but I couldn’t. She called out for her mom, and I hated our stupid laws for putting her through this kind of torture. When she got no response she turned to Sasha and asked, “Tommy?” I couldn’t swallow over the lump in my throat when Sasha pointed to me; I took a step forward, to hell with the rules and laws. Rose ran over to me and demanded to be taken up. The moment she was in my arms she said in a tiny voice, “My Tommy.”

I kissed her forehead and whispered, “Yeah pumpkin, I’m yours.” She rested her head against my chest as a sob made her little body tremble. I looked at Adam and said. “You just won yourself a package solution.”

That works for me. He said, voice and gaze soft with love. 

Mia walked over to stand by Adam and without letting go of Darren, he nuzzled her face in an affectionate wolf greeting. You wanna lead this pack with me? Half of the responsibility and half of the joys?

Mia looked at Mike before answering. Yeah I’d like that.

We all knew what this meant; we were one big pack now. Mom would join us the second she got better and our pack was large enough to finally make a difference. There was no way the council could ignore a pack of this size. The relief in the air was palpable.

Adam raised his head and looked at the wolves in Darren’s old pack. I have no desire to force anything on any of you. You are all free to form your own packs if you want or you are free to join us, if that’s what you want. I realize that perhaps only about half of your pack is actually here, so don’t make your decisions today but give it some thought. Right now I would prefer some time with the wolves I already know and care for.  And we need time to arrange for the burial of one of our own. I hope you’ll understand and excuse us.

Adam turned his attention to Darren. It seems I have it all now, except your place on the council. But I’m pretty sure that will be mine too, seeing as how I'm now in charge of probably the largest pack around and you don't seem to have one at all. Had you not been greedy and arrogant none of this would have happened. I leave you to find a pack that will have you in it. It won’t be this one, and Darren, don’t ever try to challenge me again, because next time you won't survive it.

Adam moved away from Darren, who quickly got on all fours and took off into the woods. I walked over to Adam with Rose securely in my arms and I ran a hand over his head and scratched behind his ear. I saw Trent lift up my Mom and he and Brad walked up to our house together.

Mates huh? Adam asked as he looked after them.

“Yeah, um, where’s Jillian’s body?  I need to bury her before the full moon rises.”

I didn’t mean to sound bitchy, but Adam knew that, knew my pain, he felt it just as much as his own, so I didn’t apologize.

Yeah, let me change back and get dressed. Then I’ll take you to her. We’ll bury her together.

That day and night didn’t go at all how I expected it to. Adam, Mia and I buried Jillian at the edge of the forest before the moon rose. Because of the same moon Mom couldn’t go to the hospital, but in the end that's probably what saved her life. Her wolf’s magic pulled her through it and healed her wounds during the night.

Adam ran in the woods with the other wolves, as their new Alpha he had to. They were howling out their sorrow to the moon as I stayed home curled around a little scared pup in my bed, and Brad’s comforting hands soothing the both of us with strong fingers carding through our fur. When he wasn’t doing that then he was checking up on Mom. I was truly grateful for his silent company that night; it would have been much harder without him. I think I owe him a part of my sanity.

At the break of dawn Adam came home, still in his wolf form, and collapsed next to us. Brad left us quietly and I have no doubt that he spent the rest of the early hours with Trent. I tried to sleep but my mind kept re-playing the day and wouldn’t let me. A couple of hours later Allison came in freshly washed and in pajamas and a t-shirt. She lifted Rose, still sleeping and back in her human form, out of my arms.

“You need to sleep Tommy, I’ll bring her back in a few hours.”

“If she asks for me-”

“Then I’ll tell her you're sleeping and that you’ll find her when you wake up.”

“She might not understand that though, she thought Jillian was coming for her too. If she gets sad or asks for me then I want you to bring her back. Promise me.”

“Sure. It’s a promise. Now sleep.”

I expected Adam to sleep through the day, but the second the door clicked shut behind the girls he opened his eyes and stared at me.

“Hi Daddy.” He whispered and brushed his lips softly over mine.  Slow and steady with a firm hand, he pulled at me until I was cuddled as closely as possible to his body.

“Morning. I know it’s a lot to take on Adam, but-”

“I wouldn’t want it any other way, except for Jillian to still be with us. We’ll do our best to make her proud, baby.”

He kissed me deep and tender but under it I could feel his burning need to own me and my wolf responded in the only way it could. It didn’t matter that we both were too exhausted to act on the lazy arousal that was present as well. When the kiss ended I bared my neck and even I could hear how broken my voice sounded when I begged him to claim me.

“But I wanted it to be romantic and while we made love, not while I was tired to the bone and aching after my first, and might I say, very hard twenty-four hours spent in wolf-form. We can wait, and make it special.” Adam argued halfheartedly.

“We just became parents, how much more special do you need it to be? And I need it, after yesterday, I really need it. Take the last thing that's mine to give, please Adam.”

We shared a look before Adam said, “I’m never going to be able to say no to you am I?”

God, I hoped not because how would we ever be equal if he could when I couldn’t?

Adam leaned in and bit down. A pleasurable pain shot through me when he broke my skin and lapped at the blood. My world became complete. Nothing more and nothing less. Adam licked the wound to close it and we both sighed in contentment.

“I love you. And I love that my scent is stronger on you already,” Adam whispered before finally falling asleep.

I ran my fingers over his beautiful face, touched every feature and freckle on it. “I love you too,” I whispered, feeling at peace for the first time in days.

chapter 19

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