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A Primal Right.

A Primal Right.
Author: lovenhardt1

Word Count: ~58.000. This chapter 2.800
Pairing: Adam/Tommy (Werewolf).
Warnings: Sexual content, minor character death.
Rating: NC17
Disclaimers: The people you might recognize in here are NOT mine. I'm not making any profit, I'm only doing this for fun. There is no way this ever happened and so on. Oh…. And werewolves don’t exist either…. Sowry.

Beta:thrace_adams. Thank you sweetie for all your help, I love you so much for it! All your hard work made mine shine.
Type: Werewolf AU. Romance with just enough angst to make it good.
A/N: This fic is written for my dear friend dkymekare because she loves wolves above.

I had some really incredible cheerleaders on this fic!!! I love you all dearly! And I couldn’t have done it without you! So THANK YOU!!!

Please do not link/copy/share/whatever this anywhere. Thank you.

Summary: You know that feeling of being in control? Of knowing what happens next? You’ve got it all worked out, knows it’ll be hard work but worth it. You’re so focused on carefully laid plans that you kinda forgot about you…. but then something or someone comes along and changes everything. Suddenly you’re not even in charge of your own heart anymore. Yeah. That’s what happened to me.

Sit down and let me tell you a story… you might want to put your legs up and get comfortable, we’ll be here for a while.

It all began a day I was letting my wolf have some fun in the woods…

Full moon. I’ll never forget that full moon or that day. A lot happened that day and night. Too much and not enough.

I woke up to the sound of a phone buzzing and the knowledge that sometime today Adam would claim me.  It made me feel all warm inside. Adam groaned and rolled out of bed to answer his phone with a snarl. “It better be good Brad. I was cuddling the love of my life.”

My ears perked up at the sound of Brad's name. Adam brought it up often and from what I had been told, Brad was his best friend, from whom he had no secrets from, and ex-boyfriend. I knew my immediate jealousy was so out of place that it was plain stupid, so I did my best to bury it and I really didn’t mean to listen to the conversation but with wolf ears it was kinda hard not to.

“That’s how you greet me?” Brad’s voice filtered out to me, it was filled with laughter, rich and round.

“Sorry babe, but Tommy was all snuggled up against me, and the things that does to me.” Adam's voice was much softer when answering this time around. He looked over at me and made an apologetic little shrug and I offered him a smile in return.

“Yeah, I know how you feel about him. But listen I just learned that tonight is a full moon!”

“Yeah?” Adam had a careful edge in his voice, like he had no idea where this was going and I remembered Adam once saying something about Brad being very impulsive and sometimes a force of nature when he put his mind to it.

“Are you safe out there tonight? And I do not mean in a ‘should I bring you rubbers’ kind of way!”

“Brad!” it was a clear warning but apparently didn’t stop Brad. I turned so I was on my back looking up at the ceiling trying to tune out their conversation and failed miserably.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean, oh fuck it!  Can I meet him? Today?”

I felt Adam’s gaze on me, but didn’t turn to meet it.

“Why? What’s the hurry?”

“I just want to meet him, I would feel much safer if I did.” Brad said and he did it in such a loving tone that I couldn’t feel offended even if I wanted to.

“Um, yeah about that, I’msortawolfnowandthenextincommandsoI’llbefine.”

Adam hurrying through his words almost had me laughing; I would never have imagined that the man on the other end of the phone could make my Adam nervous. Guess you learn something new every day.

“Tell me if I got this wrong but you’re wolf now and second in command, so you’ll be fine?”

Carefully Adam answered. “You didn’t get it wrong.”

Just like Adam, I waited without breathing for Brad to the answer to that.

“Wow! Hot stuff. So, can I meet him today, ‘cause you know that would really make me feel so much better.”

There was no way in hell I could have suppressed the gigglesnort and since I was done pretending not to listen I rolled over to my side and looked at my poor boy trying to gain some kind of control over the way this conversation was going.

“Brad?! Today is not a normal day so-”

“I know that, full moon and all, but let me spend an hour and then I’ll get off your case, baby you have to understand that I need to see you in person. I haven’t seen you in two weeks, I mean I love our heart to heart over the phone but…. Just.”

It occurred to me that Brad was like Mia, he knew all the right buttons and made damn sure to push them when it was in his interest, in his defense, and Mia’s, it was clear that it was driven by love and devotion.  Adam knew that too and he caved just like Brad knew he would.  Adam looked directly at me and kept our gazes locked as he answered Brad.  “Fine I’ll ask him. But we can’t leave so if Tommy is okay with it you have to come here.”

“I would love that. Talk to him and call me back, please Adam?” 

The weird combination of plea and pure joy in Brad’s tone reminded me a little of how I sound and the jealousy spiked again. I put a lid on it immediately. 

Adam smiled wickedly. “Give me five minutes okay? He’s heard every word of this and I think I need to show him just how much I really do love him before he’s okay with you sauntering into our pack all pretty and shit.”

“Shit! And then you had to say that! You’re evil Adam.” Brad sounded like he was genuinely horrified. Adam’s gaze softened and he walked over to our bed slowly.

“Naw, I just love that very possessive vibe I’m getting from him right now. Talk to you in five.”

Adam thumbed the call off before giving Brad a chance to say goodbye and then he jumped into bed and covered me with light kisses before taking a firm hold of my chin. And I let him do whatever he wanted, I just wanted to feel him close to me, to make sure my scent was all over him. So I kinda wrapped myself around him, fortunately he seemed to enjoy it.

“I loved sensing your jealousy," he murmured into my hair. "But I also love you recognizing that you have no need to feel that way. I am yours and you are mine. So, are you okay with Brad showing up today baby?”

“Yeah, he sounds like a good guy and it's obvious that you love him and he loves you.  I guess it's kinda like me and Trent.  There's always going to be something there and you've been dealing with Trent all this time, so today is as good as any other for us to meet.  And who knows?  Maybe it will make the day go a bit faster with a distraction like that.”

“Okay baby, I’ll tell him to come around in a couple of hours and Tommy?”


“Brad is kinda like a male Mia, so be aware of his major manipulative skills. And do not be fooled by his big brown eyes.”

“I won’t.” An easy promise and a much one easier to break.

“Sure you won’t, ‘cause there is no way Mia is able to do that to you is there?” Adam teased laughing.

“Noooo.” I laughed.


Later that afternoon our pack was gathered on the meadow just like every full moon. The air was filled with chatter and that special energy that always fills our bodies when the moon is in charge.

Adam asked if I was okay with him meeting Brad alone at the end of our driveway so he had a chance to talk to him before bringing him up to meet me and the rest of the pack.

I knew his real question was if I was going to hate every minute he spent alone with Brad and not really my permission to go. I understood why he wanted that time alone with Brad and despite my insecurity about meeting one of Adam’s great loves, I knew I had nothing to worry about. One look on my mark on his neck was all I needed to remind me that Adam was all mine.

But walking that kind of distance alone wasn’t an option so I asked Jillian to go with him. She wouldn’t intrude and she needed a break anyway, her daughter Rose was all over the place, just like any other two year old would be when the full moon pulled at the wolf in her. Jillian hugged me and handed over Rose and joined Adam, who has waiting patiently. He waved and blew me a kiss and his soft laughter filled the air when Rose and I playfully pretended to catch it.

I buried my nose in her soft brown curls and she giggled when my breath tickled her scalp. She really seemed to enjoy it so we stood there for a little while watching Adam and Jillian walk away. I startled when I felt a warm hand on my lower back and Trent’s kind voice washed over me.

“You’ve always been good with kids. I’m kinda sad you’ll never have your own.”

“I have everything I want in my life, Trent. Children would have been a lovely bonus and who knows what the future might bring. Meanwhile, I’ll be everybody's favorite babysitter. It’s enough for me.”

“You amaze me.”

Slightly uncomfortable, I shifted my weight and put Rose on my hip, she leaned in and relaxed in a way she hadn’t all day. I ran my fingers through her soft strawberry smelling hair and looked at Trent. We slowly started to walk back to the meadow to join the others. “Why?”

“You ask for so little and you give so much. There was a time when that annoyed me, I mean I used to think, back when we were teenagers, that you were ungrateful for your status and it took me some time before I understood what you resented so much about it. It wasn’t the title or the responsibility, it was the powertrip that some alphas suffer form.”

I nodded in agreement. “Yeah, power can corrupt and make you very egocentric. I find that terrifying.”

“And yet you handed it over to Adam, no questions asked. And you practically radiate happiness and if I didn’t love you so much it would probably make me want to puke.”

A soft smile played on his lips as he reached cross me and stroke Rose’s cheek. She blinked tiredly up at him and snuggled a little closer against my chest. She sighed contentedly and closed her eyes. I looked away and met Trent’s gaze. “I can’t help it. He makes happy. But it didn't come easy; I fought my wolf and Adam on the subject.”

“You did?”

“Yeah, and I still have to fight the urge to try and take over, this isn’t easy for me, far from. I have to remind myself to trust my wolf all the time.”

“Huh. That just makes you even more amazing.”

I felt my cheeks heat and looked away. “No, it makes me confused and a little scared; but I know him, his heart, and I'm sure he won’t abuse the power. I wish I could explain it to you, the connection.”

“He loves you, that much is clear and I think it’s safe to say he wouldn’t think twice before doing anything in his power to keep you safe from harm.”

“He’s a good man, Trent.”

“I believe you.”

We reached Rose’s play blanket with all her toys, on the grass in the middle of the meadow. I looked down at her and realized she'd fallen asleep. I pushed the toys away and carefully put her down on the blanket.  She made a little protesting sound when she lost my body heat so I got down next to her, lying on my side and put a hand on her little chest. Trent watched us for a second before dropping down on the other side of her. We talked quietly about nothing and everything over her sleeping body, for about half an hour before the little monster woke up and demanded that we play with her.

Rose pounced at me growling the best she’d learned and just as she expected me to do I fell backwards playing dead. Trent caught me and made a scared face, struggling to keep the laughter at bay when he faked his best horrified voice. “Rose you killed him.”

She giggled bright and clear and kissed my closed eyelids and then my cheeks.  “Wake up Tommy. “

I opened my eyes, “Boo.” I said and she jumped in joy.

“Again Tommy.” Rose demanded. 

Trent pushed me off him and we did the little game all over again. I was so completely lost in my playtime with Rose that didn’t pay much attention to my wolf restlessly telling me that Adam was close again.

Rose threw herself at me once more and I fell backwards all over again, but this time I hit the blanket on the ground instead of Trent’s thighs. I held on to Rose so she wouldn’t roll off me and get hurt.

“Ouch. Trent you ass, a little warning would be nice.” I brought a hand to the back of my head, soothing the spot I hurt.

“Mommy.” Rose squealed in joy, leaving me on the blanket.

I looked up. Adam was towering high above us and he wasn’t looking at me but at Trent and he was fuming, his jealousy burning the air between the two of them. I shot Trent a pitiful glance, I didn’t mean to get him in trouble with Adam and to be honest we weren't doing anything wrong.

Adam tore his eyes from poor Trent to look at me. When he did, the hardness was gone and replaced with need. He opened his arms and I knew he needed to touch me, to cover Trent’s scent so I snuggled into his embrace and we rubbed our noses and cheeks together before I turned around in his arms, the familiar buzz of want and need vibrated between us and Adam kept me close with a warm hand on my stomach. 

I didn’t need to see his face when he stared at Trent to know the emotions that were on display. I felt them in my heart and bones as much as I saw them on Trent, the way he looked down and away, his neck exposed in a very submissive posture. I felt it in the way Adam's hand tightened possessively on my belly, clearly showing his ownership. It made hot liquid lust pool in my groin and I melted back against him, looking up. The possessive ‘fuck off, he’s mine’ look on his face made me whimper and run my nose along his jaw before I pushed up to nibble on his earlobe. Adam put his other hand in my hair and a low keening sound was out before I had a chance to suppress it. Yours, all yours. Honey please.

Adam fisted his hand and the small but firm tug on my hair was enough for me to show my neck as my wolf begged for him to claim me right there, audience be damned.

Adam groaned. Tonight baby, tonight we make the last bond. I want you, alone, under the moon's seductive, silvery rays of light.

A fake cough and a pearly voice brought our attention back to the world around us. A brown haired, slender built and very pretty man was watching me and Adam with curiosity and humor sparkling in his big brown eyes. So this was Brad, I dried off my hands on my pants, suddenly nervous to meet this person who was so important to Adam.

“Oh my god Adam, no wonder you’re smitten. He totes loves you being all dominant and shit and he is so your type.” Brad giggled in such a contagious way that I felt a little more at ease.

Adam raised a brow in a small warning to Brad, who completely ignored it.

He reached out to greet me, “Well hello Tommy Joe, aren’t you just beautiful.”

He wasn’t teasing and he made me blush violently. I took his hand and a calm feeling of comfort and trust washed over me. My wolf was happy to get to know Brad and I relaxed knowing that I would grow to love this man as much as Adam did.

Brad turned to greet Trent, he tilted his head and gave Trent a thorough once over.

“And you must be Trent, judging by the somewhat questionable behavior my dear friend just put you through.”

Trent looked stunned by Brad but somehow he got himself together enough to nod. Brad glanced quickly at Adam before returning to Trent.

“Well, can’t really blame him, I'd be nervous too, having a gorgeous piece of ass like you around my man.”

“Bradley!” Adam snapped, “Now would be a-”

“Oh shut up and let me flirt. You’re not the only one who deserves to get lucky.” Brad winked at Trent, who actually blushed.

It made me so happy but before I could really dwell on it Mia’s pack began arriving and shortly after Mia arrived and asked to speak to Adam and me in private. I felt a pang of worry for the first time that day and as time would tell it wasn’t without a reason.

chapter 17

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