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A Primal Right.

A Primal Right.
Author: lovenhardt1

Word Count: ~58.000. This chapter 2.650
Pairing: Adam/Tommy (Werewolf).
Warnings: Sexual content, minor character death.
Rating: NC17
Disclaimers: The people you might recognize in here are NOT mine. I'm not making any profit, I'm only doing this for fun. There is no way this ever happened and so on. Oh…. And werewolves don’t exist either…. Sowry.

Beta:thrace_adams. Thank you sweetie for all your help, I love you so much for it! All your hard work made mine shine.
Type: Werewolf AU. Romance with just enough angst to make it good.
A/N: This fic is written for my dear friend dkymekare because she loves wolves above.

I had some really incredible cheerleaders on this fic!!! I love you all dearly! And I couldn’t have done it without you! So THANK YOU!!!

Please do not link/copy/share/whatever this anywhere. Thank you.

Summary: You know that feeling of being in control? Of knowing what happens next? You’ve got it all worked out, knows it’ll be hard work but worth it. You’re so focused on carefully laid plans that you kinda forgot about you…. but then something or someone comes along and changes everything. Suddenly you’re not even in charge of your own heart anymore. Yeah. That’s what happened to me.

Sit down and let me tell you a story… you might want to put your legs up and get comfortable, we’ll be here for a while.

It all began a day I was letting my wolf have some fun in the woods…

The crunch of the leaves under our feet made me relax and forget the real world for a while. Adam’s fingers were laced with mine and peace filled my soul as we were on our way to the clearing. The night after this one would be with the full moon and Adam and I had agreed it would be better for him to change to wolf of his own free will before being forced by the moon, and we both wanted it to happen at our special place, the place where it all began. I couldn’t wait to see Adam’s wolf and to let our wolves meet but at the same time my mind kept wandering back to what Adam had needed to talk to Mia in private about. When we had almost reached the clearing I caved and asked, “So what did you need to talk to Mia about?”

Adam smiled and I realized he had been waiting for me to ask. You can’t really keep something like that from your mate.

“I wanted to ask her something wolf related and I wanted to know a little more about how our wolves would feel about each other.”

“Oh. And?”

“They’re fine, we’re all fine.”

I waited for him to continue as we walked in silence for a few steps, but when he didn’t, I looked up at him and smiled a bit of a sarcastic edge to it. “Wanna tell me about it?”

Adam seemed a little evasive and I got the distinct feeling that either he didn’t want to share with me or he didn’t know what to make of the talk with Mia. I didn’t want to linger on option one.

“Um -” he paused.

I sensed uncertainty in him and knew he was choosing the right words carefully. It also told me that it was option two, which sort of let me breathe again.

“My wolf doesn’t feel the same way about Mia as it does about your Mom that’s for sure.”

“It doesn’t feel intimidated?” I kept my voice free of the curiosity that burned in me.

Adam shook his head lightly, “Nooo, it feels protective of her. Just like I do.”

“And Mia’s wolf?”

“Mia and her wolf are strong and so brave together. There is so much raw power there, it’s amazing.” Adam said in awe and I felt every bit of pride he did.

“I know, but how did it react to your wolf being protective. Was it defensive? Feisty? Mia and her wolf can be quiet a handful.” I snickered and Adam laughed softly and nodded before answering my question.

“No, more like it was waiting. I don’t know how else to describe it. I think it was waiting for Mia to approve of me before it would. Does that make sense?”

“Yes it does, so it did?”

“Yeah. And without reservation, which was pretty cool.”

I had to agree on that, my mother’s reaction was as expected but Mia had just been receiving threats, her pack was under pressure and her wolf would be very careful and alert. It would have made perfect sense that her wolf would be hesitant and demand Adam to prove his worth, despite Mia herself knowing the backstory and the fact that he'd been human. 

“So her wolf acknowledged you as the beta to our pack, a status very close to being its equal, that fast and didn’t feel threatened? Hmm, that’s pretty interesting.”

“I asked her something.”

“I figured.” I said quietly, I wasn’t going to ask what even though I wanted to. Adam still had that tone in his voice and I couldn't tell if he was thinking or avoiding. If it was the latter I would have to accept that.  My wolf wasn't having any trouble handing over all responsibility to him but I was still working on it.  Plus, I really just wanted to be a part of everything that involved him.

Adam let out a barely noticeable sigh. “You know when Trent asked what would happen if we one day went on tour? And then the pack would be left without an alpha for months?”


“I asked her how she would feel about uniting the packs and then sharing the ‘custody’ leaving her a fullblown alpha, as opposed to a beta in charge, when I’m not home and beta when I am.”

His words took me by such surprise that I stopped and Adam turned around to look at me. My shock had to be evident on my face and in my body language. What he had suggested to Mia had never been done before and I instantly wanted to tell him that it couldn’t be done; that the laws would stop such a thing from happening, that Darren if not the whole council would deny them such an agreement. But Mike’s words about not thinking in boxes when it came to old laws made me shut up and think twice.

Smiling at me, Adam obviously knew what was going on in my head, “I know, just ignore the laws and play along.”

“Okay, I’m assuming Mia did that too?”

Adam nodded.

“So what did she respond to that?”

I was intrigued now that Mike’s words kept pushing at something in my mind. Adam saw it or rather felt it and slowly as if weighing the words first, he answered me. “That she would talk to her pack about their feelings on the matter and get back to me.”

“Wow, just WOW.” I let that bit of info wash over me and while I had no doubt that Mike had something to do with her answering like that, I still had to admire Mia’s coolness, giving Adam’s new wolf that kind of bone to chew on. Maybe Adam’s wolf really was strong enough to take on the council in this matter, and wouldn’t that just be awesome?

“You know Mike said something to me about interpretation and how things adapt to the reality it’s a part of,” I paused for a moment and chased that thought that kept escaping me while holding on to the one that I kept returning to. That things evolve and adapt.

“Maybe that’s it?” I wondered, realizing that I was doing it out loud when Adam tilted his head and looked at me searching.

“What is?”

“We should ask our pack, how they would feel about Mia being the alpha when you’re not here.”

Adam practically beamed and I knew, really knew that even though he’s very possessive and strong opinionated, then it would never mean that he wouldn’t want my opinions and thoughts. My own wolf wanted to knock him over and cuddle him silly.

“Yeah?” he asked, still smiling widely.

“Yes. Damn it! You know that feeling when you know you’re on the verge of something epic and you chase it but it keeps escaping you? I really feel like this could be important so whether I catch the damn idea or not, it doesn't matter.  Tomorrow we're asking the packs. They’ll all be home because of the full moon anyway.”

Adam cupped my face and pulled me closer before kissing me tenderly.

“You got it baby. We’ll ask them tomorrow and it’ll give them some time to think about it before it's even possible to become real.”

We started walking again and I drifted off into my own thoughts, but as we reached the clearing my curiosity to see Adam’s wolf took over and I could feel Adam’s anticipation simmering beneath my skin, making my wolf restless.

“So here we are.” Adam said quietly. “How do I do this?”

I sent him a smile in an attempt to calm him, to take the edge off but his heart didn’t slow down at all. I tried to remember my first time changing but I was a toddler at the time and the memory wasn’t clear.

“First, I need to know if you want me to change with you or if you want me to stay like this,” I pointed at myself and Adam smiled nervously.

“It doesn’t matter.”

“Sure it does. If I’m changing then I’m stripping too and-”

“Oh.” Huge amused blue eyes met mine and sassy smile played at his lips and all I wanted to do was to get lost in kissing him, from now to eternity. 

Adam must have felt it because his eyes darkened, proving my point.

“Yeah.” I said and Adam cleared his throat.

“Then you stay like this, this time, so I can focus.”

I chuckled. “Then lose the clothes, I’ll keep them safe and I’ll talk you through it.”

Adam began to undress slowly, the wind was cold and there was a hint of snow in the air. My wolf loved it but Adam was kinda convinced he would freeze his ass of.

“Your wolf will keep you warm, just off with it, show me that hot body of yours.”

 I wanted him to focus on me instead of his nerves. The teasing seemed to do the trick because Adam’s eyes went wide and he smirked.  But none the less he took my words serious and moments later he was as naked as the day he was born. There was no doubt about it, Adam was fucking gorgeous. He handed me his clothes and I put them on a huge stone before returning to him. 

I cupped his face in my palms and looked him in the eye. “You need to focus on your wolf, really feel him.  And when you do, you’ll know when, let him surge, let him be in charge of your body for a while. Don’t be afraid to let go of your control, it’s still yours, you already share it with him now, so you just,” I paused searching for the right word. “Just have to trust in him, like he already trusts in you. Be one with him.  Okay?”

Adam nodded, closed his eyes and I did the same. Still holding his face in my hands, I felt the energy in him, how he used it, to follow my advice and give control to his wolf. I felt how they connected, how the last piece fell into place and then the wolf took over and I felt fur against my hands instead of Adam’s soft skin.

I opened my eyes to see his wolf for the very first time and he was beautiful. I held my breath and let go of his face. Stumbling two steps back to really see him I, of course, fell on my ass. Adam was over me in a split second nuzzling me.

Are you okay?

“I’m fine.  Jesus, you’re magnificent. Look at you!”

I pushed myself up to a sitting position and reveled in the sight of him. Adam's wolf was huge, but with the kindest eyes. There was a softness to them that was indescribable and they weren't the typical wolf's eyes.  They were a strange mixture of ‘holy fucking blue’ and green.  His fur was golden brown, almost the same color as my wolf’s eyes, and when the wind ruffled it and the sun shown on it, it looked very much like velvet. I reached out to touch and Adam leaned into my caress, sighing just as contently as me. When I removed my hand I compared it to his paws. His paws were fucking huge. I mean they fit his body, but compared to mine, they were really big. There was no doubt that Adam’s wolf would be intimidating to any strange wolf not to mention an enemy.

Adam just stood there letting me look at him, and I had to remember that this was about him and not my own stupid feelings, no matter how overwhelmed I might be.

“Do you want to run?” I asked him because I felt his restlessness very clearly.

I can’t leave you here, we promised the others that we wouldn’t be reckless.

“Do you want me to change and go with you? I shrugged off my jacket before he could answer and was about to get off the ground but stopped when I felt his unhappiness and there was something in his scent that was a bit off. Like he had already learned how to disguise his feelings, not that he would ever be capable of hiding them completely from me, just like I couldn’t with him. After all we’re mates and we’re connected by souls. “What honey?”

Um, can we just, he stopped and I leaned back on my elbows, watching him.  Waiting.

Can you just hug me like I did that day? Remember?

“Sure.” I leaned forward and threw my arms around his neck and buried my face in his fur, letting my hands wander like he had done that day, softly scratching. I felt his calm surrender as the restlessness quickly disappeared.

“You don’t want to run with me as a wolf?” I asked because it puzzled me that he wanted this.

Not today, we’ll do that tomorrow, and I want to claim you tomorrow, if you’ll let me, under the full moon. But right now I just want to be with you and to let my wolf have peace in your arms.

“Okay.” I tried my best to sound calm but Adam talking about claiming me left me anything but.

I swallowed hard; I wanted him to claim me right away, not because of what my mother had said, though she was right, but because it was the first time Adam had brought it up by himself. And seeing how fast Adam seemed to learn everything else then I no longer had any doubts about him handling the claiming; I knew he could. And there was nothing I desired more than to wear his mark on me, to show the world that he wanted me and nobody else. I shivered, knowing that it would happen tomorrow.

I was thinking, that day- when I met you like this, that I belonged to you, that you owned me. Not just because you saved my life but, yeah you know.

I tried to clear my throat and give him a proper answer, but ended up with a broken. “Yeah.”

And now I do, you claimed me, we mated, this is a little like closing the circle, us sitting here like this.

The memory of that night washed over us and I felt his arousal in the pitch of my stomach.

 I want to claim you so much that it hurts baby. He nuzzled my neck and let his tongue drag slowly over my sensitive skin. Flaming hot lust hit me and I wasn’t the slightest bit embarrassed by the whimper escaping me, and I rolled my head to the side giving him space, silently offering it on a platter, begging him to take what was his.

Tomorrow baby, tomorrow.  I want you to remember it every time the moon plays her tricks on us; I want to make sure you connect the moon with me. 

Adam rested his head on my shoulder and I hugged him a little tighter. I don’t think I’ve ever been so moved by anything before, the absolute and total love in that idea was ruining me.

“So I won’t feel like a slave to the moon? Is that your way of setting me free?”

I didn’t believe for one second that I deserved this wonderful man/creature in my embrace, surely I was the luckiest son of a bitch, ever.

I can’t do that, she’ll always demand our attention, but I can make it more about us than about her.

 He had me completely choked up and I felt a tear fight its way out of the corner of my eye and roll slowly down my cheek. “I love you.” I whispered to him.

I love you.

chapter 16

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