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Only you.

TITLE: Only you. 3/4
AUTHOR: [info]lovenhardt1
PAIRING: Adam Lambert/Tommy Joe Ratliff.
WORDS: 1871
RATING: nc-17 In last chapter.
BETA: The amazing i_glitterz. Thank you honey!
DISCLAIMER: I don't own the boys, this is fiction and I only created this for fun. So have fun.
SUMMARY: The minute they meet, they know! They have finally found eachother. Their missing piece. Every thing is easy form there on. Tommy doesn’t care that Adam is gay, and Adam doesn’t care that Tommy is not. Best friends by a blink of an eye. Some would call it love at first sight, they don’t. They don’t label it at all.


They are in a bar/club. Adam is dancing with Sutan.

Tommy is at the bar drinking a beer, he scans the room, looking for Adam; smilsing when he sees him. Adam always does that to him, make him happy. It doesn’t matter that they aren’t talking; just seeing Adam happy is enough.

As he look at Adam a woman sits down next to him. He turn to look at her, she is beautiful. He notices that. Their eyes meet in a second but then Tommy turns to look at Adam again. Feeling like a mosquito drawn to the light. Adam meet Tommy’s gaze and make some suggestive dancemove towards him, Tommy grins.


Monte has been watching Tommy for a while, he’s noticed feelings come and go on his face, and he moves over to sit down besides Tommy. “Hey man, you look like you need some company” Monte says.

“Nope, I am fine. Happiest guy in the world. Had a wonderful day today” Tommy replies as he swallows a sip of his beer.

 “You know he is gonna be dancing all night, so if you want his company, you will have to move your ass out onto the dance floor”

“I had his company all day! And there is no way in hell I am going to the dance floor, so not my thing”


Monte sighs, trying to find the words to explain what he means, but he can’t. He doesn’t want to get in the middle of what ever these two guys have. He just wants them to figure out what exactly they are. “Okay” he looks at his watch and smiles “Later man, it’s Skype time with Lisa now. Take care” Tommy nods

“You too, say hi from me!”


Tommy is smiling as looks at his beer, it is empty. He tries to get the bartender’s attention, but it seems to be difficult.

“Let me” a quiet voice says, it’s the female next to him. She raises her hand and immediately the bartender responds. “I will have a…..” she looks at Tommy.

“A beer” he answers. When the beer arrives, Tommy turns towards the woman.

“Thank you that was nice of you” She offers him her hand and introduces herself.

Tommy can’t help but to smile. She seems to be a nice person. She is easy to talk to, so they talk, a lot.

Tommy is a little drunk but he is not wasted, he feels relaxed. As she flirts, he flirts back. It feels good, Tommy is a natural flirt but lately Adam is the only one he has been flirting with and that doesn’t go anywhere, tonight he feels like this could get a little dirty and he craves that.


At some point she leans in and kisses him, he kisses back, it feels good, and he gets lost in the moment. Tommy loves kissing. Kissing and playing music are his favourite things in the world.


Adam has been keeping an eye on Tommy all night, he can’t help it, even though he is dancing and having fun his eyes always wander back to Tommy.

Like he is Adam’s personal gravity, keeping him grounded. He has noticed that Tommy is talking to a chick and he is happy that his glitterbaby isn’t alone in the bar.

That is until he turns and sees their lips lock.


He feels like a fist hits him in his stomach.


What the fuck.

Sutan sees Adam’s reaction, he puts a hand on Adam’s shoulder, trying to comfort while he says “Adam Love, what did you expect, you never made any promises to eachother, you don’t even sleep together, I am sorry Love but you have no claim on the guy.”

 Adam looks at Sutan “You are right, I know that, it is just….. Tommy, you know!” Sutan nods.

“I know, he is my life partner too, you know” Sutan winks at Adam.

“I need a drink, coming?”

“No I will keep on dancing, lot of cuties here” he looks after Adam as he manoeuvres his way through the crowded dance floor, eyes locked on Tommy.


When Adam reaches the bar; he casually put a hand on Tommy’s shoulder as he tries to get the bartenders attention. Tommy breaks the kiss and turn to Adam, with a surprised look on his face. “Hey there Glitterbaby, having fun?” Adam asks “I thought I was the one you would be kissing tonight, you promised me lots of kisses today” Adam is pouting but a flirty spark is in his eyes. Tommy smiles widely, how can he not, Adam is adorable like that.

“You’ve had your share of kisses today, now you are just getting greedy”

“Hmm, I am very greedy when it comes to your kisses, I told you, they are additive”


The girl is looking at the guys with a quizzical look on her face “I am sorry……. I didn’t realize you were here with someone Tommy”

“I am not, this is Adam he is my……….” Adam looks at Tommy eager to hear how Tommy is going to explain exactly what they are.

When Tommy doesn’t continue, Adam sighs and turns to look at the girl

“Best friend…. I suppose or something like that” he answers for Tommy.

“So you guys are not….. together??”

“No, best friends that kiss a lot. What can I say, the guy sure can kiss!” Adam glare at the girl.

“He sure can” she agrees.


Tommy’s cheeks turn red as he looks at Adam “Why aren’t you dancing anymore?” he asks trying to get the attention away from him.

“I wanted a drink, you want one too?”

 “Yes, please. I’ll have a Jack on the Rocks; I think I am in need off something stiff right now!” Adam raises an eyebrow and a corky smile breaks on his beautiful face. He leans in and say into Tommy’s ear, just loudly enough for the girl to hear

“For you glitterbaby, I can do stiff anytime” the exhale off Adam’s breath tickles Tommy and he feels chills running down his spine, he is getting  aroused by that as well as Adam’s words.


He swallows hard and bites his lower lip.

Adam reaches for Tommy’s face, letting his index finger caress the lip he is biting “Don’t abuse it, I might need it later” he is still teasing. They lock eyes. They have both forgotten everything about the girl. The air suddenly thick and hard to breathe.

Tommy stops biting, instead he lets his tongue out, licking Adam’s finger. Adam doesn’t move, scared that it might ruin the moment. So much is being said without words. Their eyes are still captured in eachother as Tommy moves a little closer, sucking Adam’s finger into his mouth, letting Adam know exactly what he could do with that mouth and that tongue.


Adam gasp for air and a deep satisfied sound escapes his throat. He feels his knees trembling. He removes his hand from Tommy’s mouth and let it glide around Tommy’s neck caressing the hairline gently; he puts a little pressure against Tommy’s neck pulling him in for a kiss. They have never kissed like this before.


First hesitant but it quickly evolves to be a kiss with need, want and hunger so present that it is scary. The world around them has disappeared. They only sense eachother. Feel eachother. Exploring this new piece off the puzzle that seems to be them.


A loud cough pull them away from eachother, it is Sutan. His eyes sparkle with joy and excitement. “Oh, it’s getting hot in here, huh? Maybe you wanna take it elsewhere; you do realize that you both have pretty descent hotel rooms, right? And that way the rest of us won’t get burns from being in the same room as you guys” he laughs.

Tommy just stares at Adam, trying to wrap his brain around what just happened. He shivers. Adam sees the chaos in Tommy’s head. He looks at Sutan “Shut up and leave, now” He quickly returns his attention to Tommy. “Are you okay Tommy?” he quietly asks.


Tommy nods, not sure if he would be able to speak at all. He clears is throat and whisper “What the fuck just happened?” it’s a very rhetorical question and he doesn’t expect an answer. He turns to look at the girl. She meets his eyes, shaking her shoulder as she glide of the chair and leaves. Tommy looks back at Adam. Confusion written all over his face


“That sweetie was a lover’s kiss, but we don’t need to put a label on it at all, we can put it in a box and put a lid on it if you want, we can leave it with that. It doesn’t have to be anything more or less.”


Adam doesn’t want to push Tommy into something he isn’t ready for, but he doesn’t quite know how to explain that.


Tommy looks at him while his lets his fingers touch his own lips lightly; the feeling of Adam is still lingering there. “I know what it was….. that wasn’t what I meant and don’t do that to me, don’t put it on me. We need to talk it over Adam, we need to put a label on it. I don’t want it put in a box and stowed away. Everything else is so easy with you, please don’t make this hard. And please don’t tell me that it was so unimportant to you that you can just forget it ever happened. Not when I feel like my world just collapsed.” Tommy looks at Adam with a silent plea in his eyes, Adam don’t know that to say.


He hates that, being speechless. He takes Tommy’s hands in his own, laces their fingers together. He leans his forehead against Tommy’s. “Adam, please say something, anything” Tommy’s voice shakes.

“Are you sure you want this Tommy. Wants me like that, the whole packet?” Adam asks; his voice filled with vulnerability.

“I already consider you mine in every other way, why do you doubt I wouldn’t want the whole packet. I thought it was evident in the kiss” Tommy snakes his arms around Adam’s neck, clinging tightly as if he will never let him go again. Adam feels how his body seems to absorb Tommy.

“I can’t be an experiment, Tommy. That would be the end of me” Tommy pulls back enough for him to be able to read Adam’s facial expressions.

“You know me Adam, I would never do that to you or myself for that matter” Adam looks relieved as he says “I know…. I know” Tommy smiles, sparks jumping in his eyes, but a little insecurity also shows “So Adam, what are we now, I need you to tell me, I need to hear it, from your gorgeous lips”

Adam laugh “You think I have gorgeous lips, huh?” but then he gets serious, “In a real relationship?! Does that work for you?” He is a little intimidated by the words. Relationships haven’t been his thing so far, but neither has this overwhelming feeling off belonging. This just feels right, this is TOMMY.

“Yeah, that works for me” 


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