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Only you.

TITLE: Only you. 2/4
AUTHOR: lovenhardt1 
PAIRING: Adam Lambert/Tommy Joe Ratliff.
WORDS: 1116
BETA: i_glitterz 
RATING: nc-17 In last chapter.
DISCLAIMER: I don't own the boys, this is fiction and I only created this for fun. So have fun.
SUMMARY: The minute they meet, they know! They have finally found eachother. Their missing piece. Every thing is easy form there on. Tommy doesn’t care that Adam is gay, and Adam doesn’t care that Tommy is not. Best friends by a blink of an eye. Some would call it love at first sight, they don’t. They don’t label it at all.



The next morning Tommy finds himself entwined with Adam, he feels warm and cosy. He lets his fingers glide along Adam’s body, and he kisses his cheek. Adam smiles in his sleep. Tommy snuggles a little closer, he loves mornings like this, but he gets restless fast. He craves coffee, so he slowly gets out of Adam’s embrace, not an easy thing to do because Adam is a fucking octopus, clinging to Tommy.

He goes out into the tiny kitchen; the bus is quiet because the others are all asleep. He leans back against the cabinets thinking about the day. They have two days off before the next concert, and Tommy want to do some tourist things. An hour later he is all ready to go out; the others are slowly coming around.

Adam however is still sleeping on the couch. Tommy is very energetic and he busy himself around his room in the bus, but he is getting sooo bored. He finally caves and goes out in the lounge to wake up Adam.


As he goes towards the couch, Monte stops him “He is not gonna appreciate it if you wake him up now. He is gonna be like a grumpy bear.” Tommy is almost jumping up and down. He has the best idea to spend the day, and he want to share it with Adam.

“I know, but I didn’t complain last night, so he better suck it up” He throws himself onto Adam and tickles him.

“Get up sleepyhead, the sun is shining and it is a beautiful day”

Adam opens his eyes, growling “Who the fuck let him near the coffeepot before noon, I thought we all agreed that Tommy couldn’t be aloud coffee before noon?” Adam whined “Well you were all sleeping, so nobody was around to stop me, and now I am ready to go. Get your lazy ass off the couch and get moving”

Adam tries to push Tommy off the couch but he’s not fast enough.

“Okay, Adam. I will do this differently” Tommy whispers, he put a finger under Adam’s chin lift his face a bit, lock his eyes with Adam’s and lowers his head while whispering

“This will wake you up and want to spend the day with me”

Adam licks his lips; they suddenly felt like the fucking Sahara. Tommy slowly kisses him, letting his tongue glide over Adam’s lower lip. A moan escapes Adam and he opens his mouth to Tommy. Tommy deepens the kiss a second or two but then he pulls back “Get in the shower and get ready to spend the day with me, I have an amazing day planned out, and if you behave; even more kisses will come your way!”

“That is blackmail, you know that, right?!” Adam complains as he gets up. He heads to the bathroom to get cleaned up knowing that there is no way in hell Tommy is ever going to leave him alone.

Monte looks at Tommy as Adam leaves the lounge, he notice how smug Tommy looks. “What are your plans for today Tommy?”

“I am taking him to the zoo, I found out that there is this famous zoo here. It is so perfect. Nobody will expect my rockstar to go to the fucking zoo; I have arranged a picking and everything. This is going to be like a little vacation” Tommy is bobbling with joy. Monte shakes his head

“Kid you are not from this planet. How did you come up with that?” “I don’t know, just did. He is gonna love it, you know”

“Only because it is your idea”

 Two hours later Adam is walking with his arm around Tommy’s waist, feeling utterly happy. “So what else do you have planned for me today?”

“A picnic!” Adam literally beamed at Tommy

“I love you so much babe”

“Hmmm, I know”.  

They find a beautiful quiet spot; a peacock is strutting around showing off its gorgeous tail feathers. Adam sits down on the grass as Tommy goes to get the picnic blanket and food.

He’s in deep thought when Tommy returns. Tommy arranges the blanket and the food as he watches Adam “A penny for you thoughts”

Adam looks at Tommy, his face clearly showing he didn’t hear Tommy’s question “Huh?” “Never mind, you were far gone. Tough night?”

Adam smiles his flirty smile “Oh it was fine, but I was missing you. I wasn’t kissing nearly enough”

Tommy takes one of the grapes and puts it in his mouth. Tilting his head just a bit. “I will make it up to you tonight. I am in the mood for a little partying”

Adam laughs hard “Tommy you never party a little! Either you party hard or you don’t at all. Never a grey zone with you!”

Tommy takes a grape and reaches to put it in Adam’s mouth “Shut up and eat this, it’s delicious” Adam slowly raises an eyebrow as he closes his lips around Tommy’s fingers. He watches Tommy closely.

“Oh, I guess you do grey zones occasionally”

Tommy winks at him “I do!” They enjoy the rest of the meal in a pleasant silence.

 When they are done eating, Tommy lies down on the blanket, he feels lazy. As he closes his eyes the sun caresses his face and he sighs. He is content. Adam looks at him and let’s a finger draw the line of his jaw. He can’t help himself; it just feels right. He lowers his face to kiss Tommy. Tommy smiles against Adams’s lips.

“Hi” He whispers. Adam lets his tongue explore Tommy’s lips and Tommy moan silently, and he lets a hand wander into Adam’s hair, pulling him a little closer. He opens his mouth inviting Adam in, getting lost in the kiss. It is just so fucking easy.

Everything about them is easy. They break the kiss when they need to breathe. Tommy’s heart is pounding in his chest. He wants more, more kisses, more Adam. But Adam pulls back. Throwing himself at the blanket, an arm covers his eyes

“Fuck Tommy, some day those kisses are going to be the end of me” Tommy smirks

“Then don’t kiss me babyboy, you started it”

“Only because your kisses are addictive, and……” Adam trails off. Now Tommy is curious, he gets up on an elbow, gazing at Adam

“And what?” Adam still has his arm over his eyes. Hiding.

“Nothing….. I guess that sometimes I just wander how we would be….. together, you know?” Tommy lies back again, closing his eyes. A slight smile brush over his lips. “Yeah, I know me too. Me too”


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