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Only you

TITLE: Only you. 1/4
PAIRING: Adam/Tommy
WORDS: 1282
BETA: i_glitterz 
RATING: nc-17 In last chapter.
DISCLAIMER: I don't own the boys, this is fiction and I only created this for fun. So have fun.
SUMMARY: The minute they meet, they know! They have finally found eachother. Their missing piece. Every thing is easy form there on. Tommy doesn’t care that Adam is gay, and Adam doesn’t care that Tommy is not. Best friends by a blink of an eye. Some would call it love at first sight, they don’t. They don’t label it at all.

Some night during 2009....

Tommy Joe Ratliff is lying in his bed. He is asleep. He has a smile on his lips, and a slight sigh escapes him. He is dreaming. A dream that is so familiar that it is a little scary, but the dream itself is good. When he wake up the only thing he will remember is those amazing blue eyes and the feeling of belonging, of having found the missing piece of his soul. The sad thing is that it was only a dream. Tommy moved a little as the dream ends. He slowly opens his eyes “Fuck, not again” he mumbles. Feeling as if he lost the missing piece again. This is getting a little painful. He gets out of bed and makes his way to the bathroom.

Meanwhile in another bedroom, Adam Lambert is in his bed, sleeping and dreaming too. He is dreaming the same dream. Feeling the exact same way as Tommy. The only difference is he is dreaming of brown sometimes bronze coloured eyes. Adam is clinging to the dream as it ends.

“Not yet…. I need more” he whispers in his sleep.

The minute they meet, they know! They have finally found eachother. Their missing piece. Every thing is easy form there on. Tommy doesn’t care that Adam is gay, and Adam doesn’t care that Tommy is not. Best friends by a blink of an eye. Some would call it love at first sight, but they don’t. They don’t label it at all.

Sometimes they wonder why they seem to depend so much on eachother.

Adam is very open. He talks a lot, laugh a lot. And he seems to have an endless energy when awake. He truly enjoys clubbing and dancing. It takes him a lot of time to come down when they walk off stage. He is practically flying after a concert, high on energy. Adam needs people around him.

Tommy on the other hand is a little shy and quiet. He has to know people before opening up to someone (or get drunk). He smiles when around people he loves. He absolutely loves a day or night on the couch watching movies. He needs time alone, just Tommy-Time. He feels drained of energy after a concert, he just wants to cuddle and sleep.

The love for music is the only true common ground they share, and the need to perform perfectly on stage.

Now they are on tour in Europe. They are having the time of their lives. It’s hard work, but the time of their life.

They just finished a concert. Tommy puts his bass down, waves at the fans as he leaves the scene. As he gets back stage, he stretches his body and yawns. Adam sends him an amazed look

“It is beyond me how you can be tired now Glitterbaby” Tommy doesn’t answer; he just walks into Adam’s embrace leaning his head on Adam’s chest, sighing in comfort.

“Take me to bed or loose me forever!”

Adam smirk “Babe, you are such a tease” “

That is why you love me babyboy” he pulls himself out of Adam’s arms; he needs a bath and a beer. Adam looks after him as he goes; he let out a sigh and decides to find the other guy’s.

He is practically bouncing of the walls with energy. Hours later the band finds their way back to the tour bus. They are all happy, some are drunk, and they decide they want to watch a movie.

Adam wants to wake up Tommy, and Terrence try to stop him, “Adam, he needs his beauty sleep, let him be”

“Not I a million years! He is beautiful enough and movie night without Tommy is just WRONG. If he wants to sleep, I can be his pillow”

Terrence laugh loudly. “I really don’t get your relationship. Sometimes I really think you should just do it and get it over with!!”

“It is not like that, and you know that”

Adam has his hand on the door handle; he knocks one time and enters Tommy’s room. He slowly moves over to Tommy’s bed. He sleeps like a baby, but he looks like an angel; one hand under his chin, and the other above his head. No T-shirt, just briefs. Adam smiles as he sits down on the bed. He reaches out and touches Tommy’s shoulder lightly, “Babe, wake up, we are gonna watch a movie”

Tommy’s eyes flutter open and he slowly focuses on Adam. ”Huh?”

“We are gonna watch a movie, I want you to be there”

Tommy sits up “What time is it?”

“Oh, around 3, I guess.”

“And you couldn’t let me sleep!” Tommy shakes his head “Punk”

Adam laughs “Nope, but since that is the only way you want to spend the night with me……. You know, a guy’s gotta do what a guy’s gotta do” He gets of the bed and offers Tommy his hand. Tommy takes it, smiling.

“You are sooo gonna be my pillow; that way I can still sleep!”

“Fine by me!” Tommy can hear the smile in Adam’s voice.

Adam picks up a T-shirt and hands it to Tommy.

”Here babe, put it on, I would like Terrence’s mouth water to stay in his mouth” “Shut up, you just don’t wanna share”

“That too” Adam smiles a thousand watt smile. They get out in the lounge off the bus; the party has lost some members, but that is okay.

Monte has already picked the movie to watch, and the guys get comfy on the couch. Tommy is lying up against Adam’s warm body, his fingers drawing slow caresses on Adam’s chest.

Monte looks at them smiling. He knows that Tommy doesn’t realize what he is doing. It is just the way they are. So intimate and close.

Sometimes he hates that, not because they are close. It is not jealousy, it is because he cares. Sometimes he thinks that they are perfect for eachother, and wish they would realize it and go all the way. Sometimes he think that they are ruining their changes for love, because as long they stay like this they are never gonna look for love elsewhere. Tonight he is hoping for them to go all the way. Tonight he feels the love.

Tommy gazes up at Adam. “Did you have fun tonight?”

Adam is zoned out. He is finally crashing. Tommy pokes him, “Babyboy, did you have fun tonight?”

“Hmmm, danced a lot, drank a lot”

“Did you find yourself a pretty boy?!” Tommy asks no jealousy in his voice, just interest. Adam smirks “Nope, they can’t compete with your beauty!” he winks at Tommy.

Tommy moves a little, now he is almost lying on Adam. He sighs in comfort and closes his eyes. Adam has an arm around him and the other is playing with his hair. Slowly Adam’s breath gets deeper and he falls asleep. Tommy opens his eyes, and meets Monte’s. Monte smiles content, and whisper, “Someday soon Tommy, you guys need to put a label on what you are” he gestures with his hand at the guys. Tommy smiles knowingly

“I know, but right now I am way too comfy, besides Adam is sleeping.” Tommy closes his eyes and fall a sleep on Adam’s chest. No pillow ever smelled so good or brought the same kind of safety and comfort. Adam is the best fucking pillow in the world.



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