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He's just a little bit dangerous.

Author: lovenhardt1
Banner: qafmaniac
Word Count: 21.810. This chapter:  4.652.
Pairing: Adam/Tommy (high school AU).
Warnings: Sexual content between teenagers.
Rating: NC17
Disclaimers: The people you might recognize in here are NOT mine. I'm not making any profit, I'm only doing this for fun. There is no way this ever happened and so on.

Beta: aislinntlc Thank you sweetie for all your help, I love you so much for it!

Type: Romance with just enough angst to make it good.
A/N: This fic is written for the amazing qafmaniac. I hope you like it bb and I’m so sorry it took me so long!! Title is mostly stolen from Roxette’s song: Just a little bit dangerous.
I had some really incredible cheerleaders on this fic!!! I love you all dearly! And I couldn’t have done it without you! So THANK YOU!!!
Please do not link/copy/share/whatever this anywhere. Thank you.

Chapter three.

“You really want to do this?” Adam asks Tommy, not really believing they’re about to dye Tommy’s hair pink.

“Hell yeah!”

“Tell me again why?”

Tommy thinks a little about it. “It’ll look cool, push peoples buttons and maybe if I’m lucky it’ll piss Dad off enough to actually care about what I do.”

“He doesn’t care? I find that hard to believe.”

“I know my dad loves me, but sometimes I just wish he would stop being so fucking busy all the time. I tell him I want to make music for a living when I’m done with school, that I’m not doing that whole college thing. He says, ‘Then be prepared to work your ass off and live on a stone, until you get your break’ and then he goes to work. I start wearing makeup; he raises his eyebrows and asks why? I tell him it’s a statement and I think I look sexy. He says ‘well, be safe’ and goes to work. I guess I just… I wanna talk to him, sometimes, about all the stuff in my head but he’s so damn busy all the time, so I don’t really mind fighting with him just to get him talking. I haven’t succeeded yet, though. I feel like an ungrateful son of a bitch saying that, when I think about Mia’s family but… yeah I’m dyeing it pink just to get a fucking response.”

Adam nods and pats the chair. Tommy sits and Adam wraps a towel around his shoulders. Trying to focus on anything else than the fact that they’re all alone and the intimate feeling connected to what they’re doing, he asks, “Um, what is it with Mia’s family?”

“You don’t know who her dad is, do you?” Tommy glances up at Adam.


“Steven Tyler….as in Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler.” It’s said slow and careful, like Tommy is expecting Adam to flail and not wanting him to. Adam can understand that.


“Yeah. And there are times where he has a really hard time controlling his drug habits. That’s why Mia is staying with us. It’s so hard on her and moving out is the only way to get him to listen. The only way to get him in rehab.”

“Oh shit Tommy! I’m so sorry.”

“Yeah, me too.”

They fall into a pleasant silence while Adam works. Adam is wondering how silence can be like that with Tommy. Especially since his body is hyper aware of everything Tommy related.

Like when he washes the last products out of Tommy’s hair, small electric volts jolts from his fingertips straight to his cock, and the small noises of pleasure Tommy lets out when Adam massages his scalp make his heart race and his breath hitch with every little sound he can pull from Tommy.

When it’s done Tommy checks his new hair color out in the mirror. “Wow! It looks so cool. I don’t care if dad has a fit or not, this is so awesome! I can’t fucking wait to show Christian.” Tommy messes with his hair gleefully and his eye catches Adam’s in the mirror.

“Yeah it looks kinda good.” It really does and Adam smiles back at Tommy. He can’t fucking believe the courage it’s gonna take to walk into school looking like that the day after but Tommy doesn’t seem to be intimidated at all.

Tucking his bangs out of his eyes Tommy turns towards Adam. “Oh man I owe you for this! Name your price and it’s yours!”

Adam’s swallows, this is his golden opportunity. He bites his lip and Tommy tilts his head quizzically. “So?”

He almost chickens out but then Tommy reaches out and puts a hand on his, squeezes it lightly.

Hoping it comes out confident enough not to sound pleading, he gets out. “Kisses?” He misses by a mile but Tommy doesn’t mock or turn away disgusted, not that Adam thought he would, but he still feared it.

“Kisses?” Tommy asks quietly as if he tastes the word.

“Yeah, Dani said no to teaching me how to kiss. So teach me?” Adam is at the point where he desperately wishes he kept his mouth shut because Tommy looks shy when he meets Adam’s gaze. “You want me to-”

“Unless you don’t want to of course,” Adam interrupts, heart clenching in his chest.

“Um.” Tommy looks strangely guarded, biting a cuticle.

“It’s okay, you don’t have to.”

“No, no. Just give me a minute here and we can do that.”

“Yeah?” There is no reason to believe Tommy didn’t catch the hope in Adam’s voice, because Tommy sends him a smile that doesn’t seem all that sure. Adam’s stomach ties up in knots. This was a bad idea and he’s going to kill Danielle for putting it in his head.

Tommy looks pointedly at the door and Adam leaves the bathroom only to pace around in Tommy’s room twisting his hands nervously. He wants to kiss Tommy, wants to know what it’s like, but he doesn’t want to be the only one wanting it. He’ll embarrass himself, and the guarded look Tommy had sent him was not what he wanted Tommy to look like when they were about to kiss.

The door opens and Tommy closes it silently behind him, and Adam kind of wants to escape like a bat out of hell. Sounding calm Tommy asks, “Um, still up for this?”

“It was a bad idea and you don’t have to-”

Tommy shrugs. “It’s just a kiss right? It’s nothing special.”

Adam’s heart sinks; he wants it to be special, so bad. “Yeah. So how do you want me?”

A teasing spark lights Tommy’s eyes and disappears, and Adam groans when he realizes what that sounded like.

“Just stay there.”  Tommy wets his lips and comes closer, and Adam would do the same if he could move but as it is he’s pinned to the floor. Tommy bites his lip and suddenly Adam realizes that Tommy is nervous too. That hits Adam hard and his stomach swoops down behind his balls and up again making it hard to breathe.

When Tommy has moved all the way over, he holds Adam’s gaze locked and with a shaky voice he says, “Put your hands on my hips, and lean down to me.” Adam swallows, they’re really doing this. He’s so fucking high on arousal he can barely hear Tommy over the rushing sound in his ears.

Tommy move a hand up to Adam’s face and with a feathery light touch he guides Adam down with the tip of his fingers, just enough pressure to let Adam know what angle he wants. Adam stares at Tommy lips, mesmerized as his pink tongue darts out and wets his lips again. And then Tommy’s lips touch his, so light it can’t really qualify as a kiss.

An embarrassing sound pushes its way out of Adam, and Tommy’s mouth is back this time with just enough pressure to make it good. Adam’s heart is beating its way out of his chest and he’s damn sure Tommy can feel it, with his fingers touching Adam’s neck it’s a dead giveaway. Those fingers move though a bit higher and into Adam’s hair as Tommy nips at the corner of Adam’s lips. Tommy’s tongue flickers out and Adam forgets how to breathe, the air caught in his throat and heart hammering, he opens to the soft press.  Hot and slick and with a flavor that’s not really a flavor at all but pure him, Tommy’s tongue slides along Adam’s and with soft slow licks he owns Adam’s mouth. Shaking, Adam follows Tommy’s lead and kisses back; the low moan he pulls from Tommy nearly makes him come in his pants. Without thinking, he pulls Tommy close enough that Tommy’s abdomen is pressed against the outline of Adam’s cock. Shamefaced, Adam pulls back stuttering out, “Sorry.”

Looking away and fidgeting with the hem of his shirt he continues. “I didn’t mean to get carried away like that.”

Adam more feels than sees Tommy get closer and yet he still startles when two fingers slowly guide him back to Tommy’s gaze. “Why?” Tommy asks in a husky voice. Adam shivers.

“You don’t mind?”

“No I …. I kinda wanted this, have been for some time.”

A gleeful feeling takes over the awkwardness and Adam wouldn’t be able to hold back the smile spreading on his face even if he wanted to. “So I can kiss you again?”

Nodding, Tommy says, “Yeah, please do.”

This time Adam knows what to do and when the kiss ends Tommy looks up, panting. “I fucking knew you’d be awesome at this.”

Adam blushes and ducks to kiss Tommy again. Tommy makes a keening sound deep in this throat when Adam pulls him close again with a hand on the small of his back. Adam is pretty sure this has to be heaven on earth.

“Honey? Are you home?”

Dia’s voice filters through the door and startled, Tommy giggles, “Shit!” He stumbles back wide eyed and clearly very, very turned on. Adam thinks he’s the hottest thing he’s ever laid eyes on. And fuck it if he isn’t the reason Tommy looks that way.

“Yeah mom, I’m home. Adam’s here too, we’re gonna come down in a sec,” he yells back at her, looking so freaking happy it makes Adam grin.

“Adam’s here, huh? Good,” she answers in a knowing tone. Tommy blushes deeply and dear lord Adam likes that.

“Yes. And I got a surprise up my sleeve.” Tommy snorts out a giggle as he touches his hair and Adam gives in to the contagious sound. Today might be the best day ever.


Adam is kinda scared and excited at the same time when he walks through the door to his English class the next day. It’s the first time he’ll get to see Tommy after what Adam thinks of as the most epic kiss of all times. Not that he has a lot to compare with but, whatever.

The thing is that they didn’t really talk about what happened up in Tommy’s room before Mrs. Ratliff announced she was home. They were kept in the kitchen for an hour where shy happy glances had been exchanged while talking about pink hair, school, friends and so on before Adam’s phone had buzzed and Leila had asked that Adam help with dinner at home. She had to drive his brother somewhere and even though Adam didn’t really hate his brother the feeling came close when he had to leave Tommy without any idea about what that, correction those! Kisses meant. Tommy followed Adam out but so did Mrs. Ratliff and there was no chance to talk to or let alone kiss Tommy again.

And if that isn’t enough then it’s their first class of the day and Danielle is for once in her life running late. Adam might hate her a little for that; it would have been so goddamn useful to talk to her before being face to face with Tommy.

Adam has his back to the door when the tiny hairs on his neck stand and his entire body reacts, and without a doubt he knows Tommy is there.

“What the fuck dude? Pink? You look like a fucking fag!” Frank’s voice cuts right through the chatter in the classroom and Adam ducks a little and blushes. It wasn’t about him, it wasn’t even said in a cruel tone and yet he still feels the word like a slap to the face.

Adam turns around to look at Tommy who is walking towards him smiling widely. When he’s all the way over by Adam he smirks and says to Frank, “You say that like it’s a bad thing. Maybe I am and proud of it. You know homosexuality is found in over 400 species but homophobia only in one.”

Frank laughs and grabs his crotch making an obscene gesture. “Then maybe you want a little of this.”

Tommy snorts, “I’ll pass. Thank you,” before turning his attention to Adam. Despite the playful banter and confident way Tommy just walked into class there is something strangely vulnerable in his eyes as they meet Adam’s. “Hey.”

Adam has to try twice before the “Hi.” he’s going for actually comes out.

Tommy looks at the empty space Danielle usually occupies. “Where’s Danielle?”


Tommy nods and worries his lip, and with a low private tone he says. “Can I talk to you later?”

Adam’s heart starts hammering so hard it wouldn’t surprise him one bit if it was audible. “Yeah, is something wrong?”

A smile plays in the corner of Tommy’s lips. “Everything is perfect. I just- I talked to Dad last night.”

Relieved that was the subject and not an ’oh and by the way about yesterday? Let’s forget all about that’ thing and says, “Really?” Tommy nods.

“Like talk, talk or fight.”


Tommy looks so happy and Adam is dying to reach out to touch him, to share that happiness, but it would be so much easier if he knew where they were. “ Aww. You wanna tell me about it?”

Tommy nods again, biting his lips nervously. Adam kind of wants him to stop doing that because he doesn’t want Tommy to feel nervous about anything but at the same time he really wants Tommy to keep doing it because it’s so damn hot when he does and Adam can’t stop staring. ”Yeah, but I sorta have plans today with some friends.”

Adam’s heart drops to his stomach, making it lurch painfully. “Okay.”

“It’s not- I made those plans before..” Tommy’s voice is a whisper before it fades away completely and he’s looking everywhere but at Adam.

Trying to keep the disappointment to a minimum and failing miserably Adam fights not to let Tommy in on it. “It’s okay, really. I understand.”

“You could come? I mean only if you want to.”

Tommy looks kinda hopeful and Adam doesn’t need more encouragement than that, “Sure I just have to ask mom if it’s okay. Where’re we going?”

“Mike’s place. Two blocks from us.”

Adam nods and does a mental note to call his mom the first chance he gets, he’s not wasting this precious time with Tommy right now, though. “Okay.”

Adam doesn’t see Danielle before she drops down on her chair, eyes huge and in awe. “Oh. My. God. It’s pink.”

Grinning Tommy answers with a joyful “I know!”

“It looks awesome.” Danielle reaches out to touch it and Tommy bends willingly, letting her do whatever she wants. Adam is so damn jealous he feels like puking.

“I know!”

Frank cracks himself up and splutters out, “He looks like a My little pony or something..”

Tilting his head and batting his lashes like a damn princess but still managing to flip him off Tommy says in a completely innocent tone, “Aww I didn’t know you think I’m a cutie.” Frank snorts and rolls his eyes and Adam has to laugh even though he kinda wants to blurt out exactly how cute he thinks Tommy really is.

“Cutie or not! I’m still not letting your dick near my ass.” Tommy laughs and blows Frank a kiss.

Frank laughs too. And Adam nearly misses Frank’s response. “Damn Tommy you’ve got balls.” Because really, words like dick and my ass is taking up way too much brain capacity.

“Guys, find your seats and books please.” Their English teacher Mr. O’Brian says tiredly.

“And don’t you know it!” Tommy says, as he finds his place because Mr. O’Brian obviously thinks it’s time to get their books out.


They meet out in front of the school when the last class is over, they still haven’t had five minutes alone and Adam is dying; insecurity and want don’t mix well at all.

Tommy smiles softly and starts walking. Leading the way to Mike’s house silently, he is doing that thing again where he sucks in his lower lip and keeps it there between his teeth. Once in a while Adam catches Tommy sneaking a sideways peek at him through his bangs, but that’s got nothing on when their hands sometimes brush against the others. No, because that fleeting touch just makes Adam want to link his pinky around Tommy’s and maybe even lace their fingers together. And his fucking breath hitches every time, too.

He kicks himself for wanting it all so much, all the stupid clichés. The handholding and kissing and everything in between, so yeah Adam is dying, wanting desperately to know what the hell that kiss or kisses meant yesterday, but he’s too scared to ask. What if it was just kissing, nothing special, like Tommy suggested at first. What if Adam had dreamed up the ‘I’ve been wanting this for a while’ thing? He felt like such a loser for not addressing the issue, but he couldn’t face the embarrassment if Tommy said it was just for the practice of it. So they walk in awkward silence and Adam hates it.

Finally he works up the nerve to ask something. “Want to tell me now? Or-”

Tommy stops and points at the next house, he shrugs a little as if to apologize. “This is it, Mike’s house. Mind if we talk later?”

Adam wants to say yes, wants to just say whatever and leave. He’s never been one to indulge in self torment, but Tommy grabs his wrist and fucking finally are they touching on purpose, however innocent and lame that touch may be, it’s apparently enough for Adam to say, “No, that’s fine.” And follow like a dog on a leash.

Tommy knocks on the front door and someone is yelling from inside the house that the door is open. Tommy opens and calls out “Mike?” as they walk through the door.

“In here, Mom’s at work so we’re hogging the couch.”

“Cool.” Tommy toes off his boots and pulls the hoodie off; the t-shirt he’s wearing under slides up with it, revealing a bit of skin not to mention the jut of a hipbone. Throwing it on a small bench in the hall he sends Adam a quizzical look and Adam remembers where he is. Tommy waits while Adam gets his shoes off and together, though Adam still feels like they’re miles apart, they walk into the living room. “Hi guys.” Tommy pokes the thigh of the guy sitting close by.

Smiling up at Tommy and with a curious look at Adam the boy says, “Hi Tommy.”

“I brought Adam. I hope that’s cool.”


“Adam, this is Mike,” Tommy points at the boy whose leg he was poking. “And that one over there is Luke.” Adam greets them both and Tommy flops down on the couch, dragging Adam with him. Not that Adam minds one tiny bit.

They don’t really get comfortable before there’s another knock at the door and a whirlwind of a boy screams. “Wow! You fucking did it man! It looks so-” The guy is all over Tommy who giggles gleefully and squirms away when he ruffles the hair.

“Dude!  Don’t mess with the pretty.” Tommy laughs while batting at the intrusive hand.

“I’ll touch if I want to. And where is my love?” Tommy smiles fondly and surges up to plant a kiss right on his lips.

Adam’s not stupid. He figures this has to be Christian and Tommy already told him about them, doing this. It still doesn’t change the fact that for the first time ever Adam knows why people can sometimes be pushed to where physical harm feels like the way to go. Damn it Tommy was kissing Adam yesterday, and not just a loud peck on the lips and he still hasn’t gotten as much as a sideways hug from Tommy today. Adam’s so jealous that the only reason he’s not blazing out the door slamming it behind him is the fact that he has no claim on Tommy, not at all, and it would be the surest way to ruin any chances he might get with Tommy if he acts so stupid. Realizing just how bad he’s got it, tears starts to prick behind his eyelids but he somehow gets it under control. Danielle was right all along, he just hadn’t seen it coming himself.

“Hi Mike!”  The guy releases Tommy and flings himself onto Mike who hugs him before pushing him off playfully. Sitting half on the couch and half on Tommy again he stares at Adam with obvious curiosity.

Looking like the cat that got the cream, Tommy introduces them. “That’s Adam. Adam that’s Christian, I’ve told you about him.” Adam nods and offers Christian his hand to shake. When the politeness is done and over with Christian turns so he’s sitting on Tommy’s lap, giving him a thoroughly searching look. Tommy smiles and keeps looking back open and happy.

“Okay, can I talk to you? In the kitchen?” Christian eyes dart to Adam and back and a whole conversation Adam doesn’t have a chance of understanding is held right before him, without words.

Finally Tommy nods once almost hesitantly. “Um, alright.”

Christian scoots off Tommy’s lap and with a look that says ‘stay right where you are’ he says to Adam. “We’ll be right back.”

Tommy leaves with a glance thrown over his shoulder and Adam sinks into the couch, wishing he could be a bug on the wall and not feel like he’s left in the dark.

Adam tries to pay attention to the TV but he keeps ending up with listening, hoping to pick up the murmured voices in the kitchen, without luck though. Mike clears his throat. “So? You and Tommy huh?”

“Um, what?”

“Nothing I just assumed that since he brought you… I’m gonna shut up now.”

Mike looks a lot like one that knows he just messed up and did it thoroughly. But Adam is dying to know what he meant by that. “No please. I-”

“I hate you.” Tommy’s voice filters through to Adam. There is no heat in the words, though.

The guys stumble into the living room, Christian’s arms around Tommy’s middle as he sing songs, “You love me, you wanna marry me, you wanna have my babies.”

Tommy laughs, bright and happy. “I hate you so hard right now.”

Christian lets go of Tommy, crosses his arms while he sits down close to Mike and fakes a pout. “I’m not gonna let you snuggle while we watch that damn John Wayne movie you picked for today.”

Tommy gigglesnorts and somehow he ends up right beside Adam. “You’ll be begging me to cuddle you later and don’t disrespect the Duke. That man was freaking awesome!”

Luke puts on the movie and as if on cue all the teasing and chatting comes to a stop and Adam is left wondering how the hell that happened. He hasn’t seen one movie with Danielle or any other of his friends, not even at the cinema, without someone talking or at least whispering.

It doesn’t take long before Tommy is leaning in against Adam’s side and even shorter before he’s snuggling just like the day he’d been over with Mia. Adam fights to not put too much into that so he sits still, frozen. He doesn’t want to ruin this, it feels too good and yet he has no idea what this means.

He tries to focus on his breathing, on calming the rhythm of his heart but all that runs through his dumb head is the way he thinks that maybe Tommy is doing the same. That maybe all Tommy can think about is kissing Adam again and wouldn’t that just be the best thing in the world?

At some point Tommy looks up and locks gaze with him. They stare at each other for a long time and it feels like all oxygen is evaporated in the room, making it even hard to breathe properly. Adam know he needs that air but how do you kick-start your body when someone as gorgeous as Tommy Joe looks at you that way? Tommy bites his lip and straightens up just enough to get him out from under Adam’s arm. For the longest time ever he just stares searching at Adam, and then he darts his tongue out just like he did the day before seconds before their lips met. Adam realizes that the quiet strained little moan must be coming from himself because it somehow puts Tommy into motion and slowly, so fucking slowly it almost ends Adam, he closes the space between them and soft lips brush against his. Adam reaches to cup Tommy jaw and keep him there. He feels Tommy’s soft moan more than he hears it and it’s all Adam needs to deepen the kiss.

It’s kinda awkward sitting like that and the angle is all wrong but it doesn’t really matter because that is Tommy sucking on his tongue and lips, making small impatient noises and trying to get closer. When he feels Tommy’s leg slide over his, Adam somehow, and how he does it he’ll never know, remembers where they are and that they’re not alone. So instead of working with Tommy and his effort to straddle his thighs he pulls back, looking around, embarrassed and turned on so much it hurts.

The room is empty, the TV is still on and the Duke is saving some damsel in distress. Tommy grins when he looks around following Adam’s gaze. “Best friends ever. Come here.” and then he’s pulling Adam in for another mind blowing kiss. This time Adam’s the one making sure Tommy gets closer.

Tommy follows easily though and with a leg on each side of Adam’s hips, hands in his hair he dominates Adam’s world. Nothing exists but Tommy.

Adam lets a hand wander from the small of Tommy’s back down to his ass pulling him even closer. The needy sound that comes from him because of that makes Adam’s cock throb hard against the restraint of his pants and he’s helpless against the need to move his hips in small thrusts upwards.

Tommy moves his lips away and litters kisses along Adam’s jaw and down his neck clawing impatiently at the shirt, until he gets to the skin on Adam’s collarbone and latches onto it. It feels so good Adam’s pretty sure he’s gonna end up creaming his shorts if they don’t stop. Like now.

“Tommy please.” He moans it out between hard shallow pants and hands that roam Tommy’s body.

“Please what?” is whispered against his skin, hot moist air ghosting across it leaving Adam a quivering mess.

“Don’t.” That gets Tommy’s attention. Immediately their gazes are locked and Tommy looks guarded, confused and turned on with pupils blown and lust shining in them.

“Too much? You don’t-”

“I don’t wanna come in my pants the first time I meet you friends and much longer like this I will.”


“Yeah and …. I have no idea what the hell we’re doing here.”

“Making out, obviously.” Tommy presses a lingering kiss to Adam’s lips and needing to know the reason why they’re doing it seems to be less important. Adam manages to hold on though; he doesn’t ever want to go through a day like this again.

“But why?”


There’s that lip-bite again. Adam lets a thumb run over the lip, soothing it. “What are we? Do you want to date me or is this something entirely else. I gotta know.”

The smile Tommy sends him is a weird mixture of ‘oh fuck yeah’ and shyness. “Yeah, yeah I’d like that. The dating part.”

“Good. Me too.”

They share another slow kiss before Tommy whispers. “Um, we should probably tell the guys they can come back in.”


Chapter four.

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