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He's just a little bit dangerous.

Author: lovenhardt1
Banner: qafmaniac
Word Count: 21.810. This chapter: 4.474.
Pairing: Adam/Tommy (high school AU).
Warnings: Sexual content between teenagers.
Rating: NC17
Disclaimers: The people you might recognize in here are NOT mine. I'm not making any profit, I'm only doing this for fun. There is no way this ever happened and so on.

Beta: aislinntlc Thank you sweetie for all your help, I love you so much for it!

Type: Romance with just enough angst to make it good.
A/N: This fic is written for the amazing qafmaniac. I hope you like it bb and I’m so sorry it took me so long!! Title is mostly stolen from Roxette’s song: Just a little bit dangerous.
I had some really incredible cheerleaders on this fic!!! I love you all dearly! And I couldn’t have done it without you! So THANK YOU!!!
Please do not link/copy/share/whatever this anywhere. Thank you.

Chapter two.

“So you two seemed a lot more relaxed around each other when you came back.” Danielle raises a brow and Adam kind of wants to wipe the smirk off her face, but he also wants to share all these new bites of information he’s been receiving.


Danielle bumps her shoulder against Adam. “I need more than that.” She gets a teasing glint in her eyes and starts to sing. “Tell me more, tell me more. Like does he have a-”

Adam shoves at her. “Oh shut up.”

“Just admit it Adam. You think he’s hot.”


They get disturbed by some kids running between them and for some reason they don’t really get a chance to talk about Tommy for the rest of the day. The subject is however remembered the second they cross the parking lot after the last lesson.

They both spot Tommy at the same time, rushing towards a shiny car. Adam sees Mia leaning up against the car, smiling widely at Tommy as he hurries to meet her. She opens her arms and he hugs her, grinning like a loon. They kiss and Mia lets go of him.Her eyes catch Adam’s and she smiles a little insecurely at him; he raises a hand and waves hesitantly. Tommy turns to follow Mia’s gaze and sees Adam. A smile spreads on his face and he says something to Mia that Adam can’t hear, but Mia nods and they lace their fingers together, before they start walking towards Adam and Danielle.

“Oh I guess that answers that,” Danielle says quietly.

“Hmm, what?” Adam tries to focus on Danielle but Tommy is looking at him, in a way that makes Adam forget the world around him.

“If he’s playing on my team or yours.”

“Oh. But they’re not…. She’s his Danielle.” Adam smiles and ruffles Danielle’s hair playfully. She groans loudly and ducks away.

“His what?”

“Best friend.”


“Adam!” Tommy says happily dragging Mia behind him. “So I know you two met yesterday, but Adam, this is Mia, my best friend and my partner in crime. She’s wicked and I love her.”

He laughs and pushes Mia forward. “Mia this is Adam, but you know all about him already.” Adam feels his eyes grow huge, what the hell was that supposed to mean? Tommy doesn’t seem to notice though and goes on. “And that pretty there is Danielle she’s Adam’s version of a best friend.”

“Hi Mia. I’m.. I hope you feel better today,” Adam says; he doesn’t really know if it’s okay to mention that but he can’t just ignore it either.

“Hi. Yeah.” She looks at Tommy who smiles reassuringly at her. “I’m staying with Tommy for a while, so yeah. I’m better.”

Tommy kisses her cheek affectionately. “Mia is driving me home today, want a ride?”

“Um.” Adam looks at Danielle, the sound of not taking the bus is really appealing and then there is the whole and very new ‘Tommy’ thing, but he promised Danielle they would spend the day together, and Adam doesn’t break promises. Danielle smiles knowingly.

“Got room for one more? Adam and I sorta had plans today.”

Mia nods. “Sure.”

The drive home is awkward and then somehow not; the girls chatter on about everything and nothing and Tommy is his quiet self and more than once Adam feels Tommy’s gaze on him. Had it been yesterday it would have annoyed the hell out of Adam but now it has changed to a strange more persistent flutter in his stomach. It’s weird and Adam doesn’t really know what to make of it all.

When Mia pulls up to the curve to Adam’s house, the two girls have made plans to see each other in the near future and Danielle jumps out of the car gleefully, waiting for Adam to get his ass moving. Adam locks gazes with Tommy for a second before Tommy smiling says, “See you tomorrow. Be prepared for some seriously private questions.” And then he winks at Adam. Tommy’s face scrunches up in the most adorable way and Adam laughs through his embarrassment; he’ll never be prepared enough for any kind of questions coming from Tommy’s lips.

“Back at ya,”’ he retorts in a teasing tone.

Danielle and Adam end up on Adam’s bed, schoolbooks between them but talking about everything else but homework. It’s probably a good thing that Adam’s mom will be home a little later to remind them of what’s important.

Adam tells Danielle everything that has happened since yesterday morning, well everything but the fact that Tommy apparently kisses a lot and boys too. And now she’s looking at him with an amused expression. “You’ve got it bad, don’t you?”

“No. I just… I always thought he didn’t like me because he didn’t talk to me, and now I know it’s because he’s kinda shy. And now that he’s talking I find a really interesting and kinda brave person.”

“Shy?” Danielle thinks about it for a second. “See that’s not how I see him at all Adam. I think it’s like he…. I don’t know… contemplates?”

“That too, but….” Adam thinks about their talk and shrugs. “Anyway, when I suggested we should try being friends he looked like it was the best idea ever. And it looks like he really did mean it. I mean with the ride home and everything.”

Danielle laughs. “Yeah and the way he looks at you. I still think there’s a possibility that he wants more than that.”

Adam thinks about that little quiet ‘yet’ Tommy had added when he talked about kissing boys. It hadn’t sounded like Tommy was dying to, more like he was open for it, in case he ever felt like it. “Yeah? You also think I wanna fuck him.”

She smirks. “Because you do.”

Adam sighs. Danielle is without a doubt the person that knows him the best, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have the right to keep things to himself a bit longer, even though she won’t believe a word he says. “I do not. I barely know the guy.”

She snorts. “You don’t need to know him to wanna fuck him.”

A rapid knock on the door silences them and Leila opens the door. “Hey kids, I’m home, which means you’ll be doing your homework and helping me in the kitchen when you’re done. I want to know how your day was.”

Adam groans but Danielle giggles, “Sure Leila.”

Leila smiles and leaves them to finish their homework.

 “Are you gonna tell her?”

“About?” Adam says, hoping playing dumb will save his ass.

She rolls her eyes. “Tommy.”

“She knows about Tommy, it’s not like his mother kept him a secret.”

“Your crush on him!”

This time it’s Adam’s turn to roll his eyes. “Don’t have one.”

“Oh my God you’re stubborn,” she sighs.

Adam cups her face and lays a sweet kiss on her lips. “But you love me. Now let’s get to work.”

When Adam lies in bed that night his mind keeps wandering back to that kissing conversation again, and that little ‘yet’ and to the strange tension that seems to run through him whenever Tommy touches him. He’s totally developing a crush, but he doesn’t want to, he doesn’t know for certain if Tommy is into guys, and even if he is, then there is no evidence that Tommy’s attracted to him.

It takes a while for Adam to fall asleep and when he does it’s a restless sleep.

They have biology as the last lesson and even though Adam talks with Tommy several times during the day, it’s short and abrupt because of classes and other people and it only makes Adam nervous. He wants to be free to ask Tommy all kinds of questions but at the same time he’s scared of the answers.

“Hi Adam. You wanna walk with me to class?” Tommy asks Adam as he’s hauling the books out of his locker.

“Sure,” Adam says, a nervous anticipation strumming through his veins.

A voice, shy and nervous distracts him, though. 

“Tommy.” A girl Adam hasn’t really seen before is looking up at Tommy, twirling a lock of her hair around a finger. She looks kinda like she’s flirting to Adam.

Tommy smiles and leans back against the locker. “Hi Abigail.”

She takes a step closer to Tommy, leans in a bit, and Adam is torn between wanting to leave and ask her to. He has no right to be jealous, but the feeling is still there.

“Are you coming tonight?” she asks, batting her lashes.

Confusion is written all over Tommy’s face. “Um, to what?”

“The game,” Abigail says like it’s the most obvious thing in the universe.

Tommy smiles. “Nope. Sorry baby, I’m not much of a sports fan.”

“Oh. Um… okay I just… I wanted to ask you ….” Her voice trails off and she steps back, looking at everything else than Tommy.

Tommy seems to finally get with the program and realize what this is all about. Adam wants to hit him in the head for being this slow.

“Oh. Oooh. Abigail, I think you’re sweet and all but I’m not- I don’t really spend much time at all these things. I need a lot of time alone, I’m weird like that. I really am.”

She looks embarrassed and Adam can almost feel how awkward it must be for her. Tommy reaches out and puts two fingers under her chin and raises her gaze to meet his. “Next time I wanna go to one of those things, I’ll ask you if you’re free to go with me, okay?”

“Yeah?” she sounds hopeful.

“Sure,” Tommy says, “But I doubt you will by then.”

The bell rings and Tommy turns to Adam. “Shit we’re late again. This is so gonna be our thing isn’t it?”

They hurry to class just to be sent off to a quiet place again. The music room is still available so they sit down like the day before, notebooks and pens ready, but completely ignored.

“Who’s first?” Adam asks. He has to say something because Tommy isn’t.

“I dunno? You thought of anything?” The question makes Adam a little uncomfortable because he sure has been giving Tommy and his life a lot of thoughts during the last forty-eight hours.

“Um, yeah….”

Tommy smiles warmly. “Then go ahead.”

Adam doesn’t know how to ask this, but after a short thinking pause he works his way through the most urgent question. “Just before… when that girl… she was obviously flirting and wanted to ask you out… why didn’t you say yes? I mean you basically said you’d go out with her if it wasn’t because it was…. You know? School related.”

Tommy nods. “Hmm, I probably would go out with her. She’s sweet and pretty. The truth is that I spend enough time with all these people here in school. I want time with my other friends too and I wasn’t lying. I need time to myself; my mom calls it Tommy-time. I love doing nothing, to be a couch potato and watch movies or mess around on my guitar. She is the love of my life.”

The way Tommy looks when he talks about his guitar makes Adam grin. Now he knows why Tommy wanted to hear him sing. Music is another thing they have in common.

“So I was wondering, since you haven’t kissed a boy yet, have you ever kissed a girl or wanted to?” Tommy asks, resuming the pattern from yesterday.

“No and no. I know that’s not for me, but I’m guessing you have?”

“A couple,” Tommy shrugs, “but Mia was the first.”

“Mia?” Adam can’t hold the surprise back.

Tilting his head Tommy asks, “Why does that surprise you?”

“I thought she was you best friend.”

“She is and she was at the time too. I dunno we just… we needed to find out if that was all it was or if it could be more. Anyway, she was an awesome teacher even though there weren’t any sparks to make it all that interesting. Since you haven’t kissed yet you might wanna ask Danielle to help you out. I bet she has experience in that department.”

Adam is stupefied. “Kiss Danielle?” Tommy nods. “But what good would that do? It can’t be all that complicated,” Adam states, because kiss Danielle? He’s gay, why would he ever do something like that?

Tommy grins. “It’s not, but there is some technique involved.”


“Yeah. But my bet is on you being great at it.”

Wanna find out? Is the thing Adam really wants to blurt but that wouldn’t be a good thing, so instead he forces out, “I’ll ask her.”

“Good for you!” Tommy smirks.

“So you’re straight?” Adam asks and for the first time Tommy looks away. He doodles in his notebook while answering Adam in a soft tone.

“I have no idea what I am. I think I’m mostly attracted to girls but it has happened that a good looking guy does it for me.”

Oh this is interesting, Adam thinks and pushes the issue. “So you’re bi?”

“I honestly don’t know. The truth is that I’ve only been crushing on one other boy.” Tommy throws Adam a shy glance before going back to doodling.

Oh. Adam feels his heart sink, this doesn’t sound promising at all. “Yesterday you said you haven’t kissed a boy like that yet. I’m obviously guessing here but were you hoping that he would… I mean are you still crushing on him?”

Tommy bites his lip and then there is another shy glance, which Adam doesn’t get. This is the same guy that told him to be awesome in his own way yesterday. There is not one sign of that confidence now. It’s odd.

“Very much, yeah.” It’s almost whispered out.

“Oh. Does he know?”

A shy smile pulls at Tommy’s lips. “Nope. I’m such a chicken, but I’m working on building up my cool to do something about that.”

“Wow. I’m so not sure I could do that, not that it matters.” Adam shrugs, trying to shrug off his disappointment too.

“Why doesn’t it matter?” Tommy is looking at Adam again, this time he keeps their gazes locked, though.

“I always develop crushes on someone very unattainable; either they’re straight or already spoken for.” Adam sighs; this really seems to be the story of his life.

“Sorry Adam, that sucks.” Tommy looks serious and empathic but then something sparks in his eyes, mischievousness to be more accurate. “Or you know it really doesn’t,” he says, grinning.

Adam groans and face-palms. “Oh my God, shut up. Now you’re putting images in my head.”

“But good ones, right? I wonder what that’s like.”

Adam feels the heat creep up his neck and cheeks. Vivid pictures of Tommy on his knees looking up at him with those pretty lips stretched around his cock, make it hard to breathe and his pants uncomfortably tight. Yeah. Because he needs distraction and because he has no idea what to say he looks at the clock. “Fuck Tommy, we’re late again.”

Tommy grins, “Told you, it’s gonna be our thing, but whatever, right? Time flies when in good company.”

Adam’s heart does that flip flop thingy. “Yeah, it seems so.”

They run off to class but this time Adam doesn’t grab Tommy’s hand. He’s got the memo, Tommy is caught up on someone else.


Sighing, Adam looks out the window. Saturday is lazy and a little boring. It’s not really that interesting to write an English essay. Neil is his usual pain-in-the-ass self and annoying the fuck out of Adam and he needs a distraction. It comes a few minutes later when the doorbell rings.

Adam hears his mom open the door and greet the person, with a half ear, not really paying attention. That’s until he hears Mrs. Ratliff’s voice. It’s not like he isn’t used to that voice but it doesn’t sound like she’s dropping by alone.

Intrigued, Adam leaves his place by the window in his room to investigate. Sure enough, there’s Tommy and Mia. She is the first who sees Adam standing on top of the stairs and her eyes twinkle when she tugs Tommy’s hand, letting him know Adam’s there.

Tommy turns his attention to Adam. “I hope it’s okay?” he asks, doing a little apologizing shrug.

Adam nods and gestures for them to come up. Tommy fucking Ratliff is in his home, how weird is that? Awesome weird, but weird. Adam tries to ignore the sexual tension strumming in him as he invites Mia and Tommy into his room.

“What were you doing?” Tommy asks as he curiously looks around  Adam’s room.

Adam feels a bit like being on display and he has to clear his throat before answering. “That English paper we’re supposed to hand in next week.”

“Oh that.” Tommy’s frown speaks clearly of how little attention he has paid that essay. Mia slaps Tommy’s head from behind, but there’s no real force behind it. “You’re supposed to do that too aren’t you?”

With a regretful smile and a little shrug Tommy says, “Um, yeah?”

She sighs. “Guessed so, you gotta do your fucking homework idiot. Be smart.”

Tommy laughs; the sound of it makes Adam’s heart do flip flops. “I’m smart enough to use my big puppy eyes to get you to write it for me.” Tommy bats his lashes at Mia, who shakes her head vigorously.

“No, no, no. I’m not falling for those again.”

Sassy as hell and way too cute to be allowed to use his charms, Tommy tilts his head and asks daringly. “Wanna bet?”

“Really?” Adam asks with great skeptism. “You get Mia to do your homework?” Tommy grins. “Naw, only happened once.”

Mia clears her throat and glares at Tommy.

“Or twice.” Tommy corrects, smirking. “I gotta take advantage of her being older and knowing the answers.”

Tommy moves around in Adam’s room, touching everything. He looks like he’s mapping the room and Adam feels nervous about it, it almost feels like a test. “Say something,” he says.

Tommy raises his head and looks at Adam. “Something!”

Adam groans and Tommy smiles. “I like what you’ve done to the room. Cool posters.”

 Adam feels like breathing again. “Thanks.”

They end up watching TV, all three of them on Adam’s bed. It’s one of those moments where he’s profoundly happy about his mom and dad understanding his need to sprawl when he sleeps and therefore giving into buying him a huge bed.

Adam is perhaps watching Tommy more than the TV, but Tommy doesn’t notice so it’s all good.

“Jesus, Tommy. Would you stay still for two seconds?” Mia scolds when Tommy fidgets for the millionth time. He is between Adam and Mia, trying to fit his body against Mia’s. Adam smiles, Tommy is adorable like that.

“I’m not comfy and I’m cold,” Tommy whines and tries to get closer. Mia moves a bit and Tommy retaliates with a thigh thrown over hers.

Mia sighs heartfelt and long. “No you’re a cuddle slut.”

Tommy snickers. “So shut up and cuddle me.”

Mia sends Adam a pained but playful gaze. “Please? Take him off my hands?”

“Um.” Adam has got no words. Only images and they fuck with his brain and apparently his dick, too.

“I’m begging you, I’ll write that essay for you,” Mia says and shoves at Tommy, who turns towards Adam. Huge soft brown eyes shining with hope stare up at him.

Adam swallows when Tommy licks his lips before chewing down on his bottom lip. Adam is beyond fucked. He raises an arm and Tommy beams at him as he snuggles close.

Adam’s heart should be caught in a racehorse’s chest, beating so hard he’s sure it’s visible. He tries to think of something else, something other than Tommy’s warm body pressed closely against his, or the intoxicating smell of Tommy or even how goddamn right it feels. Clearing his throat he whispers, “You really are a huggy guy aren’t you?”

Tommy looks so content when he whispers back. “Yeah.”

Adam feels a little bold after that so he continues whispering in a teasing tone. “So I guess this means you’re starting your kissing routine with me too, soon?”

Tommy tenses and Adam could kick his own ass as he wonders how bad he messed up, especially when he looks into those brown eyes and he sees something there, something fragile, but it escapes him before he can name it. With a glance at Mia, Tommy says quietly, “I wouldn’t do that unless you’d want me to. I get it’s not something most people are okay with.”

Backpedaling Adam quickly says, “I was just teasing. I think it’s awesome you do that, I thought you knew that.”

Tommy looks at him for a long time, searching. “So you wouldn’t mind?”

Knowing things are okay Adam smiles. “No. Someone told me it’s way cooler to show people you care than not to.”

Mia laughs at something and it drags Tommy’s attention from Adam. “Aww, Tommy look! That’s fucking awesome.”

Tommy grins. “I should do that. It’d piss off the old man much more than the eyeliner and mascara. Wanna help me do it?”

“No baby, you’re on your own here, your dad is kind enough to let me stay under his roof. I’m not biting the hand that feeds me.”


Mia giggles. “That might be so but you try living with a-”

Tommy looks devastated. “Sorry. Didn’t mean it-”

“Like that. Yeah I know. But seriously I’m not helping you dye your hair pink.”

Tommy pouts and Adam can’t stop the chuckle. Tommy elbows him but keeps his gaze locked on Mia’s. “You suck.”

“You wish.” She winks and Tommy laughs.

“I’ll ask Christian instead, he doesn’t suck.”

Mia laughter is bubbly when she throws back, “He would. He so would.”

Adam frowns; he was sure Tommy said Christian was a close friend and nothing more. “No he wouldn’t and ew! I do not want that picture in my head, dude is like a brother to me!”

Mia snorts. “He so would, have you looked in the mirror?”

Adam kind of loves this banter between them and he also sort of loves that Tommy hasn’t moved since he snuggled into Adam’s arms. It’s like Tommy somehow feels how he fits too.

“Yeah, a scrawny guy with no ass stares back at me. It’s not pretty.”

Mia leans over and ruffles Tommy’s hair affectionately. “Right. You’re ugly.” Tommy flips her off and Mia giggles. “And stupid. Maybe you should have been born blond instead of dyeing it.”

Laughing, Tommy pushes Mia off the bed using his legs and Adam to lean his bodyweight against to get the leverage. When Mia sits on the floor laughing Tommy turns and snuggles into Adam. “Meanie! You can go, I’ve got another to cuddle me and I’m keeping him.” He sticks his tongue out before gazing up at Adam. “You wanna help me?” Tommy lets a finger brush a lock of Adam’s hair away from his forehead. “I mean you have obviously done it before so I’ll be in good hands.”

Adam’s voice might tremble but he can’t fucking control it. “Um, yeah. Sure, if that’s what you want.”

“Great.” Tommy smiles sunnily.

They make plans to do it the week after, because Tommy wants to be sure they’re not interrupted by his mother. Well, Tommy makes plans because Adam is way too busy picturing what this means in his head and fighting the nervous arousal running wild in his veins.

When Danielle drops by later that evening, Adam can’t hold it in anymore. Before she closes the door to his room behind her, words are spilling from him.

“Oh God Dani, Tommy was here today and we were watching TV and then he wanted to cuddle with Mia but she’d had enough of him because he kept fidgeting around and she practically begged me to take him off her hands and then he looked at me with those ridiculous brown eyes all hopeful and shit-“ Adam pulls a sharp and deep breath in to continue his story and Danielle laughs.

“Nope! You’re so not crushing on Tommy, no not at all. Not even a little.”

“We were cuddling Dani! And no I’m not…a little. This is going to be one of those all devouring type of things that leaves me miserable for the last year together in school.”

“Why?” her voice is kind and she sounds so genuinely confused that Adam wants to shake her.

“Because he is hung up on someone!”

Danielle grins. “Could that be,” She holds up a hand, “wait for it,” she lets Adam wait for half a minute before she says, “you?!”


“You worry me! Like literally worry me. Yes moron, you.” She shakes her head fondly and flops down on Adam’s bed. “Have you not been paying attention at all in biology?”

Adam frowns and sends Danielle an inquisitive look. She sighs dramatically. “About the signs of when someone is interested in you?”

“Oh. Um, yeah?”

Like she’s the queen of patience she asks, “Does Tommy touch you?”

Adam nods, “But Tommy touches a lot of people; it’s his thing, kinda like my mom. Lots of people are like that. I’m like that.”

Danielle makes her world known eye-roll. “Okay then, does he ever gaze at you when he thinks you’re not looking? Or does he find small or non-existent reasons for seeing you?..... like… Oh my God…today?”


“So it’s safe to say Tommy is interested don’t you think?”

“You really think so?”

She gets off the bed and walks over to him. Cradling his face she asks softly, “Baby, is this insecurity speaking or are you just that blind?”

“I just don’t want to get my hopes up.”

Danielle hugs him sweet and caring. And Adam remembers something. “I gotta ask you something. It’s something Tommy told me I should do.”

Danielle sends him a ‘go-on-look’ and he does. “Could you teach me how to kiss?”

“How to kiss?”

“Yeah Tommy said-”

Snorting, Danielle pokes him in the chest. “I bet he did. Listen Adam. Ask Tommy to teach you and if you don’t wanna put yourself on the line ask him to do it in the name of science. I’m sure you’ll get your answer to if he wants in your pants or not.”

“I can’t do that!”

“Sure you can. Biology is a blessing in your case.”

“I can?” Adam lets the idea grow on him.

“Yes.” It’s said with enough confidence that Adam buys the idea.

“I can.”

“Good boy,” Danielle says teasingingly and kisses his cheek.

Chapter three.

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