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The Wedding Date.

Title: The Wedding Date, Part 7 of 11.
Author: lovenhardt1

Beta: thrace_adams  Thank you sweetie for all your help, I love you so much for it!
adobejunkieOMG bb, I love you so hard for this!!!
Word Count:  33,439 - 2.430 This Chapter
Pairing: Adam/Tommy, Romance.
Warnings: Adult Situations and Language
Rating: R - NC-17
Summary: Sometimes friends do really stupid things that get you into trouble and they get off scot-free! This is one of those times. So now because Cheeks couldn't keep his mouth shut and told Adam's ex that he's in LOVE and so fucking HAPPY in this relationship, that, by a way, Adam doesn't actually have! Adam gets an invite to said ex's wedding and ends up going to spend four days with his ex's family with a paid date found for him by Cheeks.
Tommy Joe is practically every dirty fantasy of Adam's and on top of that he's a real sweetheart. Adam is so screwed because four days of playing boyfriends with Tommy is going to be torture, especially since he told Adam that he doesn't mix business with pleasure.
Then Cheeks dares Adam to make Tommy bend his rules and Adam has never been one to back away from one of those. And that's how he finds himself with Tommy smiling up at him in the front garden of Adam's former almost in-laws. "Let the games begin," Tommy says. Indeed, Adam thinks.
Disclaimers: The people you might recognize in here are NOT mine. I'm not making any profit, I'm only doing this for fun. There is no way this ever happened and so on.

A/N: Written for the lambliffbigbang 2012.

I had some really incredible cheerleaders on this fic you all know who you are. I love you all dearly! And I couldn’t have done it without you!

Please do not link/copy/share/whatever this anywhere. Thank you.

The door closes behind Tommy as he crosses the room to put his phone on the dresser.  Adam is right there behind him, his hands running down Tommy’s arms until they reach his hands. Adam laces their fingers together and lifts them onto the dresser, blocking Tommy in with their arms.  He rests his chin on Tommy’s shoulder and fixes his gaze on Tommy’s in the mirror hanging over the dresser. “You’re gorgeous, you know that?” Adam says in a thick voice.

Tommy breathes out a soft laugh and squeezes Adam’s fingers; he turns his head and looks up at Adam through his eyelashes.

Adam's heart pounds a bit in his chest and he goes for another kiss.  Their mouths meet in a sweet, wet and tender kiss.  Adam’s tongue sweeps across Tommy's lips until he opens and their tongues met in a caress that has Tommy pushing back against Adam, rolling his hips up and into Adam.  They break the kiss and two pairs of hungry eyes meet each other in the mirror.

Adam licks his way into Tommy's mouth once more, sucking on his tongue.  Small sounds of arousal and need float from Tommy and Adam strengthens the grip on Tommy’s left hand and moves the right one down Tommy’s right thigh. Slowly and feathery light he lets his fingers run along the firm muscles. Tommy shifts, spreading his legs a little, inviting Adam in between his legs. Tommy reaches up and twines his fingers in Adam's hair and holds on. Adam dominates the kiss, thrusting his tongue lazily in and out until he has to pull back and catch his breath.

Adam presses his erection against Tommy’s ass and they both groan at the touch, Tommy pushes back against Adam again and rolls his hips a bit to get even closer. Adam’s dick lines up perfectly between Tommy’s cheeks and Adam’s eyes go dark and needy. He lets his hand wander up to Tommy’s hip and holds him still for a minute while he thrusts lazily, creating beautiful friction.  Tommy tries to catch his breath as Adam watches him in the mirror, loving everything he sees – parted lips, pupils blown wide and his head tilted just so, baring his neck for Adam to explore 

Adam releases the hold on Tommy’s hip and lets his hand wander a little higher, under the hem of his t-shirt.  His thumb brushes against skin just above Tommy’s waistline, making Tommy’s breath hitch and Adam smiles through the kisses he's decorating Tommy's neck with. Tommy closes his eyes, overwhelmed by all the sensations rushing through his body. Adam’s warm hand travels further up, pulling the t-shits up too, exposing Tommy’s stomach and chest. Adam skims over soft skin, lingering when Tommy squirms and giggles because it tickles.

“Dude! Not my ribs!”

“Hmm, found a soft spot there, huh?” Adam‘s voice is gleeful and Tommy tries to turn around, his hands reaching for Adam's body too, but Adam doesn't let him.

“No, baby, let me enjoy this a little longer. Look at you! Your skin is so pale and beautiful.” Adam whispers.

Tommy looks into the mirror and they lock gazes. Adam lets his fingers run over a nipple and Tommy arches his back, pushing into the caress.

“Adam.” Tommy sighs, his voice thick and hoarse with desire.

Adam’s eyes are dark with need and he pushes Tommy's shirt up, letting go of his hand on the dresser.  Tommy lifts both arms and Adam pulls the t-shirt off. Tommy's head falls back against Adam’s shoulder as Adam draws a finger down his neck, shoulder, and  arm.  He closes his eyes and Adam revels in the delicious friction of their skin.  He shifts his weight and once again Adam's hand is on Tommy’s hip.

“Open your eyes.” Adam insists and Tommy indulges him, the passion in his eyes matching the passion in Adam's perfectly. Adam trails a caress along Tommy’s inner thigh and up to cup his cock.

“Fuck Adam.” Tommy moans and thrusts into the warmth of Adam’s hand.

Adam laughs dark and sexy, “Yeah, working our way around to that baby.”

Adam squeezes Tommy lightly through his jeans. Tommy lets out a strangled cry and finally makes a move of his own. He bats Adam’s hands away and rips open the button and zip on his fly.

“Too many clothes for that.”

Adam takes half a step back and Tommy uses the space between them to spin around and attack Adam’s lips in a fierce kiss. Adam cups Tommy’s ass and lifts him a little making their dicks rub against each other. They both groan and Tommy tightens his arms around Adam’s neck.  Adam lifts him up and stumbles backward, aiming for the bed, and drops Tommy onto it, landing him on his back hovering above him, brushing his hair away from his face. Tommy finally has free rein to roam Adam’ body, so he tugs impatiently at Adam’s shirt trying to remove it. Adam holds himself up on  one arm and pulls the shirt over his head, then shifts the weight to the other arm throwing the shirt on the floor. Tommy’s hands are already busy with Adam’s belt, yanking at it  impatiently.  Adam cradles his face and kisses him deep and dirty.

“Too much-“ Tommy complains when they break the kiss, he finally gets his way with the belt and unbuttons Adam’s jeans. He shoves his hands under the waistline and pushes the pants down Adam’s ass.

“Come on hot-stuff; roll over so I can get these off you.” He yanks at the pants.

Adam grins wide and goofy.  “Hey who’s bossy now?” But he does as asked and Tommy is all over him pulling the jeans off along with the boxers and finally the socks. Tommy stops to stare, not even the slightest shy about it. Adam lets him, reveling in the want he sees in Tommy’s eyes.

“Fuck Adam, you’re huge! And fucking gorgeous.” 

Tommy lets his fingers do the walking up Adam’s thighs, ghosting over his groin.

Adam’s breathe hitches, “Fucking tease.” 

Tommy grins, running a finger from the base of Adam’s cock to the head. He smirks and bends down to trail the same path with his tongue. He rolls Adam’s balls in his hand pulling the most delightful sounds out of Adam when he does. Adam’s hands fists in Tommy’s hair gently pulling him upwards, “Tommy?”

“Yeah?” Tommy looks up and meets Adam’s heated gaze, his skin flushing with need.

"Take your clothes off for me." Adam whispers. It’s a needy demand and Adam can't believe it came out sounding like that.  But Tommy lets out a breath, almost as if he'd been holding it and holding Adam's gaze, slowly strips out of his clothes.  Adam can't help stroking himself slowly as Tommy watches him through hooded lids.

"Fuck," Adam says in a needy voice as Tommy stands before him, naked, cock hard between his thighs. "Baby you're magnificent."

Tommy lowers his gaze, a sweet blush creeping up his neck, and crawls back in bed.  He straddles Adam’s thighs making Adam shiver with anticipation as he runs his hands up Adam’s chest to tease his nipples. Tommy bends to kiss along the collarbone getting lost in the scent of Adam’s warm skin. Adam strokes Tommy's back as his tongue chases freckles before sucking a nipple into his mouth pulling out a moan from Adam's chest.  His grip tightens as Tommy's tongue circles his nipple teasingly, making it harden and peak with arousal.  Only then does he suck on the hard nub, biting it until he draws out another deep moan from Adam.

Adam slides his hands down and grips Tommy's ass and presses them closer together, making their cocks rub against each other. Tommy rocks his hips a bit desperately and then leans back, throwing his head back, blond hair obscuring his face as he reaches down to wrap his long fingers around their cocks, stroking them together.

Adam swallows hard, the feeling of Tommy's hardness combined with the slow draw of silky soft skin against his own fevered skin is almost enough to push him over the edge.  He reaches up letting his thumb caress the Adam’s apple on Tommy's throat before pushing at his  jawline until the angle is just right.  He holds Tommy in place with his firm grip, the keening sound coming from Tommy almost too much.

“Tell me what you want Tommy.”

Tommy’s eyes flutter open and his eyes burns with need. Adam's grip tightens involuntarily because damn it if this isn’t the prettiest picture ever.

“You! Inside! Me! Five minutes ago!”

Adam laughs dark and predatory and Tommy must like it because he shivers.  Adam digs his fingers into Tommy's ass, briefly wondering if he's leaving a mark but the way Tommy pushes back into his touch tell him even if he is Tommy will wear it proudly.

Adam glides his hands down Tommy's ass until his fingers brush against his hole, making Tommy moan and push back against the caress. The sound sends sparks of desire through his spine down his cock making it throb in need.

Tommy bends to lick a trail along Adam’s neck and scrapes his teeth along the stretched tendon only to  move up to suck on an earlobe making Adam gasp. With a frustrated sound, Adam rolls them over, but the bed is small and they almost land on the floor. Tommy giggles.  "If you drop me on my ass you aren't getting any."

Adam snorts loudly making Tommy giggle even more as he rocks his hips impatiently. Adam scoots lower and kisses his way down Tommy’s stomach, sucking up a mark on his inner thigh. Tommy spreads his legs wide open wantonly and fists his hands in the sheets. Adam nuzzles his balls before he lets his lips ghost over Tommy’s length.

“Fuck yeah.” Tommy breathes out, tossing his head and arching, chasing the warmth of Adam’s mouth with a small thrust of his hips.

Adam steadies him with a hand holding him down as he looks up at him through his lashes before sucking him in all the way to the base. Adam can feel the need pulsing through Tommy as he arches up into his touch.  He hums around Tommy's cock, sucking hard, hollowing his cheeks and swirling his tongue around the slit at the top. 

“Shit Adam I’m gonna, I’m gonna, -” Tommy stutters out.

Adam wraps his hand around the base of Tommy’s cock and presses firmly to stop the orgasm.

“No, baby, I wanna be inside you when you do. Wait for me baby, can you do that?”

Tommy nods vaguely.  “Yeah just…fingers now…please Adam.” Tommy pants heavily, his eyes glassy with need.

“And don’t fucking stop touching me!”

Adam smiles mischievously and says, “I have to though, just a minute I’ll be right back, I’m not doing this raw and bare.”

Adam smacks a kiss on Tommy’s thigh and bounces off the bed to find condoms and lube. Tommy smiles heatedly when Adam rummages through his things.  Adam crows in delight when he finds what he needs and instantly he is back and drizzling lube on his fingers and the need be inside Tommy, filling him up, is taking over all rational thought in his brain.

“You’re so damn delicious, next time I’m gonna take my time, and Jesus fuck I’m gonna rim you so good you’ll be begging me never to stop”

Tommy groans loudly.  “Just get your fingers in me!”

Adam flicks his fingers over Tommy’s hole, circling it just to tease and then he leans down to kiss him openmouthed and dirty and pushes his wet finger through the tight clench of the muscle. Slowly he works Tommy open while Tommy rocks down on his fingers.

Incoherent sounds pour form Tommy’s lips and Adam whispers words like ‘I’m gonna fill you up so good baby.’ ‘You’re gonna look so pretty on my cock.’ ‘I’m gonna make you beg for me baby, let me hear you beg for me.’ Tommy whines and writhes under Adam with desire and he begs.

“Adam please come on; put that dick of yours in me…. Please just fuck me!”

Adam finally reaches for the condom and Tommy watches Adam roll it on and lube up, biting down on his lip to suppress a moan. Adam is fucking hot and Tommy strokes himself and rolls his balls in his hand making Adam mirror the lip biting.

“You ready baby?”

“Yeah, put that big thing of yours in me please.”

Adam slides in between Tommy’s legs and trembles when he feels the tight heat of Tommy surround him. A small sexy smile plays on Tommy’s lips as he watches Adam’s face, staring as if he's memorizing the moment and saving it forever.

“Yeah come on, fuck me, fill me up.”

Adam watches his face, sees the desire on it, the arousal as he pushes inside, almost as if Tommy welcomes the slight burn, wants it even.  He clings to Adam and Adam closes his eyes, losing himself in the feeling of owning Tommy.  It scares him how much he wants this, to own Tommy and to want Tommy to want to be owned by him, but he can’t help it. He’s got no defense to keep him safe.

They find a rhythm and it’s over way too fast but they can’t hold their orgasms back. And for a while they just bask in the afterglow.

Tommy curls around Adam, putting a leg over his thighs and draws caresses on Adam’s chest absentmindedly.

“Are you gonna tell me what’s on your mind?”  Adam asks softly.

“Uhm, yeah, not that I’m not grateful, but lube and condoms?” 

Adam looks at Tommy, his face guarded and then it dawns on him, how that must have looked to Tommy.

“Oh baby, don’t, no,  I,  uhm, shit that’s not what it looked like!  You’re not just a fuck, please believe me!”

Tommy bites his lip and sighs.  Adam can see the warring emotions in his eyes, the desire to believe and something else he can't quite place, something locked, guarded even and suddenly he wants nothing more than to reassure him.  He puts a finger under Tommy's chin and turns his head up, kissing him softly and lovingly.

“Trust me please Tommy, please. I’m nuts about you.”

“Okay.  If you say so.” Tommy whispers softly, tensions slowly seeping out of his body.  Adam sighs happily. Soon after that they drift into sleep holding each other close.


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