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The Wedding Date.

The Wedding Date, Part 8 of 11.
Author: lovenhardt1

 thrace_adams Thank you sweetie for all your help, I love you so much for it!
Artwork: adobejunkie OMG bb, I love you so hard for this!!!
Word Count:  33,439 -  3.057 This Chapter
Pairing: Adam/Tommy, Romance.
Warnings: Adult Situations and Language
Rating: R - NC-17
Summary: Sometimes friends do really stupid things that get you into trouble and they get off scot-free! This is one of those times. So now because Cheeks couldn't keep his mouth shut and told Adam's ex that he's in LOVE and so fucking HAPPY in this relationship, that, by a way, Adam doesn't actually have! Adam gets an invite to said ex's wedding and ends up going to spend four days with his ex's family with a paid date found for him by Cheeks.
Tommy Joe is practically every dirty fantasy of Adam's and on top of that he's a real sweetheart. Adam is so screwed because four days of playing boyfriends with Tommy is going to be torture, especially since he told Adam that he doesn't mix business with pleasure.
Then Cheeks dares Adam to make Tommy bend his rules and Adam has never been one to back away from one of those. And that's how he finds himself with Tommy smiling up at him in the front garden of Adam's former almost in-laws. "Let the games begin," Tommy says. Indeed, Adam thinks.
Disclaimers: The people you might recognize in here are NOT mine. I'm not making any profit, I'm only doing this for fun. There is no way this ever happened and so on.

A/N: Written for the lambliffbigbang 2012.

I had some really incredible cheerleaders on this fic you all know who you are. I love you all dearly! And I couldn’t have done it without you!

Please do not link/copy/share/whatever this anywhere. Thank you.

Tommy awakens when the sun crawls over him leaving small kisses of warmth and promises of a beautiful day on his skin.  For a while he just stays where he is, cocooned in the feeling of Adam doing his octopus thing. His body aches in all the best ways and the deep satisfaction he feels makes him gaze at Adam, like the love struck fucker he is. He wants to stay like this forever, feel like this forever, but he hears activity in the hallway and decides to beat Allison to the punch, so he sneaks out of Adam’s embrace and puts on his pajama pants and a shirt and goes to get breakfast. The only person in the kitchen is Amy and she greets him with a kiss on his cheek and squeezes his arm a little bit.

“So I was thinking that maybe I could borrow a tray and serve Adam breakfast in bed.  Would that be alright with you?” Tommy tilts his head and makes his best puppy eyes, playing the best card he has at the moment.

She offers him a knowing smile and says, “Sure honey, let me help you with that.”

Five minutes later Tommy is on his way back to Adam carrying a neatly set tray with juice, bread and fresh fruit. When he opens the door he balances the tray on one hand and swears when he almost drops it. Somehow, Adam manages to sleep through the whole thing.   Tommy stops and stares, torn between wanting Adam awake and just enjoying the luxury of being able to revel in the sight of him. He puts the tray on the dresser, pulls off his shirt and grabs his phone and crawls into bed again.

He sits down with his back against the wall and lets his fingers run through Adam’s hair. Adam makes a happy noise and moves closer in his sleep, he ends up cuddling on Tommy’s lap making Tommy feel like his heart is about to burst, he can’t believe that Adam really means this, really wants him and as soon as he starts thinking that his thoughts start to snowball.

He doesn’t deserve this wonderful man. Adam is a rockstar living his dream, he is so freaking talented and awesome in more ways than Tommy can even think of. He should be with someone that matches him, someone equally talented and awesome, not some dude that makes a living as an escort while busting his nuts to make it into the music industry.

As if Adam senses the turmoil going on in Tommy, he tightens his arm around Tommy and mumbles in his sleep. Tommy has to really listen but when he realizes Adam is asking him to stay, he does the only thing he can think of - he calls the one person he knows will push him in the right direction.


“Mary! You sound tired, is something wrong, did I wake you up?” All Tommy’s worries are blown away by the fragile and tired voice in the other end.

“Well, hello to you too Thomas, no nothing is wrong, just slept in I’m allowed.  I’m getting old you know.”

Mary’s voice grows stronger and more powerful with each word, so Tommy relaxes.

“Naw, you’re not, age is a state of mind and you better be around for a long time to come missy.” A soft and tender smile plays on his lips; he loves this bantering back and forth between them, it is the main reason she stole a piece of his heart in the first place.

“I’m not going anywhere. I’m still waiting to hear the sound of little feet, that is when you decide to make me a bonus grandmother.”

“Yeah, well there is just one problem there.”

Mary laughs loud and joyfully at that and says, “Oh don’t you dare! Thomas," she cackles into the phone.  "Don't even try  to give me the “I’m missing a chromosome for that to happen” speech. There are other ways, adoption, Thomas adoption.”

“Yeah, well I guess I have to consider that at some point.” Tommy sighs not because the thought makes him sad but because they’re already getting close to the reason for the phone call. He feels like a coward.

“Hmmm, why do I feel like I’m missing something here? And why are you awake and calling me at….9am?”

“Uhm…I just wanted to talk.” Another sigh, he doesn’t know how to begin, but he knows she won’t let him get away with this. He is right, the demanding but still patient tone in her voice makes it clear when she says, “So talk, Thomas.”

“Um yeah… I guess….. I sorta met someone… and I’m kinda scared that I’ll never be…I don’t even know…enough?!….” Tommy is met with silence for what seems like a long time and he gnaws on his thumb. It’s a terribly bad habit of his that sneaks up on him whenever he is sad or anxious.

“Oh.. but I thought you were working, wasn’t you supposed to go to a wedding with some rockstar?”

“Yeah.” Tommy looks at the sleeping Adam and runs a finger along his jawline, Adam’s lips curl in a soft smile, but he doesn’t wake up.

“Oh, so you met her there?” 

“SHE is a HE.” That breaks his discomfort somehow and Tommy can’t stop the giggle before it is out and Mary joins him.

“Hm, yeah I can see why you would have to take alternative options into consideration then!”

Mary is flat out laughing now and Tommy giggle-snorts, “Dude!”

“Dude, yeah dude it is, isn’t it?!” She still sounds amused when she asks, “So what’s the matter Thomas, did he say or do anything that made you feel like that or is this….old damage talking?”

“Uhm no, I just……. he says he wants this…me…. and I just….well I’m here because he didn’t want to face his ex-fiancé as a single man and because he needed closure….I…. I don’t doubt the physical part that is pretty obvious but…. I mean does that sound like a man ready for a relationship? The thing is Mary, that I think he could be the one. I don’t think I could walk away even if I wanted to but what if-“

Mary cuts him off, “Oh Thomas would you grow a pair and live a little, how will you ever know that he’s the one if you won’t let go of your fears. Date the dude, have some fun. Get laid. And while you’re at it haul his ass back here so I can meet the man that's twisting your nuts like this. Maybe he’s the one that can solve the baby issue for me?!”

“Oh my god, Mary, I met the guy four days ago! Would you stop the baby talk for five minutes?” Tommy tries his best to sound indignant, but misses by a mile. He gazes at Adam sleeping on his thighs and imagines how their future could be.

“But you’re falling in love with him aren’t you? That’s why you’re calling me, right?” she asks gently.

“Yeah I think I am……I am. And I’m scared and you’re not helping!” he whines.

“If you wanted me to pet you on your head and tell you to run and hide you called the wrong person, and you know that. You called me because you knew you needed a kick in your sorry ass and that’s what I’m doing. Go for it sweetheart, and have a little faith in him. If he says he wants it then why not trust him? Now tell me all about him. Is he handsome?”

Tommy leans his head back against the wall and smiles. This was exactly what he needed.

“Don’t even get me started; I think I could go on for hours if the subject is the awesomeness of Adam Lambert.”

“So it’s the rockstar you’re falling in love with?!”

Adam moves a little when his name is mentioned. Tommy drops his gaze to Adam and runs his fingers soothingly through the strands of Adam’s hair, scraping his nails against the scalp. Adam pushes into the caress of Tommy’s fingers and a small moan of pure pleasure ripples form his throat.

“Yeah it is, and I think he is waking up now and I don’t want to feed his ego that much this early in the day.” Tommy giggles and Mary snickers knowingly,

“That and you just want to kiss away his sleep.”

 Adam’s eyes flutters open and a lazy sexy and sleep drunk smile spreads across his face. Tommy’s heart swells and beats faster.

“That too. Listen, Mary I gotta go, I’ll come around tomorrow when I get home.”

“Carpe diem, sweetheart. Live a little, after all that’s what life is for. I’ll see you tomorrow.”


Tommy tosses the phone on the mattress and scoots down, Adam rolls a bit, giving Tommy the space to actually get down to him. When Tommy settles Adam puts his palms under his chin on Tommy’s chest and looks into Tommy’s eyes he mumbles a sweet, “Good morning.”

“It is, isn’t it?” Tommy’s hand runs over Adam’s back in calming circles.

Adam smiles and nods, “I can’t believe Jake and Thomas are getting married today,” Adam kisses Tommy just a soft touch of lingering lips. “And here I am with you, life works in mysterious ways.”

“Mmm.” Tommy cradles Adam’s face and pulls him in for another and much messier kiss.

When they break it Adam sighs violently, “I guess we gotta get up and get ready, don’t want to though.”

“We got time.” Tommy says and tugs at Adam’s hair, guiding him down again, he is so not finished with kissing Adam.


Tommy nods and twists his fingers tighter in Adam’s hair. He hitches a leg around Adam trying to get him to move closer.

Adam groans.  “With our luck baby, I’ll bet Alli is knocking on the door in about two seconds!”

“No, she won't be.” Tommy winks and points to the tray on the dresser, “I took care of that.”

Adams eyes go wide and a joyful smile lights up his face.  “Aww baby, you’re spoiling me.”

“Or," he pauses dramatically, "Maybe it’s my sneaky way of making sure you spoil me.” Tommy says between small kisses.

Adam yanks his head up and he practically beams at Tommy.

“Oh my god that’s even better.”

“Hungry?” Tommy asks.

“Yes. Very hungry.” Adam kisses Tommy sweet and wet and Tommy invites him in with a swipe of his tongue and Adam deepens the kiss. Tommy breaks the kiss and pushes a little at Adam's shoulder indicating he should move.

“Move fucker, so I can get the tray. You said you were hungry.”

Adam's laughter is dark and sexy and it makes Tommy tingle all over.

“For you. Hungry for you.”

Tommy flops down on the mattress he throws his arms around Adam’s neck with a sexy laugh pushing out of his throat.

“Breakfast is served!”


It’s noon before they get out of bed and then they’re in a hurry, despite that the shower drags out. Time seems to slow down, lost between lingering touches and long, sensual kisses.

“Damn it, we need to get ready.”  Adam mutters under his breath when Tommy presses his body against his back and lets a hand wander down his sternum. Tommy’s lips curl against Adam’s shoulder where he was kissing him a second ago.

“I know.” Tommy’s hand reaches its destination and slowly he strokes Adam’s cock.

Adam moans and puts a hand on Tommy’s stopping the caress.

“One of us needs to get out of here to get dressed; while the other takes care of hair and makeup otherwise we’re going to be late-“

“I know.” Tommy agrees and squeezes Adam lightly, just enough to make Adam groan and push into the warmth of Tommy’s hand.

“Really late. Oh god Tommy, the things you do to me.” Tommy grins and rises to his toes grinding his own erection against Adam and darts his tongue out to lick the freckles on Adam’s neck. Adam shivers and turns around. The playful look on Tommy’s face is almost convincing enough to risk being a little late but a quick  glance at the clock clears his head.

“Out now!” He pushes Tommy out the door and giggles delightedly when Tommy pouts and bats his lashes.

“Not gonna work baby, get your clothes on and leave me to alone to get prettied up.”

“Not fair, you don’t need it.”

Adam beams back at him but continues to close the door. Tommy makes a little happy sound and goes off in search of his clothes. When he is finished he checks out his image in the mirror frowning a bit. He knows he looks good but he will never feel comfortable in a tuxedo. He goes to knock on the bathroom door.

“You done? Can I come in? I promise I’ll behave.” Tommy snickers.

Adam opens the door and rushes out, barely glancing at Tommy who seems amused by Adam stressing. Tommy goes into the bathroom to finish his up, leaving the door open while Adam gets dressed. With the door open he can see Adam in the mirror and Tommy is not above perving on him while he gets dressed.

Adam takes out his clothes and carefully arranges them on the bed; he runs his fingers lovingly over the fabric. This is one of the perks of being a rockstar, being able to spoil yourself rotten with an expensive and custom-made tuxedo.

Tommy bites his lips, frowning at the attention Adam is paying to his clothes squashing the ridiculous jealousy over a piece of clothing..

“Just put it on babyboy. It’s not like it’s gonna return your crush or anything.”

Adam yanks his head up and catches Tommy’s gaze in the mirror and with a wolfish smile and a mischievous glint in his eyes he winks at Tommy making his breath catch. His whole being reacts to Adam, pulls him towards him. It occurs to Tommy that he has never felt this way before, this strongly. It's like Adam is somehow hotwired to his entire body and soul, leaving him defenseless and raw to the core. He puts the mascara down and turns around to watch Adam get dressed.

Adam turns it into a show; he steps into his briefs pulls them up slowly and takes his time to arrange his junk. Tommy unconsciously licks his lips and Adam reaches for his trousers, his gaze never leaving Tommy. He leaves them clinging to his hips, fly open as he puts on his undershirt carefully making sure not to mess up his hair or makeup. When he tucks it in the trousers he once again let his hand brush over his cock. Earning a broken sound from Tommy.

“Shit. Now, who’s not behaving?”  Tommy raises his brow in question.

Adam laughs dark and sexy and slides the shirt over his shoulders and begins to button it carefully. Tommy closes his eyes and turns to face the mirror, there is no way he is letting Adam win this round. Determined, he applies the last of his makeup and checks if the flat iron is hot enough and goes to work on his hair. When he's finally finished  he strolls out and throws a quick look Adam’s way, only to stop and stare.

“Oh my fucking….”

“Wait what?” Adam looks utterly confused.

“You look….” Tommy searches for the right words but they seem to escape him. He shrugs at his own inability.

“What? Just tell me.”

“I…. fuck, Adam, you’re beyond gorgeous.  Can I like keep you or something?”

Adam’s confusion clears and he laughs delightedly and makes a slow turn around, allowing Tommy to check out the whole package. Once he's back looking at Tommy again, he cradles Tommy’s face in his hands and puts a small kiss on his lips.

“Yeah you can keep me. I’d like that. And just so you know,” he presses another soft kiss to Tommy's lips.  “You look amazing too! And now we gotta get moving baby.”


Someone calls out for Adam to wait, Tommy lets go of Adam’s hand and crosses the lawn heading for the pavilion. He lets out a sigh of relief when he walks into it. It is beautifully decorated with fresh flowers. The theme isn’t feminine at all; there's nothing that screams princess, just plain, simple romance. There are chairs on both sides of the improvised aisle and Tommy wonders where he or rather he and Adam are supposed to be seated. Adam catches up with him; he pecks him on the cheek and laces their fingers together.

“Hey do you know where we’re-“

“Over there.” Adam points and they maneuver their way to the seats. The other guests are finding their places too and Adam keeps looking around like if he is counting heads or something.

“You okay?”

“Huh? Yeah baby. I’m fine.”

Tommy isn’t entirely convinced about that. So he keeps his eyes on Adam, trying to read every emotion that crosses his face. By the time the music begins and Jake and Thomas walk down the aisle together, Tommy has almost convinced himself that Adam is hiding the fact that he is still hurt.

“Stop that!”

“Stop what?” Tommy whispers back.

“Overthinking stuff, it’s not necessary. I’m fine and head over heels in love with a closet brunet.”

Adam catches Tommy’s gaze and winks wickedly, making Tommy’s stomach feel like a thousand butterflies just found their wings and decided to take a test flight.

Jake and Thomas are practically glowing with love when they exchange their wows. Tommy is still studying Adam’s face, looking for any kind of regret, but finds nothing but happiness. A single tear escapes its way from the corner of Adam’s eye and trails down Adam’s cheek and Tommy captures it with a feathery light touch. Adam turns to look at Tommy with a loving expression; he leans in and whispers into Tommy’s ear.

“I want that. One day I’m gonna have that experience too.”

Tommy nods just acknowledging Adam’s words. Thinking that the man Adam ends up choosing to do this with is going to be the luckiest fucker alive.


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