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The Wedding Date.

The Wedding Date, Part 6 of 11.
Author: lovenhardt1

 thrace_adams Thank you sweetie for all your help, I love you so much for it!
Artwork: adobejunkie OMG bb, I love you so hard for this!!!
Word Count:  33,439 -  3.628 This Chapter
Pairing: Adam/Tommy, Romance.
Warnings: Adult Situations and Language
Rating: R - NC-17
Summary: Sometimes friends do really stupid things that get you into trouble and they get off scot-free! This is one of those times. So now because Cheeks couldn't keep his mouth shut and told Adam's ex that he's in LOVE and so fucking HAPPY in this relationship, that, by a way, Adam doesn't actually have! Adam gets an invite to said ex's wedding and ends up going to spend four days with his ex's family with a paid date found for him by Cheeks.
Tommy Joe is practically every dirty fantasy of Adam's and on top of that he's a real sweetheart. Adam is so screwed because four days of playing boyfriends with Tommy is going to be torture, especially since he told Adam that he doesn't mix business with pleasure.
Then Cheeks dares Adam to make Tommy bend his rules and Adam has never been one to back away from one of those. And that's how he finds himself with Tommy smiling up at him in the front garden of Adam's former almost in-laws. "Let the games begin," Tommy says. Indeed, Adam thinks.
Disclaimers: The people you might recognize in here are NOT mine. I'm not making any profit, I'm only doing this for fun. There is no way this ever happened and so on.

A/N: Written for the lambliffbigbang 2012.

I had some really incredible cheerleaders on this fic you all know who you are. I love you all dearly! And I couldn’t have done it without you!

Please do not link/copy/share/whatever this anywhere. Thank you.

Tommy is struggling with one of the girls’ ponytails when he sees Allison cross the lawn carrying two Coronas and he smiles. She is the first adult he’s seen in a couple of hours and even though he enjoys playing and spending time with the kids, she is a very welcome distraction. Tommy envelopes her in a hug.

“Hey.” She says as she hands him one of the Coronas.

Tommy puts it on the table next to him.

“Hi.  And thanks dude.”

A little girl tugs at the hem of his shirt.

“Tommy?” he looks down at her seeing the question on her face as she holds out the hairband and he remembers the task at hand.

“Sorry cupcake.” He says and makes the ponytail, frowning a bit when he sees that it isn’t centered and corrects it.

“There you go sweetie.”

She flashes him a million dollar smile before she runs off.

“So what’s the story about you and Adam?” Allison asks.

“Huh?” Tommy looks at her in confusion.

“I mean, I know there's something off, I just can’t put my finger on it.” She continues, Tommy swallows and he curses his brain for not coming up with a smartass reply instantly.

“Off?? No nothings off, we just had-“

Allison interrupts him, clearly she has something on her mind.  “I can’t decide if I’m right in my first assumption, which is that Adam asked you for a favor – to pretend to be his boyfriend this weekend - or if you guys really are so infatuated that you can’t see the forest for all the trees??”

“Uhm.” He can’t think of a single thing to say, but it doesn’t matter because Allison isn’t waiting for him to answer anyway.

“Or if in fact it’s both and none of you have the slightest idea about what the other one is going through. But let me tell you this. DO NOT FUCKING HURT HIM. If you’re just pretending, then back off because the boy is already so much in love with you that it’s insane. He is like one step away from signing the deed for your mutual home! I don’t fucking care about how many issues you have-“

Tommy is stunned and quite frankly he stopped listening right after the ‘do not hurt him’ part but something strikes him and before he realizes it he's defending himself.

“Alli! He’s not the one in danger of a broken heart here! And yes I have issues, doesn't everyone?   Do you really think I’m the only one? Don’t judge a book by its cover darling. You don't know the whole story.” He stares at her, anger flaring in his eyes.

“Maybe not Tommy, and as far as I know you’re a really nice guy but-“

“Adam is Adam, I know. He is impossible not to love. Five minutes with the guy and he owns your fucking heart.  I know Alli. I know alright?”

“But why did you-“

“Because you’re right, I’m here because Adam asked me to be and he won’t be around when the weekend is done so," his voice trailed off and he took a breath.  "I gotta," he ran a hand through his hair, "yeah, please don’t tell him I told you.  He needs this to be about closure, about him moving on. This weekend is about Adam healing after a really bad break-up-“

“But Tommy he's already moved on, can't you see that?  He sees nothing but you!”

“No, that’s the picture we painting, not the actual truth.” Tommy throws his hands in the air in surrender, closing his eyes at the utter exhaustion even he can hear in his voice. 

Allison looks at him completely flabbergasted.  “Dear God! He wasn’t kidding was he? You really do have issues.” She lowers her voice to a near whisper and reaches out to tuck Tommy’s hair behind his ear and she looks him right in the eye.  “Honey, he is smitten! And I know damn it!! I know him well enough to see it!!”

Tommy closes his eyes and sucks his lower lip into his mouth. A little hand pushes into his and he looks down. One of the boys is standing with a ball under his armpit, looking back and forth between Allison and Tommy.

“Tommy??” The kid asks, and Tommy directs all of his attention to the boy.  “Yes.”

“Will you come and play with me?”

Tommy smiles.  “Sure. Come on.” He looks at Allison and shrugs, she nods. They’re done talking for now.

Jake and Thomas had at some point agreed that they didn’t want separate bachelor parties, dividing friends and family into two groups didn’t seem fair. Instead, they had insisted on a barbecue party in the garden with as many wedding guests attending that were able. So tonight dinner is in the garden; torches cast a flickering and romantic light around the edges and lanterns are hanging from the trees. The table is set beautifully, plates are being handed around and the air is filled with happy chatter. Adam looks across to the end of the table and catches Tommy’s eye; Tommy raises his glass and mouths 'cheers', Adam winks and returns the gesture. He is a little annoyed that Tommy is sitting so far away from him, but Tommy had been one of the last  to arrive and had to take the place available.

When they are done eating and people start to move around Adam gets off his chair and goes to sit down next to Tommy. Adam lets hand brush along and settle on Tommy’s thigh before he leans in to kiss him softly on the lips.

“Hey baby. I’ve missed you.”

Tommy makes a happy noise and kisses him back.  “Yeah?”

“Hmm. Barely made it through the day, I think you're dangerous to me, you’re like an addiction.”

Tommy smiles and glances up at Adam through his lashes.  “You really mean that?”

“I really mean that.”  Adam stares at Tommy  and leans in for another kiss.  And although the angle is all awkward,the kiss is sweet and loving. Tommy’s phone buzzes in his pocket and Adam laughs.

“Someone wants you.”

Tommy smirks and says, “Yeah? Well I’m a hot piece of ass.”  He tangles a hand in Adam's hair, tugging him back to continue the kiss.

The phone keeps buzzing and Adam pulls back, giving him a questioning look.  Tommy sighs theatrically and hauls the phone out from his pocket.

“Crap.  I gotta answer this.” Tommy gets up and looks apologetically at Adam.  “Excuse me?”

Adam nods slowly and leans back in his chair. He keeps his gaze on Tommy, but looks up when he feels a hand on his shoulder.

Allison smiles mischievously and asks, “Why don’t you follow him, get some quality time?”

Adam’s returns his gaze to Tommy.  “Yeah, I’ll do that.” Adam pushes off the chair and trails after Tommy.

He follows Tommy off toward the lake shore where is he softly talking to the person on the other end.  Adam can't quite make out the words until he is right behind him.  Tommy looks at Adam questioningly over his shoulder, and Adam makes a gesture telling Tommy to ignore him. Adam listens as he continues to walk behind Tommy.

“Sure, I can do that……, that’s not a problem……..and what should I wear for the occasion?” 

Adam realizes that it’s a client Tommy is talking to and the thought of Tommy making plans like that hits him hard. Takes the wind right out of him and his mind starts to spin. For the last two days he really hadn’t thought about what Tommy was doing for a living, that he wasn’t just here as a favor to him.  Somewhere along the lines he had managed to block it out. Now the images of Tommy holding hands or kissing or even snuggling against anyone else makes him sick to his stomach.

“No that’s fine…… sure!” Tommy laughs softly and Adam rolls his eyes at Tommy’s back and clenches his fists at his sides. “Yeah you can pick me up at the usual place. No, no plans so we can stay if that’s what you want. Listen, David, I can’t really talk right now, if it hadn’t been you I would have let it go to voicemail. No it’s fine but I’m on the job…… Yeah, you got a date, see you next Friday. Right back at ya’ bud. Bye.”

Tommy ends the call and turns to Adam, his smile fading at the expression  on Adam’s face.

“So what’s up?  Why are you looking at me like that?” he fidgets with the phone before shoving it back in his pocket.

Adam is trying his best to control his feelings but his question still comes out as an accusation.  “You have regulars??”

Tommy blinks at the tone of voice but answers tentatively, “Of course I have regulars Adam.”  He tilts his head and keeps his gaze locked on Adam’s still searching for clues as to why Adam looks so angry.

“Are you….are you angry with me?”

Adam shakes his head. “No…maybe…, more like jealous out of my fucking mind.”

Tommy raises both eyebrows in disbelief and Adam continues,

“You have a date next Friday!” Adam points out as if it explains everything. Tommy creases his forehead and still looks confused.

“Yeah and?”

“With a guy you’ve escorted more than once?”

Adam moves closer to Tommy moving slowly like a predator in search for prey, Tommy steps back, looking a bit uneasy.

“And you might be spending the night?” Adam’s voice is low and silky soft, his voice taking on that dangerous edge that made most people wish he was actually shouting instead.

Tommy swallows before answering, “Uhm… still can’t see why you’re feeling jealous.”

“Really?!?!”  Adam looks genuinely shocked and hurt by the statement

“No, Adam I can’t! We’re not boyfriends. I’m here now, as your date, you have my undivided attention-

“I can’t believe you just said that!!” This time Adam steps back, he throws his hands in the air in pure frustration.


“That we’re not –" he pauses in frustration.  "I honestly thought after last night, with you licking and kissing me while you’re half asleep, or this morning where, if it hadn’t been for Alli interrupting us, we would have been fucking like rabbits?!! Fuck Tommy, how can you not think that we crossed the fine line in the sand?? I even told you this morning-“

Tommy takes two fast steps forward and gets all up in Adam’s business, anger flashing in his eyes.

“Oh no, you didn’t tell me anything! You asked me to go with it for the weekend! And no matter what our current status may be, even though I have no fucking clue about what we are, you have no right to be jealous. You fucking knew what I do for a living!! If you can’t handle that Adam,” Tommy inhales deeply so he can continue his rant and the few seconds is all he needs for Adam's words to register.

“and….uhm ….. boyfriends???” Tommy looks lost and Adam reaches out to cup his face so he can keep Tommy’s eyes locked.   He can feel Tommy's pulse under his palm and can almost see his mind spinning, trying to wrap around the word boyfriend.

“Yeah that, or at least in the process of becoming boyfriends.  And yes I know what you do for a living, but it doesn’t change the fact that I don’t like the idea of you in bed with another man….or woman for that matter. And givem my history, I kinda think I’m entitled.”

The fire returns to Tommy’s eyes and he hisses, “Adam Goddamnit!! I don’t sleep around!! I’m not Jake!!! I haven’t had sex on business dates in two fucking years, haven’t even been close….well except for this morning! Have a little faith in me!”

“Okay! Fine! I believe that, I really do. But the thought of you, your body against anyone that isn’t me, is not really pleasing me.  I’m sorry! I can't help how I feel!  I don’t want you kissing anyone else, hell, I don’t even like the idea about you holding hands with anyone else. I get to do that, not anyone else.” Adam looks at him, a pleading look in his eyes. 

Tommy relaxes a bit and gives him a tender smile.   “You’re a possessive bastard.”

Adam shrugs and the look he sends Tommy says ‘tell me about it.’  “I know that, but Tommy you don’t have to sell yourself.  Why don’t you make a living out of your music?”   Instantly, Adam can see that was the wrong thing to say because the veil drops back down over Tommy's eyes and he tenses up.  “Nice.  Way to make me feel like a whore.  You really think that's not my dream?  That I don’t work my ass off to fulfill that dream? And not everyone is as gifted as you!!”

Tommy turns his back on Adam and goes a few steps away before he turns around to face Adam again. He crosses his arms over his chest and glares at Adam.

“Oh God, I didn’t mean it like that!  And not gifted? I’d hire you on the guitar right now!”

“You can’t! You got fucking Monte Pittman on guitar!! I’m not that good!”

Adam looks stunned.  “But you are!  And you’re right I do have Monte and I can’t really replace him, I love the man like a brother, but what about bass, can you play the bass?” Adam walks over to Tommy and brushes a lock of hair behind his ear.

Tommy looks like he wants to push into the caress but instead he sighs and says, “You have a bass player already, Adam.”

“I do, but I'd give you that spot instantly.  I don’t want to share Tommy.”

“Do you even realize what you’re saying? Okay, so we crossed the line, but what you’re suggesting here is even worse than what I’m doing now.”


“Because the prize for being in your band is spending the nights in your bed!”

“Prize?!” Adam sounds horrified.

“Yes prize!”

“Fuck, Tommy! I kinda thought you wanted to spend the nights in my bed?!”

“I do, I really fucking do, but not as a paid date or a paid bass player, I have a really hard time of separating those two! I want to be with you, as a boyfriend, no money involved. I want to be with you because you make me long for things I haven’t felt in a really long time. Because you put a ridiculous grin on my face when I look at you and because you make my heart race. NOT because I want to make a living out of playing the bass!! Do you see my point??”

“Maybe?” Adam shrugs a little and not quite meeting Tommy’s eyes.

“Maybe?! Adam?”

“Yeah, ok I see your point. But do you understand where I’m coming from? Who would want to see the boyfriend or girlfriend or whatever in the arms of someone else?”

Tommy nods once, acknowledging the feeling behind Adam’s words.  “But it's what I do Adam! It’s my livelihood. If you think, if you really mean the whole boyfriend thing, then you gotta accept me for who and what I am. Because Adam let me tell you, I’m not easy, I’m a moody fucker and I've got my share of weird neuroses, my job should be the least of your concerns-“

“That’s not gonna work Tommy!”


“You’re not gonna convince me you’re not worth the trouble, I’m not buying it! I see you, I see your big soft heart, I’m still not thrilled about your job, aside from right now, but you're not gonna scare me off, not like that!”

“Do you think you can deal?” Tommy looks guarded, as if he's waiting for the rejection.

Adam’s heart aches for Tommy and curses the woman that hurt him so much.  “I have to, don’t I?” Adam says, voice velvety soft.

Tommy fixes his eyes in Adam’s, fear still making his eyes overly bright.

“Yeah, for the time being. If you really want to try this.” Tommy waves his hand between them in a nervous gesture as if he's still waiting for Adam to regret the whole thing.

Adam puts a finger under Tommy’s chin tilting his head back a little. Adam’s blue eyes are filled with affection.  “Oh but baby we’re already doing it. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.” He lets his thumb caress Tommy’s lips, the air between them buzzing with electricity. Tommy licks his lips and his tongue brushes against Adam’s thumb.  Adam’s eyes go dark and he leans down to kiss Tommy.  The kiss is long and thorough, an urgency threaded through it. Tommy moves closer trying to get the angle right, pressing his body against Adam's.  Adam shifts a bit, sliding a leg in between Tommy's, giving him a little support and a lot of friction. Tommy rubs against him, just small shallow thrusts really, almost kind of lazy thrusts.

Adam ends the kiss breathlessly and says, “Shit baby. We gotta stop here before it gets too far.”

Tommy smirks, “I thought we just agreed on being together, doesn’t that mean it can’t go too far?”

Adam cradles Tommy’s face again and pecks him quickly on the lips.  “Yeah, but not here. Let’s go back to the others before this gets out of hand.  Besides I wanna show off my guy!”

Tommy leans in and sneaks a hand into Adam’s back pocket. Adam puts an arm around his shoulder and kisses him softly on the hair and they walk back toward the house just like that.

Two hours later and Adam is walking down to the bonfire in search of Tommy. Most of the family and friends are already there, Tommy is playing Allison’s guitar absentmindedly while he’s staring into the flames, he looks content and a small smile plays on his lips as he mouths the lyrics. Adam recognizes the melody and smiles widely; it fits his own feelings perfect. Adam waits for the cord that opens for the lyrics to come around again, and starts to sing. Tommy immediately comes back from where his mind was taking him and snaps his gaze directly to Adam. He blushes when he sees how intensely Adam is looking at him, but he lets the lyrics and Adam’s voice wash over him.

As the light, washes over the morning rise,

You're still asleep, and that's all right,

I can be still, ‘cause you look so sweet,

And beautiful, next to me.

And all my life,

I've been waiting for someone like you,

To make me smile,

You make me feel alive,

And you're giving me everything,

I've ever wanted in life,

You make me smile,

And I forget to breathe,

What's an angel like you,

Ever do with a devil like me.

You make me smile,

You make me smile,

You make me smile,


Adam sinks down on his knees in front of Tommy, singing his heart out and sees that Tommy finally understands just how much he really means this. Tommy worries his lips, trying not to grin like a lunatic, happiness lighting up his entire face  when Adam lets his fingers run along Tommy’s jawline. Neither of them notices the silence growing around them, that Adam’s velvety voice and the look on Tommy’s face seem to have frozen time around the bonfire. They're wrapped in their own little world, where nothing but them exist.

Still in bed, sun is beating down,

In a hotel room, on the edge of town,

Wake up baby, it's three hundred miles to drive,

And the truck-stop preacher, well he says God is on our side.

And all my life,

I've been waiting for someone like you,

To make me smile,

You make me feel alive,

And you're giving me everything,

I've ever wanted in life,

You make me smile,

And I forget to breathe,

What's an angel like you,

Ever do with a devil like me.

When the last note leaves Adam’s lips, Tommy puts the guitar on the ground and lunges for Adam, toppling them both onto the ground.  Tommy rains kisses down on Adam's face and somehow between them manages to say, “You fucker! Don’t you ever do something like that to me again.”

Adam pushes Tommy’s hair out of the way and stares into his eyes.  “Why not? When I mean it?”

Tommy goes for another kiss but gets distracted by the applause and wolf-whistles and  instead he hides in the crook of Adam’s neck, his face warm.  Adam chuckles lowly and rolls them.  He looks around and pushes of the ground so that he is on his haunches, extending his hand to Tommy and hauling him up. Once up on their feet, Adam grins wickedly and says in a teasing voice, “I think it’s time for bed Tommy Joe.”

Tommy cheeks grow even redder as he waves a little goodbye to the crowd around the fire.

“Was that necessary?” Tommy whispers to Adam.

Adam snickers.  “You know what? You wouldn’t have blushed on the first day or asked me that! I love this about you; I can so clearly see it when you’re bullshitting.”

Tommy’s eyes go wide and Adam steals a kiss.  “Don’t worry, you secret is safe with me.”

Tommy stops Adam and pulls him down for a dirty kiss and giggles a little at the end of it when he hears the other guests cheer them on.

“Gods,” Adam says and hauls Tommy after him, “Bedroom right the fuck now!”

“Possessive AND bossy.” Tommy grins delightedly.


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