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The Wedding Date.

The Wedding Date, Part 5 of 11.
Author: lovenhardt1

Beta: thrace_adams Thank you sweetie for all your help, I love you so much for it!
Artwork: adobejunkie OMG bb, I love you so hard for this!!!
Word Count:  33,439 -  2.808 This Chapter
Pairing: Adam/Tommy, Romance.
Warnings: Adult Situations and Language
Rating: R - NC-17
Summary: Sometimes friends do really stupid things that get you into trouble and they get off scot-free! This is one of those times. So now because Cheeks couldn't keep his mouth shut and told Adam's ex that he's in LOVE and so fucking HAPPY in this relationship, that, by a way, Adam doesn't actually have! Adam gets an invite to said ex's wedding and ends up going to spend four days with his ex's family with a paid date found for him by Cheeks.
Tommy Joe is practically every dirty fantasy of Adam's and on top of that he's a real sweetheart. Adam is so screwed because four days of playing boyfriends with Tommy is going to be torture, especially since he told Adam that he doesn't mix business with pleasure.
Then Cheeks dares Adam to make Tommy bend his rules and Adam has never been one to back away from one of those. And that's how he finds himself with Tommy smiling up at him in the front garden of Adam's former almost in-laws. "Let the games begin," Tommy says. Indeed, Adam thinks.
Disclaimers: The people you might recognize in here are NOT mine. I'm not making any profit, I'm only doing this for fun. There is no way this ever happened and so on.

A/N: Written for the lambliffbigbang 2012.

I had some really incredible cheerleaders on this fic you all know who you are. I love you all dearly! And I couldn’t have done it without you!

Please do not link/copy/share/whatever this anywhere. Thank you.

Around five in the morning Tommy’s phone starts ringing. It wakes him up immediately and he scrabbles  around trying to locate the noisy thing.  He eyes it angrily when he finally sees it on the dresser. Carefully he tries to get out of bed without waking up Adam, not an easy task seeing as how they’re practically entwined. 

Adam has an arm around his chest and a leg over his thighs, totally doing the whole octopus thing he warned Tommy about. Tommy sighs when the phone keeps ringing and disengages himself, crawling over Adam, who stirs and makes a complaining sound only to roll over and sprawl out all over the bed. Tommy grabs the phone, sees that it's Mia and answers it as he walks into the bathroom, closing the door behind him.

“Hi baby. Why are you calling me at this unGodly hour?”

“Hi, can you talk?” Mia whispers secretively, making Tommy laugh softly.

“Sure, I don’t think you woke up Adam. What’s the matter?”

“Nothing, I just missed you. And I’m kinda drunk.” Mia laughs.

“I can hear that! You woke me up just to tell me you miss me?? Where the hell are you?” Tommy giggles and rubs his eyes.

“At your place.  And then I remembered you weren’t home. Now I got no cab and you’re not hooome.” Mia whines.

“Girl, you know where the spare key is, use that and go to bed, sleep it off.” Tommy can hear she's already searching for the key.

“Found it!! But I want you here, I was gonna cuddle you, silly girlfriend.”

Tommy hears her drop the phone and snickers.

“Sorry babe, I dropped you.”

“Haha, figured, but hey, you can cuddle me silly when I get home, two more days baby, and we can have a cuddle party if you want.”


“I promise!” Tommy can hear her moving around, fuck she's noisy when she's drunk.  But he smiles fondly when he hears the door to his bedroom open.

“Hey, I got a question by the way.”

“Ask away.”

“Is he as hot in real life as on TV?”

Tommy hesitates before he answers, “No, sexier.”


“Mmm.” Tommy knows that she won’t let him get away with this kind of answer for long but hopes she's too drunk to realize that he really doesn’t want to answer at all.

“And is he being a good date?”

“Mmm.” He bites his lip and fidgets with the things on the sink.

“You’re awfully nonverbal Tommy.”

He knows that tone of voice and cringes because it means she's going for the kill.

“Yeah.” He leans against the wall and looks up at the ceiling, waiting for the question he knows she is going to ask.

“Oh my, are you falling for him?”

Tommy closes his eyes and his voice is a little fragile when he answers, “Maybe.”

“Oh baby! It’s about time. Tell me all about him.”

He can’t, not here, not now. He is too damn confused so he laughs it off.  “Haha, it’s five am and I can hear that you found my bed, sleep it off, we’ll talk when you get sober and I get home.”

“Teej?” Her voice is soft and filled with love; Tommy waits for her to continue.

“Love you.”

“Love you too. Night baby.”

When Tommy opens his eyes again he sees Adam leaning against the doorframe looking adorably sleepy with messy hair and heavy eyelids and freckles everywhere.

“How long have you been standing there?” Tommy asks.

“A while.” Adam looks tired.

“I’m sorry I woke you up.”

Adam shakes his head and says, “It’s okay."  He pauses.  "You okay?”


“Was it your girlfriend calling?” Adam knows he is being nosy but he wants to know.

“My friend Mia yeah, drunk off her ass and totally forgetting I wasn’t home.” Tommy smiles gingerly and shakes his head in disbelief.

“It sounds like you are missed. Am I getting in your way here?” “No, Adam you’re not. I’m just fine where I am. I’ll go back to bed now, you coming?” Tommy sounds dead tired.

“Need the toilet first.” Adam says.

“Oh, sorry.”

Tommy leaves Adam and goes back to bed, his mind spinning. Mia’s question forces him to acknowledge feelings that he'd happily ignored all day. Adam comes back and the mattress dips as he gets in. Tommy squirms closer to the wall.

“What’s up?”


“Tommy, I might not have known you long, but you’re like an open book. And I feel like I’ve known forever. You practically live on body contact, why are you avoiding me?” Adam sounds genuinely concerned.

“I’m not avoiding you.”

“Then come here.”

Adam lifts his arm inviting Tommy to snuggle in close. Tommy sighs and gets comfortable in Adam’s arms. It feels too damn good and his heart races. Adam kisses his head telling him to go to sleep, but he can’t. For a long time he just stares into the dark, biting his lip. Adam’s breath makes his scalp tingle and everything in his body aches for Adam.  This wasn't supposed to happen and now he can’t decide if he wants to run and hide or if he wants to say fuck it all and just enjoy whatever Adam is willing to give for the next two days.  It's a very long time before he finally falls into a fitful sleep.

They wake up to the sounds of a house filled with life.  Tommy stirs first blinking his eyes open cursing the intrusive sun.  He looks up at Adam and before even realizing what the hell he’s doing he surges up to kiss Adam on the cheek, just a peck but it’s enough  for Adam to open his eyes and mumble, “Much better this way,” capturing Tommy‘s lips in a slow, sensual kiss.

Adam pushes his tongue into Tommy’s mouth, making Tommy whimper and shift so he can get the angle just right. But when he pulls back, Adam holds him close with a hand on his neck.  “Where are you going?”

“Morning breath.” Tommy whispers.

“Don’t give a damn, got you where I want you.” Adam whispers back.


Adam doesn’t answer instead he fists his hand in Tommy’s hair and pulls him down to kiss him again. Tommy complies and goes pliant in Adam’s arms, arousal and want running through his veins. Adam rolls them so he’s on top, straddling Tommy’s hips but still leaving a bit of space between them, holding himself up on his elbows and knees.

Tommy’s hands are in Adam’s hair, pulling him down to deepen the kiss, to explore Adam’s mouth with more enthusiasm than finesse. When air becomes a necessity they break the kiss, both panting harshly.  Adam kisses along Tommy’s jaw making Tommy moan deep in his throat. He turns his head in a silent plea for Adam to explore the sensitive skin below his ear as his hands start to wander and learn the firm lines of Adam’s shoulders and back. Adam licks the shell of his ear, making his breath hitch and his hips thrust upwards seeking friction.

“Please Adam.” Tommy whispers and spreads his legs.

Adam slides a leg slide in between Tommy’s so their cocks align and Adam starts to move, rubbing their erections together. He tongues a nipple, making Tommy arch under him in a breathtaking curve.

“Get up, the sun is shining and it’s a beautiful day!!” Allison yells as she knocks loudly on the door.

Adam collapses on top of Tommy and groans.  “FUCK ALLI!!” he shouts at the door.

Tommy goes completely still under him.

“Yeah yeah, you can do that later, right now mom’s calling the shots. Haha. See you in ten!!”

Adam rolls off Tommy and throws himself against the mattress in pure frustration. He puts an arm over his eyes and mutters something under his breath.

“Fuck!” Tommy says crawling over Adam to get out of the bed. Without even so much as a glance at Adam, he picks up his clothes and races for the bathroom, closing the door behind him.  He slides down it until he's sitting on the floor.

“Fuck.” Tommy bangs his head against the door, realizing just how deep in this he is. This was not supposed to happen, not ever again.  One weekend with Adam would never be enough. He throws his head back again welcoming the pain as a distraction from what really hurts.  “Fuck, fuck fuck!”

Adam gets off the bed and tries to open the bathroom door, the sound of thuds followed by cursing muffled by the wood.

“Baby? Are you okay in there?” Silence.

“Tommy??” Adam’s voice is low and soothing; he puts his forehead against the door, arms against the doorframe.  “Can I come in?”

A shuffling sound filters out and he tries the door, pushing it open just enough to look inside.  Tommy is sitting on the floor, arms around his legs, forehead resting on his knees.  Adam sinks down in front of him and reaches out to touch Tommy’s chin but stops midway. Tommy doesn’t look up, doesn’t move at all.

“What do you want from me, Adam?” Tommy whispers and Adam withdraws his hand.

“What do you mean?”

Tommy’s voice is barely a whisper, “I can’t do this…..not again.”

“Can’t do what baby?” 

Tommy waves a hand between them but he still doesn’t look at Adam.  Adam catches his hand and laces their fingers together.

“This…us… me falling in lo-“  Tommy raises his head and stares at a spot on the wall avoiding Adam’s searching eyes.

“Don’t play with me Adam. Don’t ….. not when we’re alone….. I just …I know it’s a part of the game but not when we’re alone. Please don’t play with me.”

“But I thought….. I don’t want to pressure you, but Tommy I wasn’t alone in it was I?  I mean, you kissed me first.”

Tommy worries his lip, bites it hard before answering.  “I know, didn’t think you were awake though. Thought it was safe, I shouldn’t have done that.”

“Oh. If you don’t want this just tell me-“

“I do!! Too fucking much and come Sunday we’ll part; you’ll forget all about me and go on living your life.” Finally Tommy looks at Adam, the insecurity and fear of rejection so clear in his eyes that it hits Adam like a punch to the gut.

“Is that what you think? That you’re a convenient fuck?” Adam is shocked.

“Well, aren’t I? You had me on my back, legs spread like a fucking whore practically begging in two minutes flat,” the resentment in his voice, palpable.

“No! Tommy! Please don’t say it like that!” 

“Why do I do this to myself?” Tommy mutters under his breath, not really talking to Adam.

“Do what?! Tommy?” Adam loosens his grip on Tommy’s hands and frames his face instead, forcing Tommy to look at him. 

“Hey, hey! Stop that.  I want you okay?”

“Of course you do.  Brad made damn sure to find you a date that was exactly your type.”

“What? Oh no baby, that’s not what I meant - I mean you do! But, I want you - all of you, because of your heart.  Tommy you’re gorgeous inside and out and that’s what attracts me the most.”


“Yes.” Adam leans in and steals a soft kiss, just a light touch of lips.

“Please don’t think so much okay? Let’s just go with it this weekend and then see what happens on Monday alright.” Adam kisses Tommy again and lingers just a little more than last time.

Tommy sighs.  “Adam?” Tommy asks guardedly.

“Hmm?” another light kiss.

“Sorry for the freakout. I’ll get it together.”

Adam smiles softly.  “No worries baby, no worries!”


They walk down to the breakfast table hand in hand. But Tommy is still a bit withdrawn. Not that Adam thinks anyone is noticing because Tommy still plays the game perfectly, it’s just that Adam sees a veil covering the open look in his eyes and Adam sends him more than one nervous glance while they eat their breakfast.

Amy outlines the plan of the day and informs everyone which tasks she's assigned them.  Adam isn’t really paying a whole lot of attention until he sees the relieved expression on Tommy’s face. Adam snaps his gaze back to Amy.

“Say that again Amy?”

She smiles fondly at Adam. “I said that I wanted Tommy with the kids today, since I need their mothers decorating the pavilion.  The kids seem to enjoy his company and vice versa.  And I need your help with the music.”


“Oh Adam, I’m sure you’ll survive a day without your guy. You’ll have plenty time together tonight.”  She looks at Tommy and asks, “You don’t mind taking the kids for today do you?”

He shakes his head, “Not at all.”

Adam looks lost and Allison put a comforting hand on his knee and pets him. He sends her a shaky smile. He just knows that Tommy will use the time away from him to build up that wall again and that just might be the thing that destroys their chance at a real relationship. 

They all finish their breakfast and everybody slowly disappears to do their chores for the day.  Allison lingers when Tommy stays to help Amy out in the kitchen. She looks at Adam whose  lost in thought and staring down into his coffee.

“Trouble in paradise?” she asks as she puts her head on his shoulder and an arm around his waist. The closeness is comfortable and Adam almost forgets that Allison isn’t supposed to know anything until after the wedding.

“Yeah…. I think I might have messed up.”


“Pushed for something he wasn’t ready for.”

“Pushed for what?”

Adam blinks owlishly and remembers he can’t just spill everything like he used to do. Not yet anyway.  He sighs dramatically.  “I can’t tell you and it’s not because I don‘t want to, I just can’t Alli, please don’t ask me to.”

“Alright. But you deserve to be happy and if he doesn’t make you happy-“

“He does! So very much! I kinda think he could be the one, you know? And this isn’t his fault….We just have issues…. And I have to find a way to work around them.”

 Adam’s gaze never leaves Tommy as he makes small talk with Amy and clears the table, so it’s not hard to notice the small nervous glances he throws Adam’s way.


“Yeah, and I think it might be really bad that we won’t be together today. I just, I need time with him.” Adam runs a hand over his face in frustration.

“You’re really falling for him aren’t you?”

Adam doesn’t notice just how revealing that question is before he starts answering it,

“I am, but what if he doesn’t want-“Adam stops, suddenly aware about what he’s revealing.

“Want what? You?” Allison asks and Adam can’t help but think that she's like a dog with a bone and she just tricked him into blurting out the truth. He puts his face in his palms and mutters under his breath, “Fuck.”

“Yeah I thought so.” Allison says and squeezes him from the side, trying to comfort him.

Adam gently pushes her away.  “Alli, I need to go and it seems like Tommy is gonna hide in Amy’s skirt until I’m gone so… yeah later.” Adam sighs and scoots off the kitchen bench. Allison nods and lets him off the hook.

Adam doesn’t quite know how to make Tommy believe in him, but decides that something has to be done, so before leaving the kitchen he corners Tommy demanding his attention.

“I’ll miss you today.”

Tommy’s eyes widen and he glances at Amy. Adam realizes that Tommy is checking to see if she could be listening.

“I’ll miss you too, but it’s just for a couple of hours, we’ll live.” he replies.

Adam sighs; Tommy is being the perfect date, but not really himself. Tommy looks one more time at Amy before getting on his toes to kiss Adam goodbye.  Adam captures Tommy’s lips and pours his heart into the kiss. It’s tender and longing and lazy and makes him yearn for more.  Tommy gets a dazzled look in his eyes and the veil is gone when Adam meets his eyes this time.

“Hold that thought for the rest of the day baby.” Adam whispers before taking a step backwards and disengaging himself from Tommy’s arms. One more peck on the lips and he is gone. Tommy stands there for a while, running his fingertips over his lips, completely lost to the rest of the world. Finally, he shakes his head, clearing his mind. He catches Amy’s eyes and blushes deeply when she gives him a knowing smile.


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