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It's Not The End of The World.

Title: It's Not The End Of The World
Author: lovenhardt1

Beta: aislinntlc. Thank you sweetie for all your help, it is greatly appreciated!

Artwork: qafmaniac. OMG bb, I love you so hard for this!!! And you know, for being you!
Word Count: 22.167 - 4034 This Chapter
Pairing: Tommy/OFC, Adam/Tommy Friendship.
Warnings: Adult Situations and Language
Rating: R - NC-17
Summary: Sometimes you find love the most impossible places. Sometimes life fucks with you, but then again sometimes you win.

Disclaimers: These people are NOT mine.  Julia is my character, I created her. I'm not making any profit, I'm only doing this for fun. There is no way this ever happened and so on.

I had some really incredible cheerleaders on this fic – maggy_97 who was the first to tell me that she wanted to read Adam/Tommy friendship fic! She kept telling me that she would read the fuck out of it, when I was sure no one would ever read it. So honey, this fic is for you! I hope you’ll like it! I know you’ve been waiting a long time for it.

And then there is zoodlemouse13 who in the most wonderful way demands that I write when I get too lazy or something. Because of them, and a few others, who encouraged me, this is finally ready to be posted. \o/

Please do not link/copy/share/whatever this anywhere. Thank you.

A/N: If you're looking for an Adam/Tommy fic, this is not it. This fic is about being friends and Tommy finding love in an impossible situation.

Weeks go by in a hurry with tons of things to do and Tommy manages to avoid spending time with Adam when Julia is there too. So far Adam hasn’t said anything and Tommy is relieved about that. Julia hasn’t tweeted Tommy again, which Tommy also should feel relieved about and when he doesn’t he tells himself that she’s married and he should get her out of his mind. He repeats it like a mantra, it works except when I doesn’t, like when he wakes up achingly hard in the middle of the night rutting against the mattress and head filled with gorgeous images of Julia spread out beneath him. But mostly he succeeds.

Which make him relax and go right into the lion’s den unprepared. The day is hot, so hot Tommy actually puts on a t-shirt and a pair of shorts; he knows Adam is going to be teasing the hell out of him when he sees him. Tommy’s layers of clothing are always a subject.

Tommy crouches down to greet the little French Bulldog that comes running towards him when he enters Adam’s front garden. It doesn’t bark but wiggles its behind so much the entire body wiggles with it and it makes small grunts when it sniffs Tommy’s hand.

“Hi there little guy! How are you? More importantly who are you?” Tommy scratches the dog’s ear and it shamelessly leans into it while it looks at Tommy as if he were the eighth wonder of the world. Tommy smiles, he freaking loves dogs and Bulldogs are one of his favorite breeds. It’s sort of ugly but with so much charm it melts hearts. “And what are you doing in Adam’s garden?” Tommy asks wondering. He looks at the driveway and there are no other cars but Adam’s and his own old piece of shit.

Adam’s voice almost startles him, brings him back to where he’s sitting. “Tommy!” Tommy stands up and smiles at Adam.

“Adam. Who’s the dog?” The dog jumps up Tommy’s legs, scratching his skin and demanding attention so Tommy bends to keep petting it.


Tommy is hit right in solar plexus with one word, one name. “Of course it is,” he mutters under his breath, cursing himself for not calling Adam before showing up.

“What?” Adam asks and Tommy can feel his gaze and thanks the powers of the universe that his hair keeps his face hidden from Adam.

“Nothing, what’s his name.”

Adam giggles, “Um, Goliath.” Tommy looks up at Adam with wide eyes and giggle snorts. “Yeah I know. What can I say other than ‘Jules’,” Adam says and rolls his eyes. Tommy understands the irony it’s so Julia’s thing. “Is she here?” he asks warily, already thinking of an excuse to leave if she is.

Adam nods vigorously. “She is painting my kitchen wall right now.”

The happy expression on Adam’s face makes Tommy curious enough to forget his instinct to flee. “Then why are you out here? Shouldn’t you be helping?” Tommy looks Adam over and there is not a single drop of paint on him. Adam might be gracious on a stage but more than anything he’s a dork and dorks don’t paint and look that good doing it.

Adam nods towards the terrace where the garden furniture is and on the table are magazines and a notepad together with a carafe with water and a couple of glasses. “Got kicked out, besides I can’t hear my own thoughts in there anyway. Damn I forgot about how she gets when she’s inspired and her music taste is as rotten as yours,” Adam grins.

Tommy frowns at that statement; his taste in music is epic, way better than Adam’s. “Hey! That was uncalled for. And how inspired does one get over painting walls?”

“Oh no she is not painting a wall, she is creating one. C’mere… it’s awesome. But when we get in there, the excuse is to get you a cold beer. She would let me get away with that if it’s for you.” Adam winks and Tommy is pretty sure a blush is coloring his cheeks.

But when they get into the house he can’t help it a huge grin spreads on his face because Metallica is abusing Adam’s speakers. Adam shakes his head in fake despair and rolls his eyes. He turns the music down a notch making Julia complain immediately.

“Turn that up and go outside if you can’t handle my one and only true love, I told you that already.” she yells from the kitchen. Tommy braces himself for the sight of her, but the mental picture of her painting a wall is so far off that there really was no point in doing that.

She’s painting the northern wall and the light coming into the room from the southern one plays with the colors she’s using. It’s a beautiful mural with zodiac signs and mythical creatures and Tommy would agree with Adam that it’s gorgeous if he actually saw it. All he sees is Julia on a stepladder, color-palette in one hand, a tiny paintbrush in the other, stretching to get the right angle. Her thighs flex when she pushes up on her toes (bare with a dark purple nail polish). Tommy swallows and lifts his gaze, forces it past her buttocks and trying to ignore how perfect it looks in a pair of clingy jean-shorts. Which she apparently uses to wipe her fingers on. He gets stuck when he reaches her shoulders and neck, both parts exposed since her hair is up in a sloppy ponytail and her top is fastened with a bow on her neck. Tiny beads of sweat pearl on her skin just under her hairline and down her spine, and all Tommy can think of is how fucking much he wants to lick them off the beautiful arch of her neck.

He doesn’t even realize the broken sound he lets out or just how turned on he actually is before Adam elbows him in the ribs and hisses, “Down boy!”

Tommy decides to laugh it off, because what can he really do. “I pity you.”

Adam looks at him daringly urging him to go on. “Yeah?”

“Mmm.” Tommy forces himself to look at Adam and point in Julia’s direction instead of ogling her like he wants to and says quietly, “If you can’t see just how sexy that is. Damn she’s hot.”

Adam shakes his head and says, just as quietly, “It’s Jules, it’s like asking me to see the sexy in my brother…eww.” He runs a palm over his eyes as if he’s wiping out the mental picture, which he probably is. “And get your head out of the gutter too, she is still married. And while you’re at it, you might wanna wipe the drool of your chin before she sees you.” Adam goes to the refrigerator and opens it and Julia turns on the ladder when she sees him.

“Out. We made a deal.”

“Just getting Tommy Joe a beer, baby.”

She beams at Tommy when she sees him. She puts her painting tools away and jumps the three steps off the ladder smoothly and goes to give him a hug. The last hug fresh in his memory makes him back and put his hands up, because if there ever was a bad idea, this would be it. He sees the hurt feeling in her eyes and damn there is just no way of winning here is there?

“Next time Jules. You’re kinda messy and I don’t wanna-” He waves his hand between them and hopes she gets his point.

“Ah okay, the paint.” She says and Tommy forces a smile and nods.

“So Adam says you haven’t been around much lately.” Julia says.

Tommy squirms a bit under her gaze and flicks a glance at Adam, feeling guilty as fuck. “No I haven’t, been busy.” Adam pushes the beer into his hand and gives him a dark look he can’t interpret. Julia tilts her head and asks, “Doing what? See we got a bet going Adam and I.”

“About?” he gives Julia a puzzled look and she shrugs.

“Why you aren’t around.”

Tommy blinks, once, twice and then he glares at Adam. “Adam?”

Adam doesn’t get a chance to answer because the front-door opens and Goliath blazes through the room with gleeful sounds. John’s voice filters through to them all when he calls for the dog to get back outside.

Julia checks the clock. “That was early.” Her tone is surprised and she pushes past Tommy and Adam to get out in the hallway. Adam follows and Tommy watches them leave before he turns to look at the mural. He sips the beer and listens for when the others enters the kitchen and wonders if Adam would be alright with him leaving this soon. The odds are not.

He doesn’t hear Julia sneak up on him until she’s standing next to him.

“I sent the boys out in the garden and I promised to send you out with drinks too.”

“Hmm.” Tommy doesn’t look at her, his whole body reacts to her presence. He has never been one to be puppeteered by his hormones and he isn’t about to be, so he’s ignoring the hell out of it. “I love what you did to that wall, it’s so Adam. And it’s beautiful; you’re very talented.”

“Aww thanks, Tommy. So listen, um, are we okay?”

Given no choice he looks at her. “Why wouldn’t we be?”

“I just get the feeling that-  if I did anything to- I just had the feeling of gaining an awesome new friend at Adam’s barbecue but- well you didn’t follow back on Twitter and you tense every time-”

“Gods no, I mean I think you’re cool and all. And about Twitter I was just trying for some damage control. I can change that right away.” Tommy shoves a hand in his pocket to get to his phone. Julia’s hand on his arm stops him though, his skin tingles at her touch.

“It’s okay, I just wanted to know if I had done something. Anyway the guys are waiting and I need to finish up here.”

She lets go of his hand and shoves her hands in her back pockets waiting for him to leave. Tommy smiles a little carefully at her. “I really do think you’re amazing, Jules,” he says, barely audible over the music. He gets two beers and an ice tea from the fridge and leaves her to join the guys on the terrace.

The thing is that he has fun that afternoon. John is funny and easy to like and knows some pretty awesome, not to mention hilarious stories, about Adam. Tommy’s belly aches from laughing and Adam seems happy and relaxed and doesn’t really mind being brought into the spotlight like that.

At some point John starts telling about the day or rather night he first met Adam and Julia. It’s a fun story about camping and skinny dipping and getting caught doing that. Tommy feels Adam’s gaze on him while John tells the story and he turns to look at Adam. Adam sends him one of those smiles that always seem to be just for him and he knows that Adam is pleased he’s finally there. He smiles back.

He feels a hand on his shoulder and Julia leans in past him and reaches for one of the glasses with water in it. Her scent fills his senses and he tenses. He sees Adam narrow his eyes as he watches him. He looks away from Adam and closes his eyes for a second or two before he looks up at Julia. She is sipping the water and looking at John; her hand is still on his shoulder and even though her hand is cool to the touch, his skin buns in the wake of it. Mischief makes her eyes sparkle as she turns to look at Adam. “I bet that was the first and last time you had a completely naked woman pressed against you like that.”

“Yup,” Adam laughs. “But it isn’t like I usually go around saving young girls from being ogled by their future husbands.”

John cracks up and Julia moves over to him. Right before she sits down on his lap he says, “I would never have married her if I didn’t see what I did that day.”

“Oh shut up,” Julia says and kisses him. John kisses back, soft and tender, and Tommy has to look away.

Unfortunately that makes him look at Adam and Adam has this look that says he’s picking Tommy’s brain to pieces. Tommy has no idea what the hell to do; he didn’t mean to feel this way. He knows Adam is disappointed in him for staying away, that much is clear from this day and he feels bad about it all. And if that wasn’t enough, he misses his best friend to whine to. He can’t even tell Mia about all of this.

Adam looks at Julia and John and back at Tommy. “I miss having a boyfriend, those two makes me sick. I wanna have someone to make out with.”

Tommy laughs, happy that Adam breaks the tension in him. “You mack on me all the time when we’re on stage, that’s so not the thing you’re missing.”

Adam nods thoughtfully. “Maybe you’re right but I want someone I can do lazy Sundays with.”

Tommy snorts and points to himself. “We do that too.”

Julia laughs. And Adam sends her an amused look before catching Tommy’s gaze again. “Okay fine, I wanna get laid. And I don’t wanna do that with you.”

“And now we’re talking about what you want,” Tommy says, wiggling his brows.

“But I want someone I can do all three things with.”

Pure stubbornness is the only thing that keeps Tommy from looking at Julia before he says,” Yeah I know, so do I.” but he gets the distinct feeling that Adam sees right through him.


“I need to know that your problem is, Tommy,” Adam says when they’re watching Julia and John leave. He turns to look at Tommy who looks much like a guppy on land gasping for air. So he took him by surprise, Adam thinks.

“Say what again,” Tommy chokes out.

“Why are you staying away? Is this because of Julia? You know she’s convinced she did something to piss you off.” Adam uses the best stare he’s got in his arsenal, his mom would be proud of that one. “Me?” he continues, “I’m kinda thinking you’re being a douche because you wanna get in her pants.”

Tommy’s eyes go wide, his cheeks blush and he looks away without saying a word. Adam sighs heavily, he hates that he was right in his assumption. “Yeah, guessed so. Well get over it. Grow up damn it.”

Tommy raises his gaze and meets Adam’s. Adam is a little confused by the sadness there and then Tommy answers in his most obnoxious way and with that little dismissive shrug that sometimes drives Adam mad. “I don’t know what to say. Seems you got it all figured out.”

Adam is confused all over now; if he didn’t know better he would think Tommy was trying to pick a fight. They never fight though, mostly because Tommy seems to bend every time Adam gets thick headed or his temper runs off with him. Adam feels like being thick headed right now, he has missed having Tommy hanging around even though he’s been spending time with Jules.

“I know you, Tommy. And you’ve been strange ever since the night you and Jules were both here. I get that you miss having a girlfriend and I get that Jules is a beautiful woman, but hiding from me because of that? Not cool! And I don’t want to separate my time between some of the people I love the most. So please get over it. Get laid or something and move on.”

“Um.” Tommy runs a hand through his hair and looks away. There is something about him that Adam can’t place and he doesn’t like not being on the same wavelength as Tommy. They’ve always had that.

“And just so you know, she thinks you’re awesome and wants to really get to know you. I think it hurts her when it’s so obvious you draw back. Make friends, Tommy. For me.”

Tommy looks at Adam and Adam wants to bat his hand away when he bites on a cuticle. “Julia already talked to me about that,” Tommy says and shoves his hand in his pocket when he sees Adam staring at it. He looks down and kicks a pebble. He looks miserable. “And who the fuck says I’m not trying to get over it? Huh?”

“Try harder, I need you both,” Adam says softly because all of a sudden he wants to make Tommy smile and hug him until he does.

“Yeah. Okay,” Tommy says and looks up. Adam opens his arms and Tommy takes the two steps forward that put him in Adam’s embrace.

“So about that wall?” Adam asks grinning like an idiot.

“It’s awesome,” Tommy says. “She is very talented.”

Adam nods. Tommy looks like he’s at ease for the first time that day and it makes Adam feel at ease too. ”Like you,” he says and kisses Tommy on the forehead.

“Sweet talker.”

“You love it.” Adam replies and ruffles Tommy’s hair, just to annoy him.

“Love you,” Tommy says and bats Adam’s hand away, just like Adam knew he would.

“I know that’s why I got pissed. Sorry.”

“Well you were right. I was hiding and that’s not cool at all.” Tommy steps away and starts to walk towards his car.

“When am I not?” Adam asks, feeling smug and happy. Tommy tosses him a pointed stare that makes Adam put his hands in the air laughing, “Okay, okay. Don’t answer that. See you soon.”

“Not if I see you first,” Tommy retorts with a huge smile and gets into his car.


So Tommy tries, the first thing he does is follow Julia on Twitter and send her a tweet saying how he loved her work of art and that he was looking forward to seeing her again.

And he stops finding excuses for not spending time with Adam when she’s around.

Which leads to an invitation to spend the entire day with Adam and Julia, one Tommy says yes to. Maybe he feels a little like Adam is putting him to the test but damn it he’s a grown man, not a fucking teenager popping wood every five minutes, and damn it if good old fashioned lust is going to control his life anyway.

They meet in a cool little cafeteria, which is Tommy’s brilliant idea since both Adam and Julia insisted on getting the most out of the day. It is way too early for Tommy to really feel alive and he needs coffee, loads of coffee to get him there.

When he gets there the two early birds have ordered for him and on the table are all the greasy favorites of his. He takes a piece of bacon and stuffs it in his mouth as he slides onto the booth. Adam pushes a cup of steaming hot coffee over to him.

“So what’s the plan?” he asks when he’s done chewing on that little piece of heaven.

“Adam wants to go shopping,” Julia says in a sugary and teasing tone and sends Adam a mocking sideways glance.

“Shocker,” Tommy snickers.

“I know right?”

“Why was it again I wanted to spend my day with you two?” Adam asks and Tommy flips him off just as Jules elbows him in the ribs.

“What do you want to do? I’m guessing shopping isn’t your thing?” Tommy asks Julia.

“Shopping is fine and I’ve heard about this music shop, it’s supposed to have real treasures amongst all the crap.”

“Oh could you possibly mean ‘Ray’s’?” he asks before munching on another piece of bacon.

“Yeah, that’s the one. And then I plan to make you two something to eat, that is, when he is done shopping too.” She looks at Adam. “And if you’re up for it then I have this friend playing a small gig later and I’d love for all three of us to go together. He is really awesome.” She snuggles into Adam side and bats her lashes at him. “Not as awesome as you though.” Adam shakes his head at her lovingly and kisses her cheek before looking teasingly at Tommy.

“Anything you want to add,” Adam asks jokingly. “Besides a horror?”

Tommy sticks his tongue out. “No, actually ‘Ray’s’ sounds brilliant. I haven’t been in there for ages. And a gig? I’m always in.”

Julia fills her plate with food and Adam groans. “That’s so not fair, I hate you guys.”

Jules snorts, and it really shouldn’t be so charming, but it is. “Genes baby. I’m sorry you have to suffer under the terrible curse of being born into the Lambert family. Such a catastrophe.”

They go shopping, Adam dragging Julia and Tommy though shop after shop. They all have fun and find small objects they can’t live without or some they have to make fun off. Maybe Adam finds slightly more clothes than the others, because seriously? The man is starting to look much like a donkey packed to the limit. When Tommy teases Adam about that Jules laughs, pearly and sunny. Tommy momentarily forgets what he was up to. Damn.

They end up in the music store after putting all the bags into Adam’s car. Entering such a place always means getting recognized. Which means pictures will be taken and they’ll end up on twitter. Tommy warns Julia about that possibility.

“Not a problem, Tommy. I’ve known Adam all my life, whatever knowing him brings along with having him in my life, I’ll be okay with.”

“Even if some of the fans will tweet you bullshit about being my secret girlfriend? Because they will.”

“Aww Tommy,” She purrs and leans into him as they walk through the door. She looks up at him through her lashes and bats them a few times. “If you were my boyfriend I wouldn’t keep you a secret. I would be sure the world knew my claim.”

His heart does that annoying thing where it misses a beat and then speeds up. “Good to know,” he chokes out and she winks before leaving him to search for treasures.

They’ve been in the shop a whole ten minutes before someone really notices Adam. Julia smiles and slinks off leaving the guys to attend to the fan. A while later Tommy finds her again, Adam is still talking to fans, but he feels like he’s done his part and he wants to see what Julia plans to buy. She has already found more than a couple of CD’s, and is still browsing, very determined.

“What are you looking for?”

“A Danish artist, my friend, the one playing tonight, recommended her. Said she is touring here in a couple of months and if Daniel says she is good then she is worth the money.” Tommy reaches out to take the stack of CD’s from her and she hands them over. There is some cool music in that stack and some he never heard of but the CD he lingers on is the Maroon 5. Huh. He doesn’t say anything he just raises an eyebrow at her mockingly. She giggles. “So what?” she says daringly.

“Really? Julia? Maroon 5?”

“Oh shut up. Besides Adam Levine is fucking gorgeous.”

He’s thrown off, cannot believe what she is saying. “You’re not buying that because you have a crush on the dude, are you? You’re not that shallow!”

“Maybe I’m not that deep either? Tell me you haven’t watched a Britney vid, just because she’s hot.”

Tommy laughs. “Not denying that, but I never bought her music because of that!”

She shrugs and snatches the CD, laughing. “What can I say?”

TBC here

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