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It's Not The End of The World.

Title: It's Not The End of The World
Author: lovenhardt1

Beta: aislinntlc Thank you sweetie for all your help, it is greatly appreciated!

Artwork: qafmaniac OMG bb, I love you so hard for this!!! And you know, for being you!
Word Count: 22.167 - 3941. This Chapter
Pairing: Tommy/OFC, Adam/Tommy Friendship.
Warnings: Adult Situations and Language
Rating: R - NC-17
Summary: Sometimes you find love the most impossible places. Sometimes life fucks with you, but then again sometimes you win.

Disclaimers: These people are NOT mine.  Julia is my character, I created her. I'm not making any profit, I'm only doing this for fun. There is no way this ever happened and so on.

I had some really incredible cheerleaders on this fic – maggy_97who was the first to tell me that she wanted to read Adam/Tommy friendship fic! She kept telling me that she would read the fuck out of it, when I was sure no one would ever read it. So honey, this fic is for you! I hope you’ll like it! I know you’ve been waiting a long time for it.

And then there is zoodlemouse13 who in the most wonderful way demands that I write when I get too lazy or something. Because of them, and a few others, who encouraged me, this is finally ready to be posted. \o/

Please do not link/copy/share/whatever this anywhere. Thank you.

A/N: If you're looking for an Adam/Tommy fic, this is not it. This fic is about being friends and Tommy finding love in an impossible situation.

“You really need me to go tomorrow night?” Tommy looks up at Adam. He is snuggled in under Adam’s arm stealing warmth and closeness as they’re watching a movie.

Adam glances down at him before returning to the TV. “Why? You don’t want to? It’s just a barbecue.”

“I just wanna hibernate that’s all.”

“But you haven’t met Jules yet. She’ll finally be here. You have to meet Jules; you know she’s one of my best friends.” Adam pouts, he really wants Tommy to meet her; for two whole years it hasn’t been a possibility, he is so not about to let this run out in the sand.

Tommy grins, “How many best friends do you have, dude?”

“I don’t know. I love all my friends, you included. And you’ll love her I promise.”

“Yeah I kinda figured, so Jules huh? I finally have the chance to meet her?”

“Yes! I know, right?! She’s a busy bee and so am I. We haven’t seen each other in like… 10 months. It’s been crazy you know?”

“Yes Adam I know!” Tommy emphasizes his words by poking Adam’s belly which only makes him laugh.

“So are you coming? Pretty please?” Adam holds Tommy a little tighter and kisses him on the top of his head.

“Fucker! You play dirty, yeah sure.”

“YAY. Oh my god I can’t wait for you two to meet!! I’m telling you Tommy, you’re gonna love her just as much as I do. She’s all kinds of amazing and pretty too.”

“Are you setting me up?” Tommy asks suspiciously, it’s not that he would mind if it was the case, but Adam rarely intervenes in other’s lives like that.

“Gods no! She’s married, haven’t I told you that? Has been since the age of 20, to a really sweet guy! You’ll like him too.”

“Wow that was young!” Tommy says, a little amazed.

“Yeah but is seems like it was the right thing to do for them.”

“I’m sure. Hey, should I bring something?”

“No. Just yourself and your sparkly sense of humor. That’s enough for me.”

“Ha Ha.” The irony is dripping from the words when Tommy speaks them but the laughter in his eyes makes up for it.

Adam ruffles Tommy‘s hair and says in an affectionate tone, “I love you Tommy Joe.”

“Yeah but how can you not? I can’t seem to tell you to fuck off and leave me alone haha, I love you too.” Tommy cuddles a bit closer and they go back to watching the movie in a comfortable silence that always seems to be just for them.


The next evening Tommy sits in Adam’s garden nursing a cold beer and chatting with Isaac and Sophie. All around him there are people talking and laughing, because Adam’s idea of a small barbecue is at least 20 people. Tommy’s eyes catch Adam’s face as he lights up in a huge smile, so he turns to see what put such a happy expression on his friend’s face.

What he sees is a small woman in a well-worn black Metallica t-shirt and a pair of shorts. Tommy is guessing that must be Jules, and wow, Adam wasn’t exaggerating when he said she was pretty because she is gorgeous, with perfectly shaped curves and long sun-kissed legs. Long brown curly hair frames her heart shaped face and electric blue eyes beam to Adam when he opens his mouth to greet her; she puts a finger to her mouth silencing him and points at Neil, who is standing with his back to them, completely oblivious to what is going on. She tiptoes over to Adam who wraps her into a tight hug and kisses her on her lips and then releases her.

She sneaks up behind Neil and covers his eyes with her hands and rises to her toes. Tommy thinks she is going to whisper something to Neil, but instead she bites his earlobe. Neil squeals loudly but with pure excitement in his voice, “JULES!” and turns around so fast that they both end up on the lawn, Jules trapped under Neil, both laughing like lunatics.

“Fuck girl I can’t believe you’re here!”

“I know, right! It’s been too fucking long! Now kiss me you fucker, the other Lambert just did!”

“Ewww, should I chase away the bad taste? ‘Coz I’d do that for you!”

Jules laughs delightedly and grabs Neil’s face and smacks a loud kiss to his lips.

“Now get me up!” she demands.

“Naw, I’m kinda enjoying myself here.” Neil wiggles his ass a little and smirks.

Tommy hasn’t even noticed Adam’s moved to stand beside him, he‘s been too caught up in the sight before him. He startles a little when Adam leans down to whisper to him, like he is letting him in on a huge secret.

“He’s never gonna learn!”

“Learn what?” Tommy glances up at Adam, who nods towards Jules and Neil wrestling playfully on the soft grass.

“Just watch.”

Tommy, and the rest of the people in the garden, looks amused at Neil and Jules. Jules sighs dramatically and says patiently, “Neil, please let me up, I don’t want to make you look like a girl when I kick your ass. You know I will!”

Neil snorts and raises an eyebrow in a challenge, “I’ll have you know I’ve-” that’s as far as he gets before he’s put on his back with a huff. Adam throws his head back and laughs so hard his whole body is shaking and Tommy joins him, because let’s face it, Neil’s ‘what the fuck??’ face is nothing but hilarious.

Jules beams at Neil, “And just like that baby you’re on your back for me!”

She leans down and kisses him softly on his cheek before getting back on her haunches and all the way up. She extends her hand to Neil. “Need a hand girlfriend?” The teasing tone is light and the fondness carries right through and Neil smiles widely when he takes her hand and she pulls him of the ground.

 “I hate you.” He hisses but tucks her under his arm and kisses her temple.

 She sends him a playful hurt look and puts a hand over her heart, “Oh my heart.” She then looks at Adam, sending him a puppy-eyed look batting her lashes. “You still love me though. Right?”

“Always and forever. So where is John, I thought he would come too.” Adam takes a step forward and brushes a lock of hair off her face and Neil bats his hand away. Jules look up at Neil sighing but her eyes are sparkling, “What are you? Five? Go get me a beer.”

She looks back at Adam when Neil releases her and she says, “He is. He’ll be here in an hour or so. He had something that needed to be done first. Don’t ask me what, I wasn’t paying attention.”

They both laughs at that and Jules directs her gaze to Tommy. When their eyes meet Tommy feels a little lost, he can’t remember if he ever felt this kind of attraction before. It hits him in the guts and runs rapidly through his veins, making him hyper aware of every little sensation.  She reaches out to greet him and a slow and sweet smile plays on her lips, like she just discovered an awesome secret. Tommy takes her hand.

“Hi I’m Julia, good friend of Beavis and Butthead here. You’re Tommy, right?”

“Yeah, nice to meet you Julia, it is not every day I get to see Neil like that.” He’s a little proud when his voice sounds normal, and even though he might hold her hand longer than he‘s supposed to she doesn’t seem aware of it. She winks wickedly. He lets go of her hand.

“No? Aww he is such a softhearted teddy bear, he just hides behind his sarcasm, but I’m sure you already know that.”


She smiles brightly at him and moves to say hello to everyone else. Adam follows her around like a puppy with huge adoring eyes until she has greeted everyone, and Tommy thinks he hasn’t seen Adam this happy in quite some time, he could actually be mistaken for a dude in love. The thought makes Tommy smile as he watches the odd couple work their way around the garden.

Sophie puts her head on Tommy’s shoulder and says quietly but oh so teasingly, “He’s got the same look in his eyes as when he looks at you, but usually you’re the one on his tail. Maybe now you can see what the fans get worked up about?!”

He answers just as quietly, but a lot more seriously. “Adam is my best friend. I love him; I’m not in love with him. I wish some of the fans could see the difference.”

“I know. I’m just saying that it could look like something it’s not! You two have something special, something you don’t let the rest of the world in on. It’s actually kinda awesome.”

“Baby, maybe it isn’t Adam Tommy’s eyes are stuck on, maybe it’s Julia,” Isaac laughs. Tommy shoots him a glare and straightens up a little making Sophie do the same.

“Shut up, both of you, besides… she’s married.” He feels obligated to point that out, but it only makes Isaac grin even more.

“You were checking if she was wearing a ring?! You were looking! Dog!”

“No, Adam told me yesterday. Don’t you two lovebirds have something better to do than poke around in my love-life?” He blushes a little because there is no doubt about if Julia was a single woman he would be making an effort to get to know her better. But he’s not stupid, she is married and even if he stood a chance he’s not a home wrecker, and besides Adam would never forgive him if he was.

“Can’t poke around in something YOU DO NOT HAVE.” Isaac points out and Tommy rolls his eyes and gets off the chair. He takes his beer and downs it and says he’ll find Neil and a new beer.

Adam puts an arm around Tommy’s waist from behind and Tommy leans back into the warmth of Adam’s embrace. A small happy noise escapes Tommy and he glances up at Adam before returning to look at Jules playing with a couple of kids.

“You’re staring,” Adam whispers and Tommy shrugs his shoulder.

“Can you blame me? You weren’t lying when you said she is beautiful but you should have added sexy too.”

“Awww you have a crush on Jules.”

Adam is teasing and Tommy knows this but it is too damn close to the actual truth and it makes Tommy want to defend himself. “I’m just looking dude, I’m not charming my way into her pants.”

Adam nods and watches Jules thoughtfully. “Hmm. She is pretty. ”

Tommy laughs and looks up at Adam and presses a small kiss to his jaw. “Pretty?” He makes an exaggerated sigh, “You’re so gay.”

“She is also very married. A crush is fine, but Tommy please don’t do something stupid like falling for her okay?” It is said in a quiet and soft tone but Tommy hears the warning loud and clear, or maybe it’s just his conscience speaking.

“I though you wanted us to get along?!” Tommy pulls away from Adam and turns around to glare pointedly at him.

“I do…I don’t know…I’ve just never seen you like this. You’ve been looking at her whenever you seem to think no one is paying attention.”

“Clearly you have,” Tommy sighs and inwardly damns his lack of pokerface.

Adam shrugs and reaches out to pull Tommy back into his arms, “Yeah…but that’s because I always pay attention to you.” Tommy sinks into the hug and smiles up at Adam; gone is the annoyed feeling, he never can stay that way with Adam.

“And to Julia, it seems. So did you guys catch up?” Tommy asks.

“Hmm, they’re moving here. John got a promotion or something like that; we’ll get to see each other a lot more now. I’m happy, she’s happy and John is happy.”

Tommy thinks about spending more time with Julia and Adam and realizes that he might be in trouble if he did, “Oh.”

He didn’t mean to let that out and Adam picks up on it immediately, searching Tommy’s eyes for answers. Adam asks tentatively, “Tommy? Is this gonna be a problem?”

Tommy blinks and shakes his head firmly. “No. No of course not. Why would it be?  I really like her,” he says before resting his head on Adam’s shoulder. He shuts his eyes and wishes he could believe his own words about it not being a problem and to make things worse Adam sighs happily and says, “If you say so.”


The next day Adam calls up Tommy, knowing he’ll have a grumpy, whiny Tommy on the other end of the line because it’s way too early for Tommy to be alive. Adam doesn’t care though, he wanted two of his best friends to meet and was sure they would hit it off immediately. The need to gloat is far bigger than the concern of a pissed Tommy, because Adam has his Twitter open and there are things there Tommy just need to get his non-existent ass out of bed for. On the other hand the odds are that Tommy took his phone with him to bed so he would just have to open his feed there. Adam calls that a win, win.

“Hello.” Tommy’s sleep tired voice travels to Adam and Adam grins. He so woke up the sleeping beauty.

“The sun is shining, the birds a chirping and it’s a beautiful day. Why are you still sleeping?”

“Fuck you Adam. I’ve only been sleeping for a couple of hours. I don’t care if it’s a beautiful day…or if the world is ending. Whatever you called for can wait a couple of hours. Unless you know, you killed someone and need me to come and help you clean up the mess and hide you from the authorities.”

“Naw, nothing like that. But you know when I told you that you would love Jules just as much as I do?”


“Well I guess you already own a piece of her heart,” Adam laughs.

“Um, okay. What’s that supposed to mean?”

“You should open your Twitter.”

Tommy groans and Adam can hear him turn in bed, when he speaks again his voice is muffled by what Adam presume is his pillow.

“Can’t it wait?”

“It could but, your feed is going crazy and Jules’s is too. I guess we forgot to tell her about the epic fierceness of some of the fans. Especially some of yours.”

“Jesus! Just read it to me,” Tommy grumbles.

“Okay, it began with a tweet to me from Julia. The fans are used to those but not with you mentioned too.” Adam clicked his way to find the tweet again and started reading it to Tommy.

“It was so good to see you last night bb. Loved @tommyjoeratliff just as you told me I would, cute as hell ;P”

Adam was pretty sure the noise that reached him was from mental pain. “Fuck.” Is the only real word Tommy says.

“But she loved you!” Adam giggles.

“How bad is your feed?” Tommy asks his voice clear so Adam figures he’s done hiding in his pillow.

“Same old, same old but don’t worry about me.”

“What did you say to her?”

Adam laughs and reads his reply to Julia for Tommy. “it was awesome to see you too, I’ve missed you! Told you so ;)”

“That was fairly innocent,” Tommy says kind of softly like his head is in a completely different place.

“I know, and the fans seemed to think so too, but then she followed you and there might have been a tweet for you too.” Adam can’t hide the grin even if he wanted to. No amount of bullshit on twitter can take away the awesome feeling of his best friends making friends too.

“Okay?” Tommy drags the word out to a question.

“Want me to read that one too?”

“You know you’re dying to, don’t want you dead, no matter how many times you wake me up. Read it fucker.”

“@tommyjoeratliff I had a really good time talking to you last night! I’m kinda sad we didn’t meet way sooner. You rock sexy boy.”

Tommy doesn’t speak for a long time but Adam can hear him moving around and eventually Adam asks, “You still there?”

“Yeah, sorry. I’m sorry Adam for whatever rubbish you’re getting because of this.”

“Um baby, you do get I am excited about two of my best friends making friends and I’m not worried about the nutcases out there that still think we’re together? Right?”

“Yeah, yeah but still. Wait a second..” Adam hears the clicking sound of a keyboard and a moment later his phone vibrates in his hand just as a tweet from Tommy appears on his feed.

Tommy’s laughter mocks him good heartedly, he must have heard the buzzing, “Dude, you got me on notification?”

“But of course, I wouldn’t know when you re-tweet my tweets otherwise, would I?” Adam reads the tweet of his own Tommy just re-tweeted, “and there you go.” Adam laughs. Tommy joins him.

“Whatever, it’s not like I don’t have you on notification too. And I did have a good time last night with you guys.” Adam’s feed moves again and now there is a tweet from Tommy to Julia saying he had a good time too and asks her to greet her husband from him.

“Oh I see what you did there,” Adam says, “it’s not going to work but nice try, baby.”


“Now that you’re up, what are your plans for tonight?”

“Don’t have any.” Adam catches a little bit of wariness in Tommy’s voice but decides it’s about being tired and wanting to go back to bed.

“Wanna join me for a movie this evening?”


“Great, see you later,” Adam says happily.

“Much later,” Tommy says pointedly and yawns.

Adam laughs and says lovingly, “G’Night Tommy.”



When Tommy gets to Adam’s place that evening, Julia is there. Sprawled all over the couch as if she owns the damn thing, looking up at Tommy under her lashes when she greets him, Adam is rubbing her feet and she looks blissed out and Tommy swears to himself he’s never seen anything quite as sexy. His heart makes a stupid flip flop that he does his best to ignore before pushing a little at Adam.

“Move a bit so I can sit down, I’m told I won’t grow taller if standing anyway.”

Adam snorts out a giggle. “You’re perfect the way you are,” Adam says and scoots over a little and squeezes Tommy in a one-armed hug as soon as he sits down. Tommy leans in and pecks Adam’s cheek affectionately.

“You two make a pretty picture,” Julia sighs and rolls over a bit so she is facing the TV.

“Gods not you too.” Tommy says and rolls his eyes, because for some reason and for the first time ever that stings a little.

Julia turn´s her face towards Tommy and smiles bright and warm, her eyes twinkle. “Oh I know you’re not gay and that you two are friends, just as Adam is and he and I are just friends. But you two still make ‘a picture perfect’. Most people say Adam and I do too.”

Tommy can’t help it; he tilts his head and gives her a flirty look, “oh I’m sure you look good on everyone Jules.”

Julia’s laugher is just as bright as her smile and Tommy’ heart skips a beat again before it double its normal rate.

“Some would say the same about you,” Adam pushes her with a foot and clears his throat, making Julia giggle and squirm a bit. Tommy is kinda happy about that, because he’s pretty sure he’s blushing hard.

“You two behave. No flirting.” Adam says in a firm tone, Tommy ducks his face avoiding Adam’s gaze. Normally he would just tell Adam to shut it or turn the flirt mode on full just to make a point. But now, with Jules and his heart going a hundred miles an hour it doesn’t feel safe. Julia does it though, “Oh Shut up Lambert, you die if you don’t flirt, you told me that. Like a gazillion years ago, when you learned the trick.”

“Yeah well don’t use it on Tommy,” Adam pulls Tommy close and ruffles his hair, Tommy glares up at him and straighten out his hair. “He’s mine, you can’t have him and I don’t think John would approve.”

The first part sounds teasing but the last part not so much so Tommy shoves at Adam, kind of annoyed and feeling like a toy two kids fight about.

“I might be a flirt but I never stray. Where is this coming from Adam? You know me,” Julia asks, looking serious all of a sudden.

Adam actually looks ashamed and Tommy thinks that maybe this is about Adam knowing him. That he somehow zoomed in on the power Julia has on him. He makes a decision right there to spend as little time as possible with Adam when she’s around. She is married and apparently he can’t convince his dick not to take interest or his heart to slow down. So.

“I dunno,” Adam mutters. “I just hate the thought of cheati-”

“I’m not Brad and Tommy is not my Cassidy.” Julia says softly. Adam smiles and shakes his head.

There you have it, Tommy thinks. He made the right decision. He will never be the one to remind Adam of that kind of betrayal. Never.

The rest of the evening is over too soon and not soon enough once the decision is made. Everything Julia says or does lures Tommy further in and he feels guilty about it. He keeps sneaking glances at Adam, knowing that even with his best poker-face (he doesn’t really have one) he isn’t going to fool Adam if Adam really pays attention, but Adam chats mostly with Julia, happy to let Tommy have one of his quiet observing nights. Tommy figures that is one of the good things about Adam knowing him so well too. Julia tries to drag Tommy into the conversation and he follows, how can he not? But he also tries hard to actually watch some of the movie and shut their chatter out. He knows he’s being a little rude, but justifies it with giving space for them to catch up.

At some point it feels like torture and he gives up. He gets off the couch, stretches and yawns. He’s not tired not by a long shot but staying isn’t an option. When he says good night Adam looks at him funnily, but Julia opens her arms and squeezes him tight and Tommy’s brain decides it’s time to call it quits. He doesn’t think at all, he just feels and it feels way too good. He’s completely lost.

He doesn’t even remember how he gets to the front-door but Adam’s hug somehow grounds him again and that’s where Tommy realizes how fucked he really is.

He goes home, mind a mess and feeling miserable, really miserable because of a woman for the first time in ages. Fuck his life, fuck fucking attraction when there is no way to act on it.

TBC here

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